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  1. May have been mis-titled. Believe this is a cover of "When Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000
  2. I don’t think they’ll ever top Worlds Apart for me, but this track fucking slaps. The verse reminds me a bit of a heavier Flojo.
  3. Seems like some people have already got their copies. Apple Music says December 4th, but it’s still not up there. Real weird
  4. Looking for this EP (album possibly? Japanese Edition had 3 bonus tracks,) in best quality possible. Thanks!
  5. Sounds like a b-side from Council of the Dead
  6. Best song off the EP so far, been waiting for this since they played it live. (Production seems worse than the other tracks though.)
  7. Album starts out so strong and then seems to lose it right in the last few songs, solid release overall. Some of the best tracks they've put out since Jury of Wolves
  8. Only looking for the EP Ascent of the Murder by The Dead Lay Waiting (2013,) in any quality (preferably 320kbps or better.)
  9. I believe they had 3 EPs and 1 LP (looking for the deluxe edition.) Preferably in mp3 320kbps or better if possible! Illusive Existence (2007) Becoming One (2008) Bridges Will Burn (2010) City of Vultures- Deluxe Edition (2011) Over and Over (single) Thanks!
  10. Was pretty hyped for this album. Bit of a let down, just wish there were some higher tempo tracks like Anger Left Behind and Nothing Will Ever Change.
  11. Seems like they really let the Chon boys take over this song. Not a bad thing at all, but definitely feels more like a straight up Chon song than a Polyphia song with Chon features
  12. I'm actually pretty damn hype for this record, all been super catchy stuff
  13. Good stuff! Bring back Sound of Seasons though
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