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  1. First listen and came here to say this was terrible but whoa this thread. Like how do you even defend this? Props to the members keeping their cool in KL.
  2. Young metro don't trust ya Im Gunna shoot you
  3. You do know how to read a full thread before making assumptions right?
  4. I'm sure 80% of kingdom has heard TPIFS and I meant more clean vocals over heavy. That seems to become the norm with current metalcore bands and I'm glad that's not the case with this single.
  5. I had this feeling they would start incorporating cleans into their music. Boy am I glad I was wrong.
  6. Love the drumwork, it really feels like Jay is getting comfortable with the Knot. Best Halloween surprise in a good while.
  7. As weak as the lyrics are, I very much prefer to hear Danni Filth than Alexa say Mantra.
  8. Mad northlane vibes, I love it
  9. So damn good, regret not checking it out a couple of days ago.
  10. It's all good, simple misunderstanding from my end as well. Holy Hell is shaping up to be something great and it almost feels like they're continuing where AOGHAU left off at. Josh is fitting right in with the bunch and I slightly feel like atm he might be taking a backseat in the writing process but in time I'd like to see what he can bring to the table. On different note, such a shame I didn't catch them during their recent Doomsday tour, I'm sure the new songs are phenomenal live.
  11. When did I say I disliked them? Disliking one of their most recent songs doesn't discount me from enjoying the rest of their catalog. Hereafter and Doomsday were amazing singles and I felt this one was lackluster compared to those and that's just fine. I don't expect every song to be a hit from them and while I think their last album was gold from beginning to end, there is a reason why people are doubtful. AOGHAU is probably architects strongest release to date and with Tom gone, its going to be a hard one to top.
  12. Out of the three singles, this is probably my least favorite. I didn't feel a climax to the song and the breakdown felt forced but other than that it's a great song. November can't come soon enough.
  13. First peep, now Joji. Damn you, clams casino. You did it again.
  14. Nice, I didn't even know these guys another release aside from their latest album.
  15. I didn't think they'd be able to top the secret wars ep as that was pure gold but this is fucking amazing.
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