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  1. Normandie - Pay for This (Single) (2017)

    Get to see these guys for the third time next month, can't wait to hear this song live!
  2. Pendulum - Immersion (2010)

    The nostalgia is great with this one
  3. Of Mice & Men "Defy" album details

    You dig!?
  4. Secrets - Five Years [Single] (2017)

    Incredible was well, incredible. This is incredibly meh
  5. Of Mice & Men - Warzone [Single] (2017)

    Holy shitballs this is amazing
  6. Escape The Fate "I Am Human" album details

    I love their new song, like all their stuff. But that artwork looks awful imo
  7. Asking Alexandria album details

    I heard that was I Am One, not Eve. If you look on Genius lyrics the only lyrics available for I Am One is the "I Am Iniquity" bit. No idea why everybody is hyped for that song is particular though
  8. Slaves - True Colors [Single] (2017)

    Nah I haven't seen it, I was just curious because I thought you might have
  9. Slaves - True Colors [Single] (2017)

    The actual album art or the art for the single?
  10. Slaves - True Colors [Single] (2017)

    I feel like Slaves have always had A LOT of potential, but never delivered a ground-breaking or amazing album. Judging off these last two singles, the next album is going to be the best they've ever done. I feel like they've finally found their sound and have evolved as musicians so much over the last two years. Also, I think I actually prefer this to I'd Rather See Your Star Explode. I feel like this is the best song they've ever written as a band. Colour me stoked for this album!
  11. Don Broco - T-Shirt Song (Single) (2017)

    Apparently Everybody is on the album man and I was wrong, it comes out in February haha. Could have sworn they said Jan. 26th in Kerrang! but it's only an extra week to wait. Super excited!
  12. Don Broco - T-Shirt Song (Single) (2017)

    Oh I never knew that haha. Yeah makes sense with only four then. Still looking forward to January!
  13. Don Broco - T-Shirt Song (Single) (2017)

    Five if Eveeybody's on there!