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  1. Is this as trash as Young And Menace? Like should i even be bothered listening to it? Or will it just bring suffering?
  2. Good, but not great. Unbreakable kicked ass, this... not so much.
  3. They are heading down the mainstream road but with style. Glad they didn't stray from there punk roots but kinda miss there heavier, rougher sound from previous records. Both were good though but i just hope for some more fast pace songs in this record as thats a huge strength of theres.
  4. I guess i am not. idk it just doesn't jam well with me.
  5. All bands (minus The Amity Affliction) progress in there music over the years and some progress well and others don't (cough: FAlL OuT bOi) but this is a progression i actually like. There changing there music style and the only people who don't like there new stuff are those who can't except this change even tho all (most) bands do it. I defiantly wouldn't say i like this as much as most of there old stuff buts its still fucking amazing and after the trash fob released i am so relieved i loved this and can't wait for more.
  6. Thank you. I fell in love with there EP when that was released and have been waiting with excitement for this. It defiantly didn't disappoint. Beautiful. I need a hug.
  7. Would someone care to explain the appeal of this band. I have just never got it...
  8. I agree hole heartedly and relate also.
  9. Yo, i know nothing but wanna know this shit. So someone update us asap! Please and thank you.