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  1. I couldn't agree more. Vaporwave is good shit too. Abelard is boss. But yeah, it's a letdown for sure. I hate to say it but one track off of this was a Timecop1983 ripoff. I'd have to listen to it again. Ripoff might be a harsh word because they do collab together. Oh well, fuckin way she goes...
  2. Yep. A few good tracks (America Online, Deep Blue, Dance With Somebody). Rest are boring. A half a minute into Collateral shows what they’re capable of. This is just.. ugh. Goddamn it lol.
  3. Kids has a few killer tracks on it but I agree, it isn't what Days of Thunder/Nocturnal is. Endless Summer is also awesome but it's not as raw as the others IMHO.
  4. END is/has been incredible. Brendan Murphy is something else man.
  5. The only Behemoth track I don't like. Fuck Niklas Kvarfoth. The other 2 tracks are boss though.
  6. Same here. His harsh vocals are among my favorites ever. Via
  7. I don't usually like bands like IAA, but I fell in love back in 2009 and it just stuck with me. The cleans in that other band are really good as well. I'm gonna spin that shit in a few minutes for those riffs
  8. Holy shit that band is phenomenal, thank you!
  9. Haven't listened to this album yet but I'd probably agree. I can't believe it was released that long ago. Best guitarwork in the metalcore/post hardcore or whatever the fuck IAA is.
  10. Ok, I have 10 links via Mirrorace, in FLAC. Do I message an admin or submit a leak? It's not really a leak, it's just a different format so I don't know where to turn since the upload rules say nothing IRT to it.
  11. Come on.... lol. UV or train on 2016 UV until you’re ready.
  12. Thanks. And yes I just saw that. I have a lot of stuff that could be beneficial to this site. Mostly Metal/Death Metal/ Melodic Hardcore/ Synthwave. Some tough to find or personal buys. The issue is that it’s about 1.6gb for each part ( 2 parts not counting Doom 2016) So, I’d have to RAR5 it or something. What do people do when it’s well over 1GB? It’s 24bit 48khz btw lol.
  13. I’m not an uploader, unless the rules have changed. And if anyone finds this track on here let me know please lol.
  14. As I started the FLAC downloads from Bethesda for me CE... Thanks.
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