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  1. Used to like them before they went soft
  2. It's better than all the Our Last Night covers
  3. A right-handed person drew the album cover with their left hand.
  4. 2007 Britney spears has gotta be a top 10 breakdown
  5. Having the Coronavirus would be a more pleasant experience than listening to this song.
  6. If they could read our minds, they would've released a song we wanted to hear.
  7. When you know we haven't released any good music since Life's Not Out To Get You
  8. Looks like their career has hit... an All Time Low.
  9. The Movements album is delayed, not because of coronavirus, but because they're fucking pussies.
  10. I wish Movements would release music this quickly.
  11. Even this shitty band doesn't want a socialist to be president /s
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