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  1. for all those knocking because it's "too whiny", check his EP and his new song "stop drop and roll". He's a super talented guitarist
  2. Listen to his old Jamie's elsewhere stuff, it's super heavy emotionally. He's got potential for writing better, just not clicking like his older stuff did
  3. It's kinda nice seeing the screamer show some range, haven't seen stuff this heavy since fragile figures. Good change of pace.
  4. Where is the atmosphere of the first two albums, it's what set them apart. Kinda sad...
  5. If you listen to the first 5 or so songs on Dissonants, they all sound the same. I miss the ground dweller/unimagine sound already. And I hope Trenton loses the screaming, it sounds so forced! Low key miss the keyboardist, he set the mood so good on all the other pieces of work they did. Hope they don't go nu metal like OM&M...
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