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  1. Same here... Both download links don't work on my phone
  2. Artifex Pereo Bearings Between You & Me Capstan Currents Dwellings Eidola Four Year Strong Hail The Sun Ice Nine Kills Invent Animate Johari Knuckle Puck Like Pacific The Luminary Makari Notions Oh, Sleeper Periphery Rarity Royal Coda Settle Your Scores Sianvar Silent Planet Speaking With Ghosts Spiritbox State Champs Sufferer Thornhill Time, The Valuator Tiny Moving Parts Trash Boat Woes Wolf & Bear WSTR Youth Fountain
  3. https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/logic-releases-soundtrack-for-debut-novel-supermarket-new-mixtape.118987.html
  4. This band doesn't know how to make a bad song.
  5. This is really good stuff. Reminds me of Kitsune.
  6. 1. Greyhaven - Empty Black 2. Silent Planet - When the End Began 3. Trash Boat - Crown Shyness 4. Like Pacific - In Spite of Me 5. Between You & Me - Everything Is Temporary 6. Tiny Moving Parts - Swell 7. Makari - Hyperreal 8. Real Friends - Composure 9. Dwellings - Lavender Town 10. Capstan - In the Wake of Our Discord
  7. This CD is fucking amazing. I'm so glad they were selling it at warped tour.
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