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  1. All I read from the title was "Bad" because that's what this is.
  2. This is better than Nine because it's actually pop punk
  3. It was good up until the part he started singing (not rapping). Is that auto tune?
  4. this is so sick I spin kicked my grandma
  5. You can't have a greatest hits when all your new pop rock songs aren't great.
  6. This is just the same exact album with no extra songs
  7. finally that guy can stop spamming the chatbox
  8. It must not be very good because I didn't cry.
  9. It's actually not that bad once you get past how every chorus is just one sentence repeated five times in a row.
  10. "Somebody Kill Me Please" is exactly what I was thinking while listening to this.
  11. You don't need to be religious to know this isn't good.
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