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  1. maybe I should change my username to EDGELORD
  2. yeah the age of the only people who like this crap
  3. You forgot the G...
  4. "Here I Come with my shitty music acting all tough when a 12 year old girl could beat my ass. My name is Deuce."
  5. I'm dead
  6. yaaaaaaaaas
  7. The last time I listened to Hollywood Undead I was 12, overweight, and got no girls. Everything changed for me when I stopped being a fuckboy.
  8. Do they know unsane isn't a word?
  9. Sounds just like the other song. Lyrics are very repetitive. I see they suck now just like Green Day and Rise Against
  10. I'm so ashamed of my username right now I'm gonna delete and make a new account what is this garbage
  11. hope we get FLAC next week
  12. I'm super pissed this isn't a cover of the Nickelback song
  13. I downloaded this without listening and I really hope it's like the first singles off this and not like that last garbage album
  14. what's this limp bizkit ass fuckboy shit