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  1. This is stupid good wtf. Big move from VoV though, they'll be getting a lot of traction with this one. Clever if you ask me
  2. That blkmarket sticker pack is the boi tho 😉 Art is so sick, grats. Song is killer too!
  3. Exactly what I expected from Capture The Crown in 2019. Pretty decent. Granted it's not the best thing I've ever heard, nor the most groundbreaking; but can we just appreciate that we're still getting music from these guys after all these years? This album was probably written 2-3 years ago, and so it's already difficult for it to hold up with today's standards, but I'm excited to hear where they go in the next few years
  4. Yeah Shikari are known for doing three standalone singles in between album cycles, this is just the first of the three and the closer to The Spark era. Their next two tracks will be highly experimental, and I have no doubts. They never do the same thing twice so I wouldn’t expect a The Spark 2.0
  5. Damn that's commitment haha. I only saw them on two unfortunately
  6. Quite likely haha. It feels like a year though!
  7. FINALLY. Been waiting about a year for this 😱
  8. The Devil Wears Prada - Lines Of Your Hands (August 27th)
  9. The last two tracks (Burning Out and If I’m There) on this make the whole album for me, easy the best two songs they’ve ever put out imho.
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