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  1. Was pretty hyped for this album. Bit of a let down, just wish there were some higher tempo tracks like Anger Left Behind and Nothing Will Ever Change.
  2. Seems like they really let the Chon boys take over this song. Not a bad thing at all, but definitely feels more like a straight up Chon song than a Polyphia song with Chon features
  3. I'm actually pretty damn hype for this record, all been super catchy stuff
  4. Good stuff! Bring back Sound of Seasons though
  5. First 2 singles were great, not really into this one at all
  6. Better than the first single for sure, but really is still missing a lot about what made ABB so appealing for me personally. Solid pop-punk track, so hopefully some will dig it, but this kind of bums me out.
  7. I'm digging this a lot more than Dark Matter on a first listen
  8. No doubt at all. I think I'm just in the minority, where I thought too much of Dark Matter sounded generic. This is a bit softer, but still sounds a hell of a lot better.
  9. Wish it was a bit heavier like the first single, but it's got a killer hook.
  10. Any other tracks as high energy as the title track? Gonna spin this when I get home.
  11. Not a bad song by any means, but I feel similar to when "I won't give in" was the first single for The Black. Just with the lineup change, even if it's back to Danny, would have thought they'd go with a more bombastic track or something. Get a little more hype going. Either way, solid track. Think it'll grow on me.
  12. @Voinolin kinda looks like the teasers for Annisokay's Enigmatic Smile
  13. I think it's: 3. Bury Your Burdens (Matt Good) 6. Eleven Fifty-Nine (Ricky Armellino) 7. Your Escape (Spencer Sotelo) 8. Maze in my Mind (Emily Priz)
  14. tl;dr couldn't stop laughing at "plastic fucks" and "opinions are futile." Who even talks like that? Have a nice day m'dude -tips fedora-
  15. Any word on who the guest features are? I hear Sotelo on "Your Escape," but thought I heard someone else on "Eleven Fifty Nine."
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