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  1. Yo, this band absolutely rips. So excited for this one.
  2. Honestly, I thought I would be let down by this particular record. However, hearing it in it's entirety, it's incredible. For a concept album, every song feels tighly knitted; there isn't a weird point on this album that leaves me shifting uncomfortably- In layman's terms, it all flows. What I particularly enjoy is the sound evolution. Start with Transmissions, then move onto Vessels, then listen to this. There's this obvious shift and almost transcendence with their sound. It isn't a total flip of everything they've ever done, it's simply enhanced and evolved. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, enjoying the musical (not the genre) aspects of Starset and their sound really sell this album to me. Favorites are most definitely Manifest, Telekinetic, and Other Worlds Than These.
  3. To anyone interested, Living Machines is releasing "Harvest" on September 17!
  4. This song just... What the fuck.
  5. Any chance we can get an updated link for this one?
  6. It really is quite unfortunate. People know their music, but they just aren't... Big. Went to see them in Denver not that long ago and, while yhe crowd was small, so many people were singing along!
  7. Good GOD this song actually fucking slaps.
  8. Even with the vocalist change, this still bumps hella hard. Incredible song!
  9. Playing a bit of a gap-filler here, but I wish the music-listening (EVERYONE ON PLANET EARTH) took a more open minded and critical analyst approach to the music that gets released nowadays. I'm not speaking as if I know exactly what goes on in a band's head, but I can at least try to interpret it: Where conversation and debate on, literally, everything in society splits is right down the middle. Everything has to be left or right in order to satisfy a moral compass or just to keep up with the rest of the majority. In the case of this song (and many other threads with debates as such), everyone is quick to point out how it sounds similar to other songs/bands/progressions. Imagine if instead of going head-to-head with someone who thinksnthe opposite, you listened and asked questions like, "Why is this style/particular writing appealing in this scene? Why did the band choose to go in this direction? What exactly are the motives surrounding the particular song/album in question?" I'm implying that you dig to find some sort of theme or message, but take note of mannerisms and responses to the thought process of what goes on when an artist writes what they write. Total word ramble, but just my two-cents. While everyone has their own valid opinions, I'm seeing that there truly is no middle ground in the debate.
  10. BURY ME, BURY ME I AM FINISHED WITH Y- Oh shit, wrong song.
  11. I was eager to listen, but simply couldn't get into it. I really wish the singer was more energetic and powerful with her vocals; to me, she just sounds a little lackluster. She's not a terrible singer, just an unenergetic one. I can tell the screamer is pretty new to the game as well. It's not bad honestly, but you can hear the audible flaws. The instrumentals are okay, nothing groundbreaking. Is it me, or do the instrumentals sound quiet? It may not please my pallet, but I can definitely see potential!
  12. I can confidently say that this track fuckin' SLAPS. So great - Dare I say even better than anything from their EP.
  13. The Dangerkids influence really shows. Frankly, I'm a fan!
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