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  1. It would make sense if there were only 13 songs on this.
  2. YOOOOOO, thanks! I like how his voice doesn't sound the same (would that be the pitch?) throughout the song like on the last album. There's also some quasi-easycore vocal parts in there.
  3. I really liked the album, but I'm getting tired of all these bands doing acoustic versions instead of making new music.
  4. so maybe I was wrong, but "No Reason" still sounds like Walk the Moon (or one of those bands like that)
  5. I feel like you have to be high to enjoy this.
  6. Expire, Have Mercy, Casey (UK), Citizen, Free Throw, Hotel Books, Pentimento, The Smiths, and Tiny Moving Parts.
  7. When I have a toothache, I go to the Djentist.
  8. I'm thankful that zippyshare allows you to listen to the song before downloading. I dig it. thanks
  9. It'd be really cool if he didn't repeat the same three sentences the whole time. Is this all it takes to be "talented?"