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  1. This is very hit or miss for me. I actually really enjoyed Misery a lot, probably my favourite Amity album to date... which makes the departure from that sound a bit disappointing for me. There are a lot of good moments hidden in here, some really nice choruses and the riff in Born To Lose is sick, but they just feel shadowed out by the amount of boring riffs and forgettable melodies. Unlike everybody else, I wasn’t super sold on the singles either, I thought All My Friends Are Dead was a bit lacklustre and just heavy for the sake of being heavy, the same with Catatonia. Soak Me In Bleach kind of grew on me a bit, but the sudden tempo changes and lack of a cohesive flow took quite a while to get used to. As final thoughts, I think when the album shines then it really shines, but it’s not as often enough as I would like. I also really dislike the mix on a lot of the tracks. I really dislike that sort of ‘clipping’ sound when all the instruments come in together, as heard most clearly in Catatonia. Please bear in mind that I am not an avid album reviewer and this is just my opinion, so please take it with a grain of salt. ‘All I Do Is Sink’ is probably my favourite on the whole album, followed by ‘Born To Lose’ and ‘Soak Me In Bleach’. I’m all for bands switching up their sound, unfortunately this just falls a little bit flat for me.
  2. Said this before when this was posted, but it was deleted for some reason. I too thought this was While She Sleeps for a good minute. Thought they'd just dropped a mini EP out of nowhere
  3. Less than a year after Soul Burn, that alone is impressive. Excited to finish work and check this out. What’s it like? Is it as good as the last EP? edit: I’ve listened to it at least four or five times now and this shit slaaaaaps
  4. Everything about this tells me that I shouldn’t like it... but I kinda dig it
  5. These guys are sick. Love this just as much as Insubordinate
  6. From what I’ve heard, this is supposed to be THE ultimate Shikari album. A perfect mixture of all their previous sounds together in one record, and judging by the artwork that looks to be the case. We’ve got all the colours of the previous records on there so fingers crossed I will always love this band no matter what sound they decide to go for, but I can’t say I haven’t been a little disappointed with their stuff in recent years. I just really hope the rumours are right and this is going to be the ultimate Shikari album and not another 15 tracks that just sound like Stop The Clocks
  7. I think he's been in the band for 7 or 8 years at this point dude, been on the last four albums!
  8. Don’t think I’m supposed to mention it but I’m honestly not sure it matters anymore; I had the absolute pleasure of hearing this album in full back at the end of May last year, and have been so anxious waiting to hear it this whole time as I could barely even remember what half of the tracks sounded like. Just as I remembered, this is hands down one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Everything from the black metal vibes on Heavy Is The Head to the disgusting breakdowns and beautiful shoegaze style tracks are everything I’ve ever wanted from Loathe and they haven’t half delivered. Even the new versions of New Faces and Gored sound incredible. Two years ago I would have sworn that they’d never be able to top The Cold Sun, but how wrong I was. This just proves that they can do almost anything, who even knows where they’re going to head next. What a phenomenal record.
  9. Was a toss-up betwen Higher Power and Novelists for me, voted for Novelists
  10. This is radge, actually kinda dig it
  11. This is sick. Definitely on a similar wavelength to Infinite minus the electronic elements. A good balance of the heavy and lighter side of Silverstein that we’ve grown to love, a well-placed feature and a banging chorus. Love that lead guitar part 👌🏻 does anybody else not find it slightly strange that all three singles from this album have features though? Considering they haven’t used guest vocals for a good few records now, and then they drop all of these makes me feel like they’re playing a move of some kind. Nevertheless, I am a sucker for a good collab and I dig it
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