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  1. there's a cd rip of this album available if anyone is interested in update it
  2. holy shit this is great... can't understand why it isn't a leak of the post-metal band of Josh Middleton from Architects and Craig Reynolds of SFTP
  3. Yes I was thinking that, this was only a Matt Heafy song and didn't have the input of the entire band, so thats why sounds nothing like VF.. I'm a huge Trivium fan but never liked VF at all, everything else they putted I enjoyed, even SITS
  4. this sound waay better than anything on VF to be honest
  5. this is gonna be my AOTY, the Trivium I loved is fucking back
  6. Thanks! I am looking for that one but couldn't find it, it would be really appreciated
  7. then sure I need to check this one, I don't care really much about the lyrics unless are were super cringy
  8. those northlane vibes
  9. ohh I want this one so bad but I'll wait until the 320 get leaked
  10. mmmmh sounds a little bit generic, but they still are good
  11. sounds like their first albums, I'm in
  12. yeaah me too! but sadly they are not getting much press this time for this album