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  1. I'll take "Things I Didn't Ask For In 2020" for 600. (This is a joke, don't take it personal.)
  2. Every Hour Kills - "Veiled Aurora (Feat. Dayshell & Bloodshot Dawn)" | July 24
  3. Absolute ballsy mofos for straight dropping the release date like that. So excited for my KoG boys. 🙏🏻
  4. Damn, I love how big everything sounds in this track. Chorus had me losing my mind when it kicked in. Absolutely love this track.
  5. Wanna know why they went soft? Ben Bruce's official statement, provided via Kerrang's interview. Not sure why, but this statement frustrates me for some reason: “It made me reflect on the more hardcore shows in clubs we would play as a younger band where there would be a line of ambulances waiting outside. The fanbase back then was slightly younger than us, but predominantly of a similar age – young and angry, just like we were. That’s not the sort of band that we want to be [any more].” Violence, he realised, was a truly devastating force: fuel for self-destructive behaviour, and simply counter-intuitive for musicians attempting to build a future. “As we’ve grown, we’ve come into these bigger events and cross-generational crowds. We don’t want to be the cause of harm to anyone, or to have fans leaving the shows with busted noses. You don’t want those five-year-olds with their parents thinking of shows as scary and violent – the type of places they don’t want to go back to for a while. You want them thinking it was amazing. That’s how you get more rock fans in the world.”
  6. HOLY SHIT! Had no idea you used KL! Lmao, I legit just posted on your insta. 😂 Fantastic work on this stuff.
  7. Holy hell I'm so happy I clicked play on this.
  8. Absolute banger. Digging the chunes, bro!
  9. After a couple more spins, it's giving me some MAD Polaris vibes.
  10. Are we just gonna ignore the fact that this logo looks IDENTICAL to From Ashes to New's logo?
  11. Actually hella diggin' this, no lie.
  12. Woah, wait, pause - On their Instagram in the official post, do I see fans with the new album? Do people already have the fucking album in hand???
  13. It all starts with you, homie! It took a while to push past the expectations and standards that others held of me, but once I did, it was crazy how much confidence I gained in my own self image! Just learn to experiment and try out different things because it's what YOU personally want to do. When I took that picture, I captioned it, "Suck my fuck, guys can take cute pictures too." It's exactly that: Who's to say that I, a self confident male, can't take a picture that I personally find to be appealing? Nonetheless, thank you for the kind words. I have absolute faith that you, and anyone for that matter, can reach the levels of "Fuck your opinion" that I have.
  14. Yo, thank you! I actually got it super recently, so that means a bunch!
  15. Oh boy. Here I come, hopping onto the bandwagon-
  16. Thanks so much for this one - These guys are on my list of highly anticipated bands, so please give this one a rinse!
  17. I've already made a remark to this. "This Is War" is NOT "This Is My War" from Got Your Six. We aren't missing any songs lol.
  18. Well, at least we now know This Is War is NOT This Is My War.
  19. Anyone else having issues when downloading? I've never had a problem downloading an album to my phone until I tried this one. After downloading, extracting, and moving the songs to a different storage folder, the album doesn't even pop up in my music apps. Tried to download a different file off the site, worked just fine.
  20. I'm simply shocked at how many posts are on this thread in such a short time. What. Even. H A P P E N E D ?
  21. Oh my god... I found these guys when I finally got curious to get a taste of the headliner for the upcoming KIG support in EU. And holy christ am I so excited for what's to come with these dudes. This is my first song ever from Alazka, and surely won't be my last.
  22. I'm really good friends with these guys, so it's awesome to see people digging this stuff!
  23. Thank you for this! It really just goes to show that I wasn't all too familiar with A7X's discography. I appreciate you sharing this with me!
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