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  1. never listened to this band bout to check it out after i listen to END
  2. People didn't want to hear this but it's 100% true.
  3. where did this come from? cant find it anywhere else
  4. This is heavy and good as hell Some of these bad comments in here are why everyone thinks this community is dumb as fuck ?
  5. i fucking love this band and I love Kevin's vocal style
  6. This fucking rules and the Kill The Creator remix is insanely good
  7. any list that doesn't have the Kurt albums in at least the top 3 are invalid
  8. who is the dummy that said it's better than Disambiguation? lol. that's their best album. this is also pretty good.
  9. This is unbelievable. Does anyone have the b side Organs?
  10. yeah he probably is better than most of this. I haven't listened to it yet though.
  11. Those not liking Arms Like Teeth are wrong.
  12. ETID for sure. Architects second. (The 1975 for all music)
  13. I like DGD but the hard on this site has for them is lol. it's probably JEW honestly
  14. there are some tracks on here that are legitimately fucking GREAT. what an album. Solidly impressed.
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