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  1. He says "Arrest the president. You got the evidence. That nigga is Russian intelligence." but go on (it's all conspiracies and no evidence)
  2. This is awesome (but there's still no evidence to "arrest the president")
  3. This is exactly what someone who's super wasted trying to talk sounds like.
  4. They need to put him back in jail (to write more fire) because this is gooood
  5. so if I tattoo my face does that mean I'm talented now?
  6. Never heard of them until I listen to them on here. I like them now! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Don't ban me for this. It's good, but I don't get the hype. Most of the songs sound similar, and I can't see me listening to this on repeat like other albums that came out this year.
  8. This would be the greatest thing ever if they didn't sound like zombies from the walking dead
  9. I know I'm gonna be alone in this, but Dance Gavin Dance's screams sound amateur, and I'll take the original "Your Graduation" over this one. Taking Back Sunday and Neck Deep are great though. I like As It Is and Movements, but that might just be because I like their voices. A lot of the vocals in the rest sound like contestants who failed the Voice auditions. Thanks!
  10. Never listened to them until I saw this post, but I like them now! Thanks!
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