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  1. Falling In Reverse called, they want their artwork back
  2. After reading the comments, I was doubtful.. but I really enjoyed them all. Perfect reason not to listen to other peoples opinions I guess. All the comparissons were to Disgusting, but I think these songs sound a lot closer to Aggressive than anything else they've done
  3. I can't stop listening to this, it's so damn catchy
  4. This is honestly the first thing I've thoroughly enjoyed by these guys since The Fallout. I actually really like it, A LOT
  5. I feel like I need to say this after the dust has settled and I've listened to it quite a few times; It's honestly not as bad as I originally thought and the three new songs are some of the best on the whole album. Sad that Wedding Night is the only song with unclean vocals though, hoping there will be more on the next release(s). I still think releasing a 9 track album after already releasing 6 tracks is a bit shit, but then again I feel the same when some bands release 4 songs from 12 track albums ahead of release. Also, the whole "Slaves diss" thing was a fucking stupid move, and I'm gonna have a hard time trusting this band in future. It's just not the sort of thing you wanna be promoting ahead of the release, especially considering how many people would choose to not listen to it because of that. Band beef is always fucking stupid, especially when it's made up to bump your record sales/streams. It's not quite A Spark To Believe, but it's still pretty good IMO. That is all.
  6. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought this hahaha
  7. Still an LP regardless of what they call it 🤷‍♂️
  8. Love the 90's inspired artwork. Looks sick 😁
  9. They definitely released 6 lmao. Die For You, The Bottom, The Hype You Stole, 3rd Degree, Hit The Road and Delusiions Of Grandeur were all released seperately before release 🤷‍♂️
  10. The song was posted on soundcloud titled "Miss Fortune - Delusions Of Grandeur (Slaves diss)"
  11. I LOVED this bands debut album. Still one of my top ten albums to date, but I just can't make up my mind with this. Sad thing is I've already heard 6 out of 9 songs too and only a few of them have been half decent. If this was a longer album I wouldn't mind the fact that 6 singles have been released, but it's just lazy if you ask me.
  12. Really enjoyed every song so far, can't wait to hear the full album!
  13. I love being in the minority of people that think this band are pure gold. Love everything they put out