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  1. It’s okay, better than the last two albums that’s for sure but still nothing groundbreaking
  2. Unreal album, bought it on Bandcamp yesterday and haven’t stopped listening to it since. Definitely recommend 👍🏻
  3. Not as good as Death Perception but better than Human Target imo
  4. This is so sick, like it better than Bloodline already
  5. Recently got into this band with the release of the new album. Despite the tracks skipping, this is such a banger and it slaps so hard
  6. Why does the main riff in this sound like a direct copy of Loathe by Loathe?
  7. This is great, but I hope we still get LP9 this year
  8. Love how this is releasing the same day as Dealer’s Soul Burn Can’t say I’m not gutted it’s only an EP and not a full length though
  9. These guys were crazy underrated back in the day. Clockworks was one of my top 5 albums in 2014
  10. So good. Can't wait for a new album from these guys
  11. Not sure what to think of this yet, definitely not what I expected
  12. Literally just found that after posting my comment haha, thank you though. Nice that there's seven tracks and that Branded or Break It aren't on there, but I can't say I'm not disappointed that they're not releasing a full-length
  13. Ooo nice. Does there happen to be a tracklist to go with this great cover art?
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