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  1. I had blackened catfish before, and I liked it a lot more than blackened deathcore.
  2. Thanks! Love this band! (I found out about them from the single from this, so extra thanks!)
  3. I can't wait for Kidz Bop to cover these.
  4. This is a great album, and I don't think it's getting enough attention! Thanks!
  5. so the attached video is a song about lesbians, not the Ariana Grande song
  6. I was intrigued by the title and stayed for the music. I hope this is in John Wick 3.
  7. You wouldn't happen to love the Boston Red Sox, would ya?
  8. I'm questioning the voting for the "AOTY." The qualifications have nothing to do with the actual music, if the band has improved, etc. It's not the "album of the year." It's the "album that more people liked."
  9. Bring Me the Horizon, Attila, Being as an Ocean, that deathcore crust djent stuff, and Of Mice & Men.
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