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  1. When is this supposed to hit digital streaming services? I know the majority of these songs are already on GPM as singles, but intro and RUNAWAY are new at least and I'd like to have them all on a collected ep together.
  2. I enjoyed this album a lot more than some of his other recent stuff. It's solid.
  3. Periphery, Gus Dapperton, Starbomb, Cage The Elephant, Bilmuri, Secret Band, Sulli, After The Burial, Alpha Wolf, and Dealer. Great month for music.
  4. Is this the same band that made "Bounce Into The Music" or is that a different band?
  5. This is the first Logic single I've actually enjoyed since The Incredible True Story. Holding out hope that this is as good if not better than that album
  6. I retract this comment, not a fan of this style of Flume. Too experimental for me.
  7. Surprise release from Flume on the first day of Spring, I'm cool with that.
  8. I'm really digging the new sound, the grooves are great, and the soft songs are really nice to just chill to. Solid album!
  9. They've had three dots on all of their album covers, it's part of the P logo.
  10. Honestly really digging this new sound. It's a lot softer than anything they've put out in the past, but it works in their favor in my opinion. With that said I still enjoy That's The Spirit a little more, but maybe that'll change with some more listens.
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