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  1. This band is incredible! Great album! A breath of fresh air, very original.
  2. very nice!
  3. so excited!
  4. single

    I really like all these songs and am beyond excited for this album!
  5. this is awesome! what happened to the Venetia Fair? did any of the members form new bands?
  6. single

    with half of the album released, i really hope this just leaks now.
  7. Troubled Horse - Revolution on Repeat
  8. groundbreaking
  9. single

    I really hope that this album somehow leaks soon...
  10. single

    Thank you. I am glad you approve.
  11. single

    haha get a life buddy. why would you even care?
  12. single

    thanks! It seems kind of strange that the track number and album artwork pops up on winamp. Could someone already have the whole album?
  13. i hate to be the one to ask this, but is there a quality update for this bad boy yet?
  14. This is really great. thanks guys. needed some new good music!