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  1. Don't waste your breath on him. Anyone who's an avid rap fan knows who Gambino is and recognizes him as one of the best in the rap game at the moment.
  2. I usually find atleast one redeeming factor in a band when i listen to a recent single. There is no such thing with Five Finger Death Punch.
  3. Stay is so mesmerizing. It was great enough in his dive bar performance but studio version is x10 better.
  4. Agreed, heard this album plenty of times for the recent mothership tour and it was amazing live.
  5. Weakest of the singles but I'm sure the album will have better tracks.
  6. Shit person, Great music. As for the album, it's slowly growing on me. I liked that he broke more out of the box than 17 and I'm sure he'll get much better with the next release.
  7. A bit underwhelming but with everytime I Die on the bill it's gunna be a fun show.
  8. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority but the only songs I like from code Orange are the ones with Reba on vocals. This is great though, definitely getting those bleeding into the blur vibes.
  9. THIS. This is the APC I've been waiting to hear. The doomed was a terrible track and Disillusioned was decent but nothing special. I really do dig this though, gives me hope that some of the songs are APC returning to form.
  10. I really loved The devil thinks I'm sinking but this really set the bar for the album.
  11. Nothingface is sooo underrated. It's a shame the lead singer died would've loved to see them live. As for the new Cane Hill, it's good but Smile was a lot more heavy hitting. Singin in the swamp and erased make this album for me.