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  1. There seems to be an issue with the download (Atleast maybe on my end?) Every time i hit download it just takes me back to the websites main page
  2. It's like they pulled a BMTH when they did That's The Spirit......but completely fucked it up
  3. It's an absolute shame what this band has turned into. WETSAETH, Feel, Let's Cheers To This and even some of Maddness are amazing. But this? It's to the point where they might as well change their band name. This is turning out to be this genres Suicide Silence TBH.
  4. It is not sir. It's possible it's a new voalist. The clean vocalist sounds nearly the same as the one they had back in 2008. Not sure about the screamer tho
  5. No fucking way..... A serious blast from the past
  6. People hating are morons. Yeah Friday was annoying and a shitty song. We all know this. But she was a teenager who had the opportunity to create a song out of a selection of pre determined songs. THIS is the result of her being able to create music she actually wants to. Hate her for the song Friday. But don't discredit the talent she DOES have. BRING ON THE HATE
  7. This makes a LOT more sense now!
  8. Damn. How many albums is this dude gonna dish out this fast lol
  9. To all you people deciding to wait before listening to this gem until the quality is updated YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY and missing out on this masterpiece
  10. Definitely loving the direction they're going. Loved their previous albums but their heavier songs were always fucking killer and this is definitely no exception. Love this
  11. Holy shit. Dare i say this might be better than the original?
  12. The reason the production for Masks was terrible was they were rushed with a release date. Thats why the Japanese Version was way better than the NA version. But Struggle is still IMO their best. Although Jury of Wolves is just too beast