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  1. spin kicked my laptop during South of One. holy shit.
  2. Half of these songs are great, the other sounds like they wrote the lyrics in less than a day, particularly the cringey ones. They as might as well have "I'm gonna beat you up if you steal my crackers. My mom packed my lunch, and I love herrrrrrrrr!" The music is great, though.
  3. I'm glad I'm so important in your life that you can't let this go. You must think of me every time you hear wannabe RATM 😂
  4. The middle part of the song was kinda good up until the Great Value Rage Against The Machine feature
  5. This is really disappointing. I've loved everything they've put out since On The Impossible Past, but this is just slow and stale. There's no heart anymore. Strawberry Mansion should've been a single.
  6. So like are you really Tyler Carter

    1. Tyler Carter

      Tyler Carter

      No this is PATRICK I’m not a Tyler Carter 

    2. partysmasher


      yo @Tyler Carter I like, love you and your voice, bro

    3. Tyler Carter

      Tyler Carter

      that's whassup!

  7. This is a good song, underrated band
  8. Thank god PTL lets you listen to it so I didn't have to waste time downloading. This isn't even good by radio standards (ex. new Blink).
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