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  1. Voted for DGD but glad the Tects got it. I mean sure it was no AOGHAU but it was still good.
  2. First of the three singles that actually made me feel something for white chapel again. Really loving the cleans, wouldn't mind hearing an ep from them featuring more of this style.
  3. Thank you! My favorite melodeath band from the big three
  4. Disconnectome slaps. I never realized how much I missed Born
  5. Definitely the best out of the three and that's not saying much. As much as I would like to walk away from BMTH, I'm just too invested at this point after listening to them for 10+ years. TTS' success should've been enough for all the old fans to go away, I'm unsure why they keep expecting something different.
  6. This is pretty.... Bland. It's cool to have a formula that people love but atleast be creative every now and then.
  7. X had a tendency to make most his EPs/Albums consist of short songs unlike most traditional rap albums with the exception of his album "?". If you listen to some of the underground rap artists from Florida/NO, you'd notice they tend to make their songs less than 3 minutes as well. I feel like it keeps the idea raw and going, making the live shows more intense by packing more songs in than your average metal show. I hope this clears some of this up.
  8. Why compare this to metal though? I get it, this site is mostly composed of metalcore/metal music but it's ridiculous to compare two different genres of music.
  9. The incessant mention of crystal lake on the chat convinced me to check it out, not a single regret for doing so. Some damn fine metalcore.
  10. Stumbled onto these guys on YouTube, holy shit what a discovery.
  11. Really great release, I think he thrives much more without features but definitely knows when to use them. Working out and mounted up are amazing bangers.
  12. First listen and came here to say this was terrible but whoa this thread. Like how do you even defend this? Props to the members keeping their cool in KL.
  13. Young metro don't trust ya Im Gunna shoot you
  14. You do know how to read a full thread before making assumptions right?
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