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  1. Story of the Year - Wolves (2017)

    great album!
  2. Glassjaw - Material Control (2017)

    I love glassjaw and I know I like this i just can't tell how much yet, but holy fucking riffs on this album! Don't give up boys this album is going to be a grower.
  3. Story of the Year - Wolves (2017)

    Oh hell yeah I was not expecting this at all!
  4. The Used - The Canyon (2017)

    The more I listen to this it reminds me of the Used doing their best Letlive impression and I love it!
  5. The Used - The Canyon (2017)

    I don't see a FLAC of this floating around anywhere.
  6. The Used - The Canyon (2017)

    This album is fantastic to me and I am not a used fan. Just my opinion .
  7. Weezer - Pacific Daydream (2017)

    this is very mellow weezer.
  8. Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence (2017)

    This drummer is amazing!
  9. Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence (2017)

    Heafy sounds incredible!
  10. Wu-Tang Clan - The Saga Continues (2017)

    This is more than ACCEPTABLE for me. Everyone has different opinions. All of them do their own things. Check out Czarface.
  11. Wu-Tang Clan - The Saga Continues (2017)

    best wu tang album in years.
  12. Bilmuri - Banana (2017)

    wow this sounds amazing! what are their other albums like?
  13. Sons Of Texas - Forged By Fortitude (2017)

    thanks a lot LKA and KL!