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  1. hey man. don't know if its just my computer playing up. but every time i click the download button it just reloads this page...
  2. jesus fucking christ. before i saw this was just a discography post (thank btw) i thought it was new music from them (which is now actually possible) and i legit had a stroke. i don't know if i am ready for new music to be honest. i don't know how much i can take and i am worried when they drop new music my heart will straight up stop.
  3. Cheers for this! I was missing an ep, a live album plus some songs from Japanese and Special Editions so now my discography is finally complete.
  4. I know lots of y'all hate this but i don't. I recon they pull off pop rock quite well here. Solid banga
  5. true and yeah i know which BMTH song you are referencing too, and i hate it also. makes for shitty lyric writing which is frustrating because i know both bands are capable of incredible lyric writing.
  6. A pet peeve of mine is when lyrics include the spelling out of a word. The more time this happens in a song the more i want to put a bullet in my head. Aretha Franklins 'Respect' and the Village Peoples 'YMCA' are the only exception because those are solid bangas
  7. Sweet thanks man. I'll keep an eye out for there new stuff. I like there unique sound, its refreshing. Too many bands from the alternative music scene follow the same cliches and overused music template. So its cool to see something different like this.
  8. I checked out these guys last time someone uploaded there stuff on here purely because i liked there name. Music is weird af. But in saying that all there songs are solid bangas. Catchy if a little stupid, would be a great singalong live, comical (not always in a good way) but also fun with a side of emo. Defiantly gonna check out more from these guys when new music from them comes out.
  9. Defiantly not my favourite from him but i stand by my blanket statement that he is incredible. Loved the vocal on this but the experimental sound was what let it down.
  10. at least there not doing what Good Charlotte are still fucking doing. writing songs about being in high school and puberty and shit.
  11. This is an interesting different kinda sound from these guys. Kinda like there trying to be a little more mainstream which either works or really fucking doesn't when it comes to bands in the alternative scene. This ain't my favourite song from them but i like this new direction there going. Some things they have tried in this new song suck not going to lie. But overall i do like it. Lets hope they keep going in this direction although in saying that i am fully aware that these guys are walking a very thin line with this new sound so lets hope i continue to like it and it doesn't try to hard until is sucks.
  12. not bad. not great either but i'll take what i can get from these guys. they have proven they can make music a lot worse then this so i guess i can't complain about this too much. gives me hope that there new shit ain't gonna be too big of a flop. idk 7/10...
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