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  1. Racks on racks on racks on racks on racks on racks, bitch If that isn't a hype song, idk what is.
  2. Really love this. Corinthiax was great but this feels more personal and doesn't feel like he's trying too hard like before. Crushed is so fucking good.
  3. Country boy garbage once again, what a washed up "artist".
  4. lol you're in the wrong side of KL. Go back to amo, little one.
  5. Djent kings are back. Getting serious BTBAM/faceless vibes from this, love it.
  6. Hmm I get indie/pop vibes from it much more than rap but I'm guessing thats ILM part in this. I agree though, lyrics are trash and the combination of the three artists sounds off in a strange kinda way.
  7. Fever gets and deserves the vote.
  8. Thank you for this! Really appreciate having their eps again.
  9. This album further cements Architects as the true pride and glory of the UK.
  10. Oli is Def not pulling this off live. Brace yourselves for that backtrack.
  11. Why trust an entire album with cleans when it can flop harder than just being an EP? An EP can atleast be excused as a creative project moreso than an album.
  12. Voted for DGD but glad the Tects got it. I mean sure it was no AOGHAU but it was still good.
  13. First of the three singles that actually made me feel something for white chapel again. Really loving the cleans, wouldn't mind hearing an ep from them featuring more of this style.
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