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  1. I never knew rap fans could be more Elitist than metal heads. Pretty sad, actually.
  2. Good rap and Tom McDonald should never be in the same sentence.
  3. After bumping this all weekend, Astroworld definitely grew on me little by little. I got into La flame with birds in the trap and I honestly wasn't impressed with that album. This however is definitely a dark Rollercoaster and I really love the variety in sound. If you're into aggressive in your face rap, this won't be for you. Also, 17 tracks is overkill and I agree with the person saying rap albums shouldnt be long but theres some hidden gems here and there in this album that make it passable. From Scorpion to Taboo to Astroworld, it's been a great summer for rap music. Stand out tracks to me : Stargazing Sicko mode RIP Screw Skeletons Wake up 5% tint Can't say Houstonfornication
  4. Really great stuff Seriously glad ERRA is alive and well
  5. Move aside, Scorpion. Ta1300 is here.
  6. Throne to the wolves is extremely underrated from FFTL and I think that's their best effort without sonny. It's like Matt Good had something to prove and it payed off for them. Tbh I preferred sonny not coming back of how good that stuff was, Matt proved he could the better frontman but with these new songs coming out its like he's taking the backseat yet again.
  7. Love the keyboardist chorus, hopefully they bring her out more if this is to be an album.
  8. Tilian and Luke are probably the only good things about this cover.
  9. MJ track is badass Really enjoying this album, alot better than views.
  10. Always wondered who did vocals in the start of deadpan. Now I know, this the shit.
  11. Holy fucking bass on that first track
  12. Those last ten seconds of the track=wow
  13. Don't waste your breath on him. Anyone who's an avid rap fan knows who Gambino is and recognizes him as one of the best in the rap game at the moment.