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  1. From Another Planet - Seasonal Affective (EP)(2017)

    it so weird for a metalcore band do songs with 10 min of length
  2. Machine Head - Beyond the Pale (Single) (2017)

    it isnt bad but its not memorable, maybe it will grow on me with further listens
  3. Damned Spring Fragrantia - Chasm (2017)

  4. Baths - Romaplasm (2017)

  5. how many more albums are they going to release this year
  6. Cavalera Conspiracy - Psychosis (2017)

    I read reviews saying this was the closest thing to the old sepultura since Max and Igor left that band, so definitely must check it
  7. Godflesh - Post Self (2017)

  8. Cryptodira - The Devil's Despair (2017)

    wohoo highlu anticipated for me
  9. Phinehas - Dark Flag (2017)

  10. Fjørt - Couleur (2017)

    wow didnt know this was coming thanks!
  11. Frater - Pulso en Eclipse (2017)

    great! they put always an amazing show and they sound much more huge live, so you definetly will enjoy the fuck out of that show
  12. Frater - Pulso en Eclipse (2017)

    dude, for real, I usually dont pay attention to the lyrics, but now that you tell me I readed and some lyrics seems kind of christian but they are not associated with that scene that I know, maybe is like Carajo or August Burns Red which write some christian lyrics but they aren't a christian band
  13. Good Tiger - Grip Shoes (Single) (2017)

    another banger from da boys
  14. Fall Out Boy - HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON'T (Single)(2017)

    well this sounds almost like a reggaeton song