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  1. Seems a bit pointless as a digital release to me, after they already dropped the single. I’d understand like a limited vinyl run for collectors and whatnot, but what is the point in this? Haha
  2. I think everybody here has made some excellent points and I have absolutely no quarrel with Spotify, however... Literally the one issue for me, and it might be a stupid one, but I just can’t shake it; the poor lack of organisation and tags. I am an avid user, questionably to the point of mild-OCD, but all of my tags in my library have to be PRISTINE, and I’m not even talking about genres or lyrics or anything like that, but sheerly down to the album/single/EP grouping more than anything, something in my opinion, Spotify fails at horrifically. Nothing would irk me more than having all my music laid out perfectly in albums (the way it is now) and then suddenly seeing many singles popping up in my artist history, grouping the same track under different albums and whatnot. This sort of stuff quakes me to my core, again maybe it’s a silly reason but I honestly don’t think I’m mentally strong enough to make that switch. Having said all this, if I HAD to make the jump away from piracy I would probably lean more into iTunes, and honestly wouldn’t even mind paying for every single thing. That way at least I could organise any way I see fit, something I do quite often anyway. it does bother me a little though, as I feel Spotify would be MUCH easier than the current methods I use, as sometimes it can become a massive chore (especially after doing it this way for around 7-8 years ), but also I can’t shake the fact that I’m behind the times. All of my friends, family and partner use Spotify and I admit it would be nice to be able to share things with each other, see what other people are listening to and hell, even having that sweet ‘share to Instagram story’ button that everyone uses so religiously these days... but my obsession just holds me back from it all. I imagine I’m not the only one in this... anyway I know it doesn’t really help or add anything to the current thread, but I really wanted to share my opinions on it. Here are some screenshots for reference (the one on the left is my library, and the one on the right is a screenshot of someone else’s, who I would imagine is a Spotify or Apple Music user)
  3. Just while we're all getting a bit sentimental and whatnot, I wanted to post this little trip down memory lane haha. I'm not sure how many will remember this little competition, or even if @Lord Kingdom will remember it, but I still own this little beauty to this day. It's a shame we never actually got Ladders On Tables in the end Crazy how far things have come since then!
  4. I’ve been using this site almost every day since 2013, this is absolutely heartbreaking, but I understand that it’s for the best. From the bottom of my, and many others hearts, thank you for putting in the time and effort with this site and the community as a whole. We appreciate you 🖤 ps. say syke now
  5. Isn’t this the guy that poked a dead body on camera or some shit?
  6. Correct. The name of the song was only revealed yesterday though, so maybe that’s why. The whole thing has been kept under wraps until now. If you check your vinyl, Dream should start playing automatically moments after the end of Freaks
  7. Dream is incredible as expected. That remix is... interesting
  8. Love that new logo, huge Need For Speed vibes haha. Stoked to check this out later
  9. New track ‘Dream’ out on Friday. I would imagine that this is the hidden b-side track from the vinyl release of Flip Phone Fantasy
  10. Ocean Grove - Dream (27.11) I suspect this is the hidden b-side track from the vinyl release of Flip Phone Fantasy. also a remix of Sunny on the same day
  11. Why does that artwork straight up just look like a metalcore album?
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