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  1. Turbowolf - The Free Life (2018)

    This album is so amazing and probably their best!
  2. The Body Rampant - RMPNT (2018)

    this looks interesting. thanks for sharing!
  3. The Plot In You - DISPOSE (2018)

    I never heard anything from this band before and this is amazing! Amazing vocals
  4. Don Broco - Technology (2018)

    This is so amazing!
  5. AWOLNATION - Here Come the Runts (2018)

    Love this band thanks!
  6. Black Label Society - Grimmest Hits (2018)

    I think some of these tracks are cut short. Thanks for the album though I am not complaining.
  7. Black Label Society - Grimmest Hits (2018)

  8. Capstan - In the Wake of Our Discord (2018)

    pop punk? I don't care call it whatever you want this is amazing music!
  9. Capstan - In the Wake of Our Discord (2018)

    yes sir and so far this one is too. thank you for the recommendation.
  10. Capstan - In the Wake of Our Discord (2018)

    If you like old thrice/finch/funeral for a friend at least give this a spin. this band is fantastic!
  11. Avatar - Avatar Country (2018)

    This album is short but I love it! KING'S HARVEST slays!
  12. Avatar - Avatar Country (2018)

    Thank you so much for this!!!
  13. Kixzikizie - The Nevermore Death March (2017)

    WOW this is fantastic. Everyone should check this out! Really good on first listen.
  14. Story of the Year - Wolves (2017)

    great album!