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  1. BURY ME, BURY ME I AM FINISHED WITH Y- Oh shit, wrong song.
  2. I was eager to listen, but simply couldn't get into it. I really wish the singer was more energetic and powerful with her vocals; to me, she just sounds a little lackluster. She's not a terrible singer, just an unenergetic one. I can tell the screamer is pretty new to the game as well. It's not bad honestly, but you can hear the audible flaws. The instrumentals are okay, nothing groundbreaking. Is it me, or do the instrumentals sound quiet? It may not please my pallet, but I can definitely see potential!
  3. I can confidently say that this track fuckin' SLAPS. So great - Dare I say even better than anything from their EP.
  4. The Dangerkids influence really shows. Frankly, I'm a fan!
  5. See, now this is an interesting approach. Lots of hype for Bow Down, but this is so... Oddly different in such a sick way!
  6. Here's the thing - It's not every day that a band gets HEAVIER than previous releases. This song is straight perfection. Everything is high energy, every aspect. Brian and Eric sound goddamn incredible. Thank GOD the boys are back.
  7. Based on their previous works, this one seems to kind of mellow out from their overall eccentric presence. Nonetheless, the song really bumps! I'm really digging these subtlety dark and twisted undertones
  8. Did anyone catch on their FB story that they might consider counting the likes + shares instead of solely relying on 100k shares? Figured I might mention this considering they really are looking to stand firm with the whole "share to get a single" thing.
  9. On a VERY personal opinion, this album's instrumental aspect is incredible. I love how hard every song hits. What kind of kills is for me however is Fronz's lyricism. I've never been a fan of the "Fuck bitches, get money, smoke weed" kind of music. Nonetheless, his vocals are still fantastic per usual. Overall, it's not too bad. The only song I personally would give a higher rating is Subhuman. I can listen to that one on repeat and not get tired of it. Lots of ATR vibes.
  10. Take a minute to realize how ironic the album title is. Then read the tracklist out loud to yourself. This stuff had me busting out laughing.
  11. What is the line in that breakdown though? "FEEL my lungs drown in bleach"? Or "FILL my lungs, drown in bleach"?
  12. Let me start with this - I like it. It's a guilty pleasure for me to actually say I like this single. For forever now, I've been heavily invested in the metal scene, but even at a younger age, Fall Out Boy held a special place in my heart. When I saw, "Feat. Fall Out Boy", I had to listen. But with the Hip Hop/Rap tag, I almost immediately assumed I would hate it. I proved myself wrong. This is honestly a fun as hell track. Fall Out Boy fit right on in with the tune which made it all the better. I don't why I like it, but I do.
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