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  1. They didn't used to sound like BFMV, but I agree this sounds like BFMV. I saw them live way back when they were touring with their self-titled EP and honestly thought they died out after Savages. Super cool to see new music from them
  2. Well as an easycore fan, this is by far my favorite album in the genre to date. I was not prepared for how heavy Your Teeth vs the Pavement was and I loved it. Other than that, they mostly stay within the bounds of their genre. If you don't like easycore, you probably won't like this. I know I'll have it on repeat for at least the next week.
  3. Consume is for sure #1 on this album. But its so damned hard to compare the rest. Absolutely amazing album
  4. Great album, and I'll definitely be buying it, but it just isn't quite as good as their previous stuff. By itself, its amazing and I love the progress the band is making. The feel of The Ongoing Concept is still there despite it basically being a whole new band
  5. Not a bad single by itself. Pretty catchy honestly. But this is Eskimo Callboy... The next album will be interesting for sure
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