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  1. I own a physical copy of the demo and ripped it to my computer.
  2. I miss when this band was interesting. I guess if the whole album comes out like this, I really am finally done with them.
  3. My hopes for this are nonexistent after how bad Violent Noise was. Thanks though.
  4. I've wanted Counterparts to cover this song for over a year now. I can die a happy man.
  5. Hope this album rips but after listening to Love Me, I just need to wait for a CD rip. Appreciate the upload still. You're doing gods work
  6. This album is a massive disappointment. WFTMTC was a masterpiece and this... I don't even wanna listen again.
  7. Fuck Blake killed the guitars on this. 10/10
  8. According to someone that knows the band, the B-side dropping tomorrow is separate from this one
  9. I've been very cautious about getting hyped for this album because I thought Make America Hate Again was just a cringey, recycled version of Puppet Master. Reading these comments just makes me think I shouldn't bother.
  10. The leak I've really been waiting for
  11. Literally just gonna download this because it's the album Casey was named after, and they're in my top 3 favorite bands.
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