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  1. Stumbled over Spinning and fell in love. Grinning popped up and I also fell in love. For the love of God, don't sleep on this EP.
  2. Can anyone help me transcribe the lyrics in It is the End? I can't figure out the last line in the intro verse... "Oh Georgie, you can trust me sweet child Step right this way, I'm at your service with a smile Believe me, it's nothing to fear... WHEN I FEAST ON YOUR FLESH! (?) We all float down here!" What does he say before the "we all float down here "??
  3. Goddamn, this album so far has been pure bliss. As a hardcore fan of the Saw series, The Jig Is Up has been one of my favorite songs thus far. I have yet to get to the songs everyone has been nodding to, so I'll leave my impressions once I get there!
  4. Not sure why, but I really bumped with this one. Gave me some MAJOR Aftermath vibes. Cheers to this. 🤘🏻
  5. The only other word I can hear is "serenity".
  6. I dunno. The third word I hear is "sanity".
  7. Maybe you guys can help me out with this, but what is that last line sung in the chorus? It's a bit tough for me to pick up, "You can't save yourself Or save your soul You'll meet the man whose life you stole With weathered wings And broken bones-" It's these lines I'm stuck on: "A flight for the fallen Flies the Crow" Is that right? Orrrr?
  8. I'm sure the song will grow on me, but nothing stands out, nothing pops. There isn't an element of this song that screams, "Woah!"
  9. Love this band. They've already made a statement that they're putting this band to rest. However, the debut album, "Discord" will be releasing this week. I highly recommend giving this band a listen.
  10. I just noticed a couple of comments saying Booka doesn't usually have the chorus to herself. In any case, go check out "Save Yourself" from Worlds Apart. Otherwise, the song is so bangin'!
  11. Every single listen of this song sends chills down my spine. The intro with the acoustic, the narrative of Jason's mother, even that breakdown right after, "You're all doomed." You always walk into an unheard song expecting the worst. In this case, you walk out of it disappointed that you ever had doubt.
  12. Anyone else catch the typo? Says "You Never Now" instead of Know. 🤔🤔
  13. Stumbled across these guys on FB and I freaking love them!!
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