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  1. Same. Breakdown just feels forced and like a "we still have it" type of a feel to it that does nothing for me. Song aside, I'm mad hyped for Death Stranding tomorrow.
  2. This is gold if it's a jab at Oh Sleepers terrible Cowboys' song
  3. Is it wrong to think this is so much more superior than Nine? Joe and Travis KILLED it with this EP. Definitely a promising step forward in the genre.
  4. Went into this with doubts and undecided feelings about Ameer but fuck I'm so glad I listened to it. Glock 19 is possibly my favorite song of this month and I'm more than sure I'll be bumping this EP for the next couple of days.
  5. Yes, I forgot the bled played after The Human Abstract. I also recall Sonny coming through my city about 2 weeks after the take action tour promoting his pre-Skrillex dj set. Who knew most of those bands were gonna blow up.
  6. Thanks so much for this. Still my most memorable show, Take Action Tour 2008 with The Human Abstract, ABR, From first to last and Everytime I Die headlining. Fingers crossed for a possible reunion tour from these guys.
  7. Safe to say I don't think they'll ever hit that Sat trilogy magic ever again and that's perfectly fine. Aside from hoping it would be another Sat like album, it's a pretty fun album for brock but I do feel like the album starts strong and stagnates abit towards the middle. I'll keep spinning it, hopefully it grows on me.
  8. Wrong. The Hacktivist cover of break stuff from limp bizkit holds the title of worst cover.
  9. I have always disliked the pedestal people put Tool on and this song isn't the exception. It's a good song and Is very much Tool, but their fanbase needs to lower their expectations and hype just abit or they're in for a rude awakening.
  10. I keep coming back to this Jaden album.its definitely one of his best. Summertime, NOIZE, Idriporis, and fire dept are amazing. One big dislike is the ghost remix, completely unnecessary and just bland.
  11. Love this dudes music and glad to see this on Kingdom.
  12. Mad "I Am Hollywood" vibes, loving it.
  13. This, I've never liked country but it's a catchy song that people love to hate. As for this cover, I'll overlook it just like all their other ones.
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