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  1. What is the line in that breakdown though? "FEEL my lungs drown in bleach"? Or "FILL my lungs, drown in bleach"?
  2. Let me start with this - I like it. It's a guilty pleasure for me to actually say I like this single. For forever now, I've been heavily invested in the metal scene, but even at a younger age, Fall Out Boy held a special place in my heart. When I saw, "Feat. Fall Out Boy", I had to listen. But with the Hip Hop/Rap tag, I almost immediately assumed I would hate it. I proved myself wrong. This is honestly a fun as hell track. Fall Out Boy fit right on in with the tune which made it all the better. I don't why I like it, but I do.
  3. I'm sorry, I hate to be that guy, but what was the hype around this record for? Was it because it was a BMTH album? I enjoyed Wonderful Life a shit ton, but nothing else really stood out to me. The band did what any other band did - They evolved their sound, changed things up. They took their roots, flipped then upside down, inside out, but for what? In my opinion, the record is mediocre at best. There weren't any memorable songs or anything that I'd return to. In my own personal opinion, I just dislike the album entirely. It just feels like they're pushing to much just to be ahead of their time. I personally feel like the reason WHY this album is going to blow up is simply for the fact that 1) it's Bring Me the Horizon and 2) because of how much controversy it'll spark. I'll give it another listen or two to see if anything grows on me, but this isn't really an album I enjoyed or will enjoy. For those that do, there's no shame or no hate. I do like the diversity and change of pace. But it just isn't for me.
  4. Let it be known 2 of their members left the band. As such, they've decided to continue on as a trio, hence the drastic sound change.
  5. Am I the only one that hears the "Anti-Social" (by WSS) riff instead of "A Match Made In Heaven"?
  6. Stumbled over Spinning and fell in love. Grinning popped up and I also fell in love. For the love of God, don't sleep on this EP.
  7. Can anyone help me transcribe the lyrics in It is the End? I can't figure out the last line in the intro verse... "Oh Georgie, you can trust me sweet child Step right this way, I'm at your service with a smile Believe me, it's nothing to fear... WHEN I FEAST ON YOUR FLESH! (?) We all float down here!" What does he say before the "we all float down here "??
  8. Goddamn, this album so far has been pure bliss. As a hardcore fan of the Saw series, The Jig Is Up has been one of my favorite songs thus far. I have yet to get to the songs everyone has been nodding to, so I'll leave my impressions once I get there!
  9. Not sure why, but I really bumped with this one. Gave me some MAJOR Aftermath vibes. Cheers to this. 🤘🏻
  10. Maybe you guys can help me out with this, but what is that last line sung in the chorus? It's a bit tough for me to pick up, "You can't save yourself Or save your soul You'll meet the man whose life you stole With weathered wings And broken bones-" It's these lines I'm stuck on: "A flight for the fallen Flies the Crow" Is that right? Orrrr?
  11. I'm sure the song will grow on me, but nothing stands out, nothing pops. There isn't an element of this song that screams, "Woah!"
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