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  1. @Hellion6 I appreciate ya doing that for me man, truly means the world. Love this community, you guys rule! Thank you all so much for the king words, they have been such a pleasure to see! @Summers You're the friggin' man! Thank you so much for helping out with this! @duck! Thank you so much! This is only the beginning, so much planned for the future!
  2. maybe I'll drop an updated version as a bonus track if we drop a disarray reimagine Also, just updated dropbox with the songs including all the metadata !
  3. @Burst I'm not super proud of it, it was lazily put together, even if I had, I would have wanted to re-record and re-mix/master it all to improve it
  4. wow, this is an insane compliment. thank you so much.
  5. hey everyone! I apologize for my lack of response to those messaging me for the record, it was a crazy busy weekend getting this released and playing our first show! It's finally available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc! If anyone wants a direct download, this is a folder containing the tracks, (not including lost cause, wasn't intended to be on the album, LOL) MP3 320kbps CBR https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ws4irmjals3rvjv/AABdHVjENhC3SqDA_xwmkaema?dl=0
  6. Thank you to everyone so much! I appreciate all the love, I put a lot into this album and I'm glad everyone is into it!! Much love everyone! Should be on streaming early this coming week, if anyone wants higher quality feel free to hit me up and I can provide a dropbox link
  7. if it makes ya feel better, I personally think this is one of the weaker tracks of the record.
  8. @IceBlood @Gvmbit @Hellion6 @NightAngel @Kyo Wow! Thank you all SO much for all the kind words! I'm so glad you guys are digging the new stuff, cannot wait to drop the rest!
  9. @Satan's Favourite re-release with an updated mix and a music video is all!
  10. @LKA Thank you! Definitely our chorus banger of the album, I feel the rest of the record is much more unique! @Burst Hmmmm, I suppose it's possible
  11. @Scotty_Trees Hahaha that comment was a ride! Thank you so much!! Full length soon @Weiße Rose Thanks, I made it myself newheartdesign.com @TyrantsxBlood New mix, yes! For our album, also, music video is new haha. Basically a re-release.
  12. Thanks for the post Here's the music video if anyone is interested!
  13. Thank you all so much, I'm so glad you guys are digging the song!
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