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  1. kind of reminds me of Orbit Culture.
  2. This is really good! Groovy and aggressive.
  3. It's kinda weird for them. I liked the first single a lot. Overall, I think the new material is much better than anything from their last release.
  4. This band is so underrated. I can’t believe that people haven’t been more hyped for this.
  5. Never heard of these guys - really digging the vocals. Definitely worth a listen.
  6. whoa! the 5th track "The End Is Near" caught me off guard - pretty damn solid.
  7. Ohhh I hear some Corey Taylor on The Hunt
  8. This does not feel like an album... Feels like a bunch of random b sides slapped together. Rushed this one. Vext's voice is killer though!
  9. This is my favorite release since LINAWR - Lyrically this is Buddy at his best.
  10. This is garbage...whiny snowflake
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