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  1. Thanks! Everyone's sleeping on this album, but it's really good!
  2. Love this band! Easy AOTY contender for me
  3. I love the music, but I feel like I can't appreciate the vocals in this quality. Thank you for sharing, though! I'm glad I got to preview it early!
  4. I love you. Can't wait to listen to this!!!
  5. Shame, that's been my favorite since day one. I'll use PTL for future submissions.
  6. This is EPIC (though I wish there weren't 5 songs under 2 minutes)
  7. I like this but didn't know there was a new song. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I never listened to them, but I dig this. Thanks for sharing!
  9. I had blackened catfish before, and I liked it a lot more than blackened deathcore.
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