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  1. This is more than ACCEPTABLE for me. Everyone has different opinions. All of them do their own things. Check out Czarface.
  2. best wu tang album in years.
  3. wow this sounds amazing! what are their other albums like?
  4. thanks a lot LKA and KL!
  5. This is amazing!
  6. this is a great rock record! Thank you for posting. Listen if you like clutch or similar bands.
  7. is this in german?
  8. great album hopefully a better rip surfaces soon
  9. awesome album thank you KL
  10. hell yeah! really looking forward to this
  11. This is KILLER! Mike Patton is the best singer ever, he can do anything! Thank you KL
  12. Wow, this is phenomenal!
  13. I am really enjoying this album and have never really been a fan before. Is this production pretty terrible though or is it just me?