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  1. Curious to hear this. Any fans of that classic rap sound will Def enjoy Griselda Crew.
  2. G Eazy came out of nowhere for me with that album. I remember listening to a Playlist on Spotify and his song free porn cheap drugs came on and I couldn't believe it was him. Mind you I only know G Eazy for his bangers but ESH is def a much needed breath of fresh air and appreciated change in sound.
  3. I see them more in line with like an Alt Right Hoobastank or Hinder. Not a fan of FFDP but they can atleast sell more than 600 units.
  4. So an album sells itself with no promotion or word of mouth? Please enlighten me, champ.
  5. Was drawn to this by the album art and the album is damn good.
  6. Why is this Man of the year different from Spotifys? Don't mind the change just curious why they changed it
  7. Yup, I believe the first week of sales reflects greatly on the way he "promoted" the album. Acting like a complete Xenophobic prick on social media with the belief that you have the same pull as the racist politicians he regurgitates goes to show how arrogant he truly is. I have nothing against 2000s bands trying to make a comeback more power to them but I feel like he shot himself in the foot by fighting so much on Twitter and FB. He alienated so much of Trapts' fanbase that wouldve given the album a chance if he hadnt been so loud and confrontational.
  8. Yeah 600 units sold the first week definitely begs to differ on the quality of the album.
  9. Song massively fucks, glad to see them doing something new. Fell off these dudes after deathgrip but really hyped now for this new album.
  10. Pain 1993 is still on my everyday Playlist, song seriously bumps
  11. Holy shit you're the scarlxrd dude lol checked out Bivs top track on Spotify called Knight and it legit sounds like scarlxrd using autotune. Just curious, why are you so about rappers that scream? Don't get me wrong I like City Morgue and the occasional Ghostmane/$B screams but it gets boring reallyyyy fast. Travis is eons above Biv and most of the Soundcloud guys, give astroworld a spin from beginning to end and you'll get what I'm saying.
  12. lol lemme guess 2Pac,Biggie, and Bone Thugs? Oldheads love to regurgitate those words.
  13. Astroworld. Cmon man you've been living under a rock? Don't know if you're playing ignorant purposely but it was definitely one of the best rap albums of 2018. You can hate Travis all you want but you can't deny the man has talent and a taste for fine production.
  14. Give me another Artist that can have Kevin Parker, The Weeknd, John Mayer, Drake, and Frank Ocean all in the same album and not sound like a convoluted mess. I'll wait.
  15. You've said some pretty questionable things before but this just takes the cake.
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