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  1. shiit mate
  2. mmm I think they perform in english because is an habit, but I don't live in there so you surely know better about what are you talking, anyways I still believe that french goes pretty well in heavy and extreme music,.. dude I love Alcest and one of the reason to me is the fact they sing in french, it adds more emotion I think
  3. are you kidding? French is an amazing language and works great with music, specially hip-hop...
  4. you sir made beautiful music
  5. I want this bad boy right now
  6. this seems a fun record, I'll check out
  7. really worth it
  8. really good comeback
  9. thanks!!
  10. sounds pretty good
  11. wow really liked, the vocals flow so well
  12. Australia +singer reminded me to Chris Barreto= can't go wrong