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  1. Pleasantly surprised from the rest of this album/ep. Singles made me a little worried.
  2. Not feeling the chorus and the drop at the end. Everything else is fine. Kinda underwhelming.
  3. Damn, almost forgot about this band!
  4. Oh shit, what a nice surprise. Thanks KL.
  5. Pretty solid. Michael as a vocalist was pretty average tbh. Didn’t have much range in his screams and his singing wasn’t the best. AJ is more than enough to fill that hole.
  6. Damn, completely forgot about this band. Nice!
  7. Solid song. Looking coward to her album!
  8. Welcome Home is such a good closer and the ending is pretty cute.
  9. Unfortunate that it took their third album to put out something that I like. Album is above and beyond the first 2 mess they released.
  10. Good song. Innocent until proven guilty.
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