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  1. These guys will never disappoint! So down for any others songs or album coming
  2. The vocals on this record sounds like the combination of Fergie and Jesus. So stoked for this album!
  3. Good album! but really far from being his best. I feel like the whole album is on the same tempo so i'll probably get tired from it quickly enough.
  4. YES! Loved the EP so much. Interesting sound. Enough to make me want more
  5. Hands down, my favorite underground band.
  6. Sweeeeet! Haven't ever heard a bad album from this guy.
  7. This band has always been able to hit the spot for me. Golden!
  8. I feel like this one could've made it on Old Crows/Young Cardinals. Love it! So excited for new AOF!
  9. NICE! Thank you! Always down for some new Andy Shauf!
  10. I really hope that they start getting the attention they deserve. Soooo good!
  11. Exactly what I wanted and expected from Architects. This band is at the top of the league.
  12. I'll always be for bands that tries to renew themselves and change their sound.. but since TTS, i can hardly enjoy listening to BMTH. I liked pretty much everything from Suicide Season to Sempiternal but i feel so indifferent to the new sound. meh!
  13. Slightly different from the older stuff but this band is still gold.
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