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  1. Hell YEAH. Im a huge NJD fan and when I saw this I posted it on the fan FB page I chat on lol. Music ehhh JerseyA+
  2. I don't get it. Trying to tell people what they should enjoy jamming to by telling the other person they are wrong is like trying to convince a Hillary supporter to love Trump. You will never succeed and frankly who cares. Wage War is more famous and does what they do better than anyone arguing on this forum, so like it or not they are doing something right. I frankly don't know how someone couldn't find themselves stomping their feet to wage war. They have really catchy stuff
  3. Guys are from my town. Went to high school with my sister in law. Great band
  4. Unfortunately nope. I love that one and they skipped playing a ton of good songs. On top of which they played no encore!!!! They played "The End" as the last song and then walked off and never came back on. I have never seen a band not come back on.
  5. Just saw them live last night with All that Remains. Solid show but they played 90% of their 90 min set from Sirens, Battles, and the new album. Cloud Connected and My Sweet Shadow were probably the only two other notable songs. Anders did a ton of rambling between songs and I was just waiting for anything from Reroute to Remain, Soundtrack, or Come Clarity and it never really happened. I think they are content with playing the new material live just as much as they are content with the direction their albums are going. At least they are standing by what they are writing and promoting that at the shows, however a better mix of their best work would have been nice. I haven't listened to this yet but anxiously await doing so tonight. If it is even slightly better than Sirens and Battles it's a win
  6. Hell yeah these guys were on full repeat when their 1st album came out. Such awesome beats.
  7. Can't for the life of me figure out how to actually download this one. Do you need UserNet to get it?
  8. I have been looking for that album I hear it is their best but I love Vibrant
  9. Any chance to get this re upped? Thanks so much in advance!
  10. I just don't get it. I finally downloaded this to listen to it just to see. And I like some rap hip hop, but after 4 tracks you can't even listen to this. It's just some high pitched dude talking over non existent beats. There is no groove to anything. To each their own and I know there are plenty of people that don't get hard rock or metal either but this is just flat out terrible. How it got votes at all is beyond me.... oh well
  11. Any chance this could be re-upped? Seems both links are down. Much appreciated!!!!!!
  12. Damn both of these links don't work. Any chance this can be fixed? Please!!!!
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