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  1. These guys are sick. Really enjoyed the last single and this one is great too
  2. Absolutely love everything about this, the Shikari boys are back on top form TINA > The Dreamer’s Hotel > The King
  3. These guys are actually p. cool, they deserve more recognition than they’re getting. Another example of why Sharptone are killing it with the newer bands
  4. Adestria For All Those Sleeping (Genesis era) Woe, Is Me (upopular opinion, I'm aware) Storm The Sky Abandon All Ships Alive Like Me In Fear & Faith
  5. I noticed his post on Facebook specifically says "the unreleased Attack Attack / Nativ record" so I am guessing he at least only has access/is selling one, not both. Plus I could be wrong, but isn't Caleb supposed to be on the unreleased Attack Attack album? If that's the case, as sketchy as it is, I don't think Phil would be selling a record without his vocals on
  6. Yoooooo I’ve been waiting for this since the day the band broke up. Can’t believe it’s finally here, may be a little too late but I am so pumped. Used to love this band back in the day. Thank you guys for this. Super stoked to listen to it!
  7. These guys are putting out banger after banger
  8. I think the first minute or so is going to be the intro to the album, the 'Prodigy' sounding part. They did a similar thing with the video for Passage where it includes the 'Ark' intro but wasn't included in the steaming and downloadable versions of the track
  9. Really enjoyed their first three efforts a lot but after how disappointing Ark was, this is a welcomed change for me. Very experimental and straight up weird. Almost gives me Code Orange kinda vibes with the strange structure and mad temp changes
  10. AOTY for me already, easily. Love these boys so much
  11. In Hearts Wake - Worldwide Suicide (March 18th) Edit: the VK NEWs site has now removed it for some reason, but hopefully we’re still getting it next week edit 2: it’s back on there now
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