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  1. Yep, still not my cup of tea and this is no exception. I'll stick with END, pure chaotic deliciousness.
  2. That last track sold me the album. It's pretty apparent he's going for an Electronica sound with some NIN influence and I dig it.
  3. Matriarch was what got me into VoM and this song is just absolutely amazing. Can't wait for this to drop.
  4. It feels like it's in the same vein as Downfall and Memento Mori. Amazing track overall.
  5. I feel the sempiternal vibe on this but it fades with Sam's harsh vocals. I really needed some good architects, I hardly ever take All our gods off repeat.
  6. This is going to be fun.
  7. Don't know why but I'm hooked on this. I never really gave X a chance until this album and I'm really glad I did. The album is really solid excluding the intermissions and outro. If only "Fuck Love"was longer, that song is something else. If you don't like X or never given him a listen, this is pretty different from his other stuff with a good amount of originality to it. The album takes off on track 4 and stays pretty consistent throughout. 8/10
  8. Holy MySpace Era... Thank you for this
  9. The riff is so tasty, it takes me back to when Necropolis dropped. Less abysmal, more deflorate sound please.
  10. Haven't hear Dagoba since "what hell is about". Glad they kept it going, definitely giving this a listen.
  11. Can't even react right now to this album drop
  12. "Real emo like MCR" lol
  13. That Orwell reference alone is a reason to download.
  14. Yes this is the circa I wanted to hear. The first single was good just not amazing, this is great though can't wait for the album then tour announcement after
  15. You're too generous, m'lord.