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  1. This band reminds me of a combination of Killswitch engage and A Day to remember and I love it! thank you KL
  2. this is not 320. not complaining just letting you guys know
  3. does this band have any full length albums?
  4. I haven't listened to this yet and I have not heard any singles. Just wondering, why does everyone feel the need to let everyone know how bad they think it is? Just don't comment, move on, and listen to something you like!
  5. with five songs released this album just needs to leak
  6. i had no idea this was finally coming out. thank you KL!
  7. these songs are amazing! definitely donating! What a great gift. b-sides really?
  8. that is what i thought but i wasn't sure. thanks bud
  9. i don't understand the complaint about the drummer. sounds good to me. what tuning are the guitars in?
  10. this is going to sound so good in 320/flac! awesome album!
  11. Vinyl rips are fine for me! This sounds good. Thank you KL
  12. I can't wait for AWOLNATION! This album sounds amazing though
  13. This sounds AWESOME! Thank you so much KL for the preview!
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