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  1. Super late to the party, but this might be my favorite album of the year. So catchy and angsty, love it.
  2. it's from my favorite painter john martin, called pandaemonium. i actually dislike the cracks they added, but i guess taking a google picture and just adding fonts would've been too lazy. anyway, props for their good taste.
  3. this is the weirdest album cover i've seen in a while
  4. this sounds like a best of 2000s pop punk/alternative rock compilation album. almost every song had me think "this sounds like...". pretty good.
  5. i love how trophy eyes release albums that sound cool on the first listen and grow to be incredible the more you listen to it.
  6. someone ban this guy for his own safety please.
  7. i was expecting to be disappointed after the hype comments. i was not.
  8. solid ep - paper boy is incredible.
  9. THIS is what i've been talking about under the last parkway drive album. it's unmistakenly wonder years, but different on a level that doesn't compete with the masterpiece that was the greatest generation, instead twisting their style just enough to feel fresh without completely giving up on the sound i fell in love with.
  10. this sentence is probably everyone's reaction to your 6 consecutive comments in a nutshell.
  11. PWD are simply off my radar from now on. call the metal police, i don't care.
  12. yep, RIP PWD. last song i'd give a "meh", this one almost offends me. i guess they're a different band now, good luck selling out with that basic ass heavy metal.
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