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  1. Yup this exactly what I've been waiting for since Semp. I could never get around to liking Amo but this just blows everything out of the water. Kingslayer, 1x1 and Ludens are still my top tracks overall. I'm really glad they were able to capture the sound of the album with the singles.
  2. Not a fan of baby metal, but this is so fun and enjoyable. I like the effects they add on olis screams and really like the experimenting on this. Probably the last single ill listen to just to stay hyped for it.
  3. 2020 was in need of some Architects and I'm really glad they broke outta the formula for once. Synths are really great and as said previous I doubt the album will be entirely composed of clean vocals only.
  4. I really loved the self titled album sound(unpopular opinion I know) but the heaviness in this slaps hard. It really sounds like it was made for live shows. Fuck covid and 2020,lets hope we get shows next year and get to catch some of this EP.
  5. KL loves jumping the gun when they see a deceased rapper get uploaded without knowing fuckall of the situation.
  6. This is such a damn good release from chigga. I really enjoy the 80s synth feel on love In my pocket and DOA but Sins is the true gem in this album.
  7. Pretty fun track and alot more upbeat than his usual sound.
  8. The Sumerian Pumpkins doesn't sound too bad
  9. Came for the Bill $aber feature, stayed for the rest of the album.
  10. Been jamming Brakence for the last couple weeks and I really love his style. The guitar samples mixed with the Electronica feels so perfectly balanced and full circle. Favorite tracks are FWB, Fuckboy, Prozac and Rozier.
  11. Am I the only one who misses Alex? Drummer is still good not knocking him just miss the chemistry they had. Very strong release and extremely happy they're still making new music
  12. Curious to hear this. Any fans of that classic rap sound will Def enjoy Griselda Crew.
  13. G Eazy came out of nowhere for me with that album. I remember listening to a Playlist on Spotify and his song free porn cheap drugs came on and I couldn't believe it was him. Mind you I only know G Eazy for his bangers but ESH is def a much needed breath of fresh air and appreciated change in sound.
  14. I see them more in line with like an Alt Right Hoobastank or Hinder. Not a fan of FFDP but they can atleast sell more than 600 units.
  15. So an album sells itself with no promotion or word of mouth? Please enlighten me, champ.
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