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  1. According to someone that knows the band, the B-side dropping tomorrow is separate from this one
  2. I've been very cautious about getting hyped for this album because I thought Make America Hate Again was just a cringey, recycled version of Puppet Master. Reading these comments just makes me think I shouldn't bother.
  3. The leak I've really been waiting for
  4. Literally just gonna download this because it's the album Casey was named after, and they're in my top 3 favorite bands.
  5. I know this is an ancient post but I have the files to their 2005 demo that as far as I know, can't be found online anywhere.
  6. @Voinolin I actually sent them a picture of a totally random receipt I had laying around and they still sent me the track lol. I was not about to buy a second copy of the album
  7. I know Dan said they won't say who wrote what song but this one sounds to me a lot like Tom's writing.
  8. How is it that the songs they cut from an album are better than songs most bands actually put on an album?
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