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  1. Love her previous stuff and the singles off this were killer. Glad to see Shake getting some love here.
  2. I thought it was amazing beginning to end and the story telling was superb. The features went overwhelming and even though I did enjoy alot of ZUU, I'm curious to see a follow up from him like Taboo.
  3. You a bitch, your mom a bitch Your mom's a ho, and I'm killing you all This fire from Denzel, love the ruthlessness of it. Loved ZUU and I'm really starting to feel like Zeltron can do no wrong.
  5. Thank you! Been waiting for this to be put up. I thought the remix of highest in the room was unnecessary but it works. Banger tracks for myself are GANG GANG, OUTWEST and WHAT TO DO. overall a good release with exceptional production.
  6. Glad you went back to it, the feeling you get after beating a boss that's wiped the floor with you multiple times is unreal. Bloodborne is honestly is my favorite, I love the scenery and lovecraftian bosses in it. Best rule of thumb for me when it comes to souls games is don't get the game get under your skin and know when to walk away. Ofcourse this after countless hours of playing from soft games lol
  7. Stuck at lady butterfly and haven't gone back, but definitely one of my favorite games of 2019. It had been awhile since soemthing challenged me as much as this game.
  8. Your comment legit made me hear this and I greatly appreciate you for it.
  9. Def agree with Brickface. I get the site is big on core but Hip Hop/Rap is seriously overlooked on KL. Again it's not about posting every Lil or SoundCloud rapper, but show some variety of what rap has to offer. I've never seen the genre be as experimental as the last couple of years, it's fun stuff once you get past the genre label.
  10. My favorite project from Jason at the moment. Finger crossed for a Pressure cracks tour soon
  11. lol why cry about it though? I'm sure the label or estate give no fucks about your opinions. Glad to see his last release finally out.
  12. I'm not even big on Tame Impala but this is ridiculously good.
  13. Went in with mixed feelings and ended up enjoying it for what it is
  14. Same. Breakdown just feels forced and like a "we still have it" type of a feel to it that does nothing for me. Song aside, I'm mad hyped for Death Stranding tomorrow.
  15. This is gold if it's a jab at Oh Sleepers terrible Cowboys' song
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