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  1. Why dose the music video remind me of within destruction hate me 😆 but sick tune though
  2. You can tell I ain't a blackbear fan lol I thought he was a DJ but he raps on it but well said comment totally agree
  3. I'd be shocked if doesn't do well it is a very solid album
  4. I would say they have already done that future hearts got number 1 album in the uk and number 2 in america so would say they smashed mainstream already
  5. From last young renegade this album is amazing brings the old vibes of pop punk all time low we know definitely gonna be up there for album of the year
  6. From what alex said there's a documentary and other stuff just to promote the album more
  7. Wasn't expecting today 😲😲 thank you so much
  8. Banger for sure is this album still set for April 3rd or has it been moved back?
  9. This and polaris my favourite albums so far
  10. Who's voting for the amity affliction over polaris that's mad 😅
  11. How have I only just listened to spiritbox they are damn right amazing
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