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  1. I'm shocked on how fast they are releasing the album but very hyped inner signals was amazing so high expectations for this
  2. I ain't even gonna bother listening to this 😂 from the preview crap joke band of the year
  3. This band can do no wrong solid single
  4. Polaris - the death of me Make them suffer - how to survive a funeral All time low - wake up sunshine August burns red - guardians Lorna shore - immortal Solid contenders currents, the ghost inside and bury tomorrow
  5. Good song can't wait to hear more from this band
  6. Catchy plus cheesy love it even the video makes it 10 times better 😁
  7. I know the band said on Instagram recently that the next album will be more poppy
  8. I didn't quite feel crying out loud the acoustic version of criminal pretty decent
  9. Just as good as the first single really hope for an ep or album
  10. Tyler's voice damn really good cover
  11. Very solid song 👌 the clean singer his voice reminds me of Rory from dayseeker
  12. Finally got around to this big contender for album of the year
  13. He's a very talented guy and down to earth I really hope this band becomes something I'm pretty sure he said on Instagram they got an ep ready soon
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