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  1. Benzaiten, Sarin, Hansha, and Entrapment are pure gold. Singles aside, the other songs are slowly growing on me but overall an amazing release from OAA. Hansha is so mesmerizing I haven't taken it off of repeat.
  2. Still can't believe it's here.
  3. Instruments are on point, vocals not so much.
  4. Same, I was crossing my fingers for a new album or even a tour lol I'll take anything I can get from FFTL.
  5. Tbh this is the first time I hear about Taylor. Since they got back for dead trees, Travis Richter came back as well. Matt Good would help Travis with guitar aside from the backup vocals.
  6. It makes me wonder if FFTL regrets kicking Spencer for sonny now.
  7. Lana/The weeknd collabs are so underwhelming.
  8. Holy shit this slays
  9. New norma jean was amazing last year and this is just as good
  10. 4 songs in and I'm pretty hooked on the new album, thanks for the early leak
  11. Even if it was the worst shit he ever made, it'll always be better than a deathgrips rip off like cherry bomb. I mean if you've never heard deathgrips before im sure cherry bomb must've been groundbreaking for you. At this point, Tyler's relevance has diminished miserably and this album won't come close to being top 10 rap albums of 2017.
  12. After the disaster that was Cherry Bomb, Im really doubtful this will be as good as Wolf.
  13. Completely lost my shit when I saw this. Thanks Lord Kingdom!
  14. It's definitely not what I expected to hear after Narrow Road/Devils Son Eps but at this point I'm just happy they released music. Personally, I still enjoyed the ep and think tracks 2-4 are the highlights of the album. Now to hoping Greeley decides to tour.