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  1. I'm shocked Fronz didn't sign I know cabin boy got signed by a record label I've never heard of but they do sound like a band that should be on his label @Hellion6
  2. @Hellion6 yeah I think there's a new album coming out July 26th
  3. Decent EP can't wait to hear from this band
  4. This band would sound a hell of a lot better if they had an unclean vocalist my opinion
  5. Passable album 5/6 out of the 10
  6. @Fullbullownkaos from what I've been told there's a 2nd part to the album coming out end of this year
  7. Don't know to download or wait till the EP drops this week Hard choices lol 😂 @Andydobson12 hard choices lol 😂
  8. If Michael bohn wasn't in this band would have been a pass from me
  9. Great album only down side I have is when fronz did his Instagram live steam of track to track so we've already heard the album in advance
  10. The year of the cap locks 🤣🤣
  11. Michael bohn his new band has something coming like the next few weeks sounds very pop punk though
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