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  1. Randomly looking and see staff picks. Checking it out and this is insane. Its perfect
  2. Video is pretty good. I'll check this out more. Sounds chill.
  3. Thanks for this. Pretty good in my opinion
  4. Glad it leaked so people can shut up now. Album was not worth the hope if you ask me. 2.5/5
  5. Been waiting on this. Adlibs go HARD AF
  6. Yo thanks for this. Really love homeshake!!
  7. Does anyone even write messages on their feeds?

  8. Guys can we all just get along. X would have wanted us to all be
  9. Sadly this album is subpar for me. Really wished royalty with ky Mani Marley was on here but looks like I just gotta keep waiting. Umm hopefully a couple more listens makes me like this.
  10. Can't wait for this album to drop🔥🔥👍😎
  11. Not the biggest horror fanatic. Does anyone know the inspiration of each song?
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