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  1. No Grizzly Bear?
  2. Fuck yes! DGD never fails to impress.
  3. Seriously, this is their best work in my opinion. It's so fucking good!
  4. Nevermind, the Zippy link was the correct file. Stoked to listen to this!
  5. What's up with this download? It's an application.... I don't trust applications
  6. This is so good!
  7. Sylvan Esso isn't on here, so I guess I'll go with Kendrick.
  8. Showin' DGD more love haha well deserved.
  9. Lol might as well just give it to DGD now.
  10. single

    Did anyone else notice the horrible pitch correction at 2:43-2:52? Like it's not as obvious when there's instruments over the singing, but when they go silent for a bit it's super clear.
  11. Surprisingly good compared to their last album.
  12. Misheard lyrics 2016
  13. Agreed, good to see they're acknowledging it now haha
  14. Yes! Thank you for this!
  15. Well there goes my vote...