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  1. Thanks for this. Been waiting all day and I'm hyped for the new album. Now just gotta wait till July for the album
  2. Dang glad they finally released a album. Was sad hearing hopes die last ending but now they come back with a new sound and I'm glad they still producing music together
  3. Thanks a lot for this. Can't wait to give this a listen. Thanks KL fam
  4. Thanks a lot for this. The wait was worth it. I love Lovell's voice and it fits the dark vibe of the album. Thanks KL fam
  5. Randomly looking and see staff picks. Checking it out and this is insane. Its perfect
  6. Video is pretty good. I'll check this out more. Sounds chill.
  7. Thanks for this. Pretty good in my opinion
  8. Glad it leaked so people can shut up now. Album was not worth the hope if you ask me. 2.5/5
  9. Been waiting on this. Adlibs go HARD AF
  10. Yo thanks for this. Really love homeshake!!
  11. Forgot my facebook and insta pass so had to change them and follow KL. Hope all that hard work was worth it Good Luck to everyone and have a great Christmas.
  12. Does anyone even write messages on their feeds?

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