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  1. been waiting fro this to drop thanks!
  2. haha I thought that cause you commented an hour after he uploaded his review, and I've seen a lot of people who check out music based on his ratings
  3. You came after wacth Anthony Fantano's review?
  4. haha cool, may check out this
  5. I was simply pointing what I thought, I'm not saying that are identical covers, or that it's plagiarism
  6. haha I don't know the cover reminded me to Heliospectrum the spectrum of colors that aren't black or white and the words in the center I guess
  7. the cover seems familiar
  8. actually really liked this song
  9. thanks! was waiting for these!
  10. just found this, awesome thanks!
  11. thanks! this made my day
  12. sounds interesting, waiting for 320
  13. thanks homey, you should change genre into math rock o something like that
  14. unpopular opinion but to me is D>U>GD in fact, didn't like it GD at all