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  1. Super happy with this song. I thought fashionably late was their best album, really happy to see them going back there, there last album was just alright to me
  2. I might've been the only one looking forward to his mixtape, not the best track, ronnie's part i enjoyed, danny just sounds off. where did you find this track? i wish he actually released it like he said he was going to
  3. So like the last few posts, there are rumors of a 13th bonus track. Now on some other sites you can download the track and its called Unjustified Expectations. However, when i listened to it, it sounded so familiar. It is actually this song called Just Another Night[mare] feat. Denis by Skarlett (maybe some of you heard it a few years ago when it came out. this band got a lot of crap because of how similar it sounded to AA) Cheers, hope this helps
  4. I do not normally post, but this album is great! I thought Masks was a slight let down of what they are capable of, but this is great!!
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