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  1. After a few listens total bop yeah different to tapping out but very catchy
  2. Big surprise 🤗 gonna have to jam in the morning though
  3. Issues - drink about it 12th of August
  4. Nope the band got rid of him because of sexual conduct i think and rise records dropped them
  5. How have i only just noticed this band
  6. Not a half decent album i prefer this album to their last album for sure
  7. They need to stop doing covers because at the moment they are becoming a joke band
  8. Catchy his vocals really dose sound like devlin from I see stars
  9. @Persona5Freak same lol 5 years for shit haha 😂
  10. People say wage war are boring well what the hell is this 😴😴
  11. @Lord Kingdom is that next week? If so wow big ass singles
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