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  1. KL is the greatest Website ever created. It probably turned on more people to new and different music than anyone can ever imagine. Thank You Chief! Good luck with everything! Thursday will always remain "Leak Day" to me.
  2. a bit of both and lots of Deftones. that is why I am digging it! You should check it. it sounds good for transcode. do what you want though brother I don't want to ruin it for you.
  3. This is pretty great! Sounds great for transcode check it out dude it sounds good!
  4. wow this may become my favorite deftones album! amazing firing on all cylinders indeed!
  5. check out their whole discography. It's all good!
  6. This band is incredible. Don't sleep on this if you like progressive music of any kind with crazy genre shifts! amazing! this band makes the dear hunter look like nickelback!
  7. this is not bad. but Dark Skies was special!
  8. no problem if you can't find it no worries dude
  9. Hi can I please get the album Something between us by PRoject Theory in FLAC. Thanks!
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