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  1. Imagine Dragons need to go on like a 4 year hiatus and revaluate themselves instead of constantly putting out as much music as possible. I know lots of people hate them now, but their first 2 albums are fucking incredible. These last 2 albums are just so uninspired and bland man.
  2. Night Visions and Smoke + And Mirrors are actually incredible albums. Each song was incredible diverse and had such a unique feel to it. Evolve and seemingly what this release seems to be is way to poppy and generic. Every other song on Evolve sounded the same. I’m hoping the rest of album is better.
  3. I thought the same thing seeing those comments. Dissonants is a damn good album.
  4. Well I do respect your opinion I very much disagree. Both Afterman albums were incredible, and TCBTS is very underrated that doesn’t get enough credit, it’s not their best album but some of the tracks on it are hands down some of their best songs.
  5. 100% agree. I feel like this is something to have on the background or maybe just something to chill out to. I don’t know, I just feel like every song has a similar structure to it and there wasn’t really any that stick out to me. I also don’t how some are saying this is closer to Vessel, I’m legit flabbergasted by that statement.
  6. Very pleased with this album. I'm happy they are back.
  7. This compliments their last album nicely
  8. I’m a huge fan of this band, sadly this album hasn’t been doing anything for me. The lyrics are amazing as always but there isn't really anything about it that stands out to me as much as their previous releases.
  9. Judging an entire album based on listening to less than 5 minutes of one song? Hmmm...makes sense
  10. Totally agree. Their self-titled and Rhythm are fucking majestic.
  11. @Slacknoise Highly recommend you check their previous releases. Been with this band since the beginning and their so talented it hurts they don't have more recognition.
  12. I legit can't stop listening to this.
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