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  1. On first listen think I enjoy this more than Junkies. Glad they’re still putting out weird experimental stuff, it’s definitely what they excel at
  2. Not amazing but still a hell of a lot better than the last record they put out. There’s still hope for these guys
  3. New Ocean Grove single ‘Sunny’ - December 12th
  4. Been almost a year since my last photo, so here’s a 2019 update. Here’s one of the photos from my bands promo shots (this was taken a few months ago, my hair is longer now )
  5. Haven’t listened to these in years. Saw them live with Attack Attack back in 2011 and I was hooked. Been far too long
  6. Thanks. Super excited to listen to this, loved all the singles
  7. Dig these guys a lot. Really excited for the EP
  8. Saw these guys live last night and this song was incredible. I hadn’t downloaded it yet so I had no idea what to expect, but was blown away by it live. This is going to be on repeat for a few weeks I’d imagine
  9. Yeah the entire thing has been re-recorded. I was curious too, so I spent ages looking down their posts for the announcement might have to check this out now, I loved this album back in 2009/2010
  10. The art looks super familiar to me. Anybody know what the original art they’re trying to parody is?
  11. Love it, a lot more Rhapsody Tapes vibes on this than on Ask For The Anthem. Super excited to see what else they do on the new album
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