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  1. I think it's: 3. Bury Your Burdens (Matt Good) 6. Eleven Fifty-Nine (Ricky Armellino) 7. Your Escape (Spencer Sotelo) 8. Maze in my Mind (Emily Priz)
  2. tl;dr couldn't stop laughing at "plastic fucks" and "opinions are futile." Who even talks like that? Have a nice day m'dude -tips fedora-
  3. Any word on who the guest features are? I hear Sotelo on "Your Escape," but thought I heard someone else on "Eleven Fifty Nine."
  4. Earlier this month they said they were waiting on final mixes, so hopefully we'll get some new TNA soon
  5. wait, is this not the "tour edition" of Polaris with the 4 re-imagined tracks they announced about a month ago?
  6. this is WAY better than that first single they put out, wonder when the album will come out
  7. this was the track I was least excited for, and it's still really good! high hopes for the rest
  8. physicals were at the Nevada show this week! (wish I coulda got one.)