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  1. I am having this issue also. I've tried different browsers, VPNs, disabling adblockers...all to no avail. If you come across a solution, let me know and I'll do vice versa.
  2. That's your opinion and that's absolutely fine. I quite liked VF and as a evolution album, I dug the direction. And even though Matt mentions that this was written after VF, it wasn't written in mind for Trivium so the sound is completely different for what they wanted to put out at that time.
  3. It's a demo of a song that Matt ghost-wrote for another band, after VF was released. The band didn't use it (for whatever reason) and when Matt brought it to the guys during this album's writing process, they said they felt it would fit in well with TSATS' album sound, if they reworked it as a band.
  4. With this being the original demo, should this be either renamed or deleted, as to not confuse other viewers?
  5. Same. I thought for a split second that it leaked and I'd have this for a long-haul flight that I'm doing on Saturday. Heartbroken.
  6. Probably already known, but just to have it all here... October 20th has been confirmed as the release date of 'The Sin and The Sentence'. The tracklist above was correct but the order is different. 01. The Sin and The Sentence 02. Beyond Oblivion 03. Other Worlds 04. The Heart From Your Hate 05. Betrayer 06. The Wretchedness Inside 07. Endless Night 08. Sever The Hand 09. Beauty In The Sorrow 10. The Revanchist 11. Thrown Into The Fire
  7. It premiered on Sirius XM Octane today (I registered with a fake ZIP code to listen to it, as I live outside of the US) and the single also leaked on here earlier on this evening. Link:
  8. Video for 'The Heart from Your Hate' out tomorrow. Source:
  9. Yeah, I still really dig it. I think it has a real Until the World Goes Cold vibe to it and I'm more than happy with it.
  10. Well, that was a VERY melodic song – no screams in the song. Full of singing, but not the 'verse' type singing that Matt did in TSATS. I'm digging it.
  11. I'm the same with each Trivium album but I'm especially excited for this one. There was a 15 second video that some radio DJ (who has a copy of the single to play on air) uploaded to his Twitter with it quietly playing in the background a few weeks ago but they asked him to take it down. I liked what I heard from the brief part that I heard. Link to Tweet:
  12. Just announced that 'The Heart From Your Hate' is being premiered on SiriusXM Octane at 7am ET (August 23rd). Source:
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