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  1. When I saw Rocci's name I recalled his feature with Pouya and got excited for this. Gold Thangs and Pinky Rangs hasn't left repeat lol
  2. This is so fucking good and groovy.. Unexpected from him and loving the change.
  3. I miss Juice but can't shake the feeling he's gonna be milked like X and Peep.
  4. Yes, you only knowing one song from Dababy definitely means he has only one song.
  5. Converge Architects Bleeding Through The Devil Wears Prada Northlane Bring Me the Horizon Volumes Silent Planet August Burns Red As I lay Dying
  6. Yeah the singles were decent but I want another Dead Trees like album. All shall Perish really needs to make a return though. Eddie seemed more like himself with them but who knows if it'll ever happen again. Another great one is Job for a Cowboy. Sun Eater was so fucking good but they never toured for the album and just dropped from the face of the earth.
  7. From First To Last All shall Perish Crosses Greeley Estates No Devotion Structures
  8. Took most of yesterday to listen to this a couple of times and it really did grow on me. Theres alot of creative production and thought behind most of the tracks but I feel like Uzi just didn't execute it correctly or didn't care much to. I will commend him though for the one feature on the album compared to the number of features on LIR2. stand out/favorite tracks are Silly watch, you better move, bigger than life, P2 and Futsal shuffle 2020.
  9. Starts off strong and keeps the album interesting. Personal favorites are BewareofDog, Vertigo and Numb.
  10. DragonBall Durag is still my favorite but Fair chance with Ty dolla is a great feature as well.
  11. I Second this. I'm from Texas as well and although we're not all redneck idiots, we have our share of stupidity. I had a coworker ask me if The Animals had covered FFDP since I was playing the original House of the rising sun. I had to take a deep breath and he got the gist.
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