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  1. Oh shit man you right be right, I would check the credits in my CD but it's at my mothers house haha. I can't find anything online that says. Oh well
  2. Same man. They seemed to be up to something on Facebook and Instagram a couple months ago, but nothing has happened since
  3. Thanks man I voted for blessthefall, just wanting to change it to Escape The Fate. I couldn't find an option to change it for some reason
  4. Is it possible to change my vote, or is it too late?
  5. The unclean vocalist used to be the dude in The Bad Chapter
  6. Wasn't a huge fan of their last album, but their acoustic is always a pleasant listen so I have no doubts about this one
  7. Love it, can't wait for the new album!
  8. Amazing as usual. Such an underrated band