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  1. Hell yes! Listening to the album since 2 days now, and i really love it! It´s a good mix between California and Untitled, and it has a fresh new sound. Especially the closer "Remember To Forget Me" gave me goosebumps. Also love "No Heart to Speak Of". Ok, i like every song, i think the worst one is "Blame It To My Youth", but i don´t hate it anyways. Blink are back, and i like them as i do since 1997! Fuck, i´m old. Now i´m going to fuck your moms, bye!
  2. Not what i expectet, but i like it! The verses are not that good, but holy hell, the choruses blew me away... so melodic! I like it! And with Generational Divide and Happy Days i think we get a cool blink album! But i prefer the old blink sound (Dude Ranch will always be my favorite)
  3. I don´t think that the first single says a lot for how the album sounds. Take TSSF: First 3 singles (i´m not speaking about "Out Of It") were a little bit annoying, then the album came and it was like "BOOM, what a banger!" Now it´s one of my absolute favorites of ALL TIME, honestly. And also, now i absolutely love the first 3 singles. The whole album grew on me. I like this song, but the lyrics are not their best, and i would prefer the sound and energy from "LNOTGY" than "TPATP". But i´m sure i will grow on it!
  4. I don´t know. People have real problems. The first song was long, but too poppy. This one is fast, full of guitars and drums, and they shit around. I think this 49 Seconds brings us real cool blink. This song in 2 to 4 Minutes would be wow, but it´s great as it is. It´s like the short songs from "California". They blow it all out in under 1 minute. GREAT! But i absolutely wanna have more of songs like this in a more length package
  5. I love it! But it should be much longer. I hope there will be more songs like this one, not like blame it on my youth (after the 100. listen i like it, it´s not that bad)
  6. Can´t believe they got Heath Ledger to play Corey Taylor! I like this tune, stoked for the new LP!
  7. Wow, this is... shit. Really. I love KP since their 1st EP and for me they are under the best 10 bands on this planet but this is just a full piece of shit. Those Hi Hat sounds are really annoying and the pitchshifted vocals via melodyne or something like that is horrible. When a song started good, and i thought it also would be, it turns into fucked up shit. This sound isn´t made for me. First, the candelled show in Austria, then this. Shame on you, Kanookla Pook! SHAME ON YOU! Now i have to listen to Shapeshifter, to get this shitbag out of my ears.
  8. After "Copacetic" i wanted "Copacetic II". Instant. Now i have it. Not instant. FUCK! FUCKSHIT! "Everyone Lies To Me" want me to destroy KDL for this fuckin great present. FUCK!
  9. Oh fuck yes, one of the greatest Pop-Punk bands of all time! Waited since the release of "Copacetic" for this! Many thanks! ♥
  10. I realy like it! Mix of the ST and TOYPAJ
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