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  1. Mad "I Am Hollywood" vibes, loving it.
  2. This, I've never liked country but it's a catchy song that people love to hate. As for this cover, I'll overlook it just like all their other ones.
  3. So late to this but late is better than never.
  4. Zeltron can never disappoint but I could see why it would upset people that he went from taboo to this. This is awesome imo, speedboat is great and the last track P.AT. is sooo lit
  5. Agreed, Astroworld had so much variety to it that chopstix makes you wonder why Travis would take the lazy route for a feature. Lies is actually one of my favorites, I really believe Ty dolla sign is pretty underrated and he owns this song. Three standouts for me were Numb numb juice, Floating, and Drunk. I really dug that it was only 14 songs, I really believe the 20 song rap album cliche is becoming ridiculous at this point.
  6. Powerviolence lol Genre snobs never fail to give me a good laugh.
  7. I think your tags are spot on, if you were to put metal a good amount of people would get the wrong impression of what this is. I personally liked the direction he was going on his last album.
  8. This punched me in the face, picked it up off the floor and then punched me again.
  9. I still have yet to download a leak successfully with DBREE. it hits me with so many pop ups, I just give up. Passtheleak is gold though, please keep that option open.
  10. Racks on racks on racks on racks on racks on racks, bitch If that isn't a hype song, idk what is.
  11. Really love this. Corinthiax was great but this feels more personal and doesn't feel like he's trying too hard like before. Crushed is so fucking good.
  12. Country boy garbage once again, what a washed up "artist".
  13. lol you're in the wrong side of KL. Go back to amo, little one.
  14. Djent kings are back. Getting serious BTBAM/faceless vibes from this, love it.
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