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  1. Thank you so much! I love this band so much, so this is so dope to see being posted on here!
  2. What an absolute legend! Thank you for this, @Lord Kingdom!
  3. Looks like it could be a fake though. At the same time, Ronnie could just be bamboozling the hell out of everyone.
  4. Had Adam not left Three Days Grace, this is probably what that band wpuld have sounded like. I'm happy that Adam is bringing back the sound we all grew up on in his days with 3DG.
  5. Yes, this is one of the bonus tracks. One top of all of that, what makes Ice Nine Kills so goddamn good is the way they can inject theatrical elements onto their songs and actually make them sound so good. That's their selling point - They make the larger than life stuff in movies and plays fit so nicely with the metal. Also, hah. "Scream"o. I see you.
  6. So... We gonna talk about thi- Shit, we already did? My b.
  7. This album hits a lot harder when you're high, ngl.
  8. See, I discovered these dudes when I saw their debut here on KL. I loved the concept of the album and decided to keep following them. This single compared to their last EP sounds like a totally different band, it's actually nuts. Worth the listen!
  9. Yo, this actually slaps. Keep it up, @HeistMonkey121! Super in love with this.
  10. Yo, this band absolutely rips. So excited for this one.
  11. Honestly, I thought I would be let down by this particular record. However, hearing it in it's entirety, it's incredible. For a concept album, every song feels tighly knitted; there isn't a weird point on this album that leaves me shifting uncomfortably- In layman's terms, it all flows. What I particularly enjoy is the sound evolution. Start with Transmissions, then move onto Vessels, then listen to this. There's this obvious shift and almost transcendence with their sound. It isn't a total flip of everything they've ever done, it's simply enhanced and evolved. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, enjoying the musical (not the genre) aspects of Starset and their sound really sell this album to me. Favorites are most definitely Manifest, Telekinetic, and Other Worlds Than These.
  12. Hey there! I'm looking for a few Death Cab for Cutie albums - Preferably in 320 or FLAC. Thanks in advance! Transatlanticism (2003) Plans (2005) Narrow Stairs (2008) Kintsugi (2015)
  13. To anyone interested, Living Machines is releasing "Harvest" on September 17!
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