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  1. Should check out sink or swim they are full on chunk no captain chunk
  2. AJ from issues on this track is he doing guitar can't really hear his vocals in this track but fucking amazing song though
  3. I know what you mean this album was meant to be due in march lol 😂 nearly a year later but not sure when per orders will be up got one more single out next month
  4. Too much Internet for me today lol 😂 😂 😂
  5. Not half as bad few catchy songs I must say of course I miss the old memphis may fire sound but this ain't bad
  6. @tragictactics issues still in the studio Tyler solo album probably out beginning of next year
  7. Not bad sounds slightly better than the last album of course I miss the old mmf but hey ho
  8. Good album I put it in my top 5 albums of this year
  9. @Impurity my thoughts they been signed by a label because if you read there statement on facebook about the album they wished they could drop it now but they can't plus they changed the album title was called relationshits now it's called relationships
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