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  1. Fuck, I didn't even listen to In Absence just to wait for the full release. Why'd you have to rub it in Solid State?
  2. Absolute banger. Health will always have a special place in my heart.
  3. Huh, never expected to see rap from the Quebec hood in here. Good shit @LKA
  4. That's gonna be a yikes for me dawg.
  5. This album is probably the first of a second trilogy so those two tracks are likely gonna be on The Best Years of Our Lives. ( The end of this album also says that it's the start of The Best Years of Our Lives, so there you have it.) Unrelated to your comment, I have to say, this is their best album. Production is baller, the beats are aggressive af (getting closer and closer to Death Grips on some tracks) and the instruments...mah gawd. Pretty great piece, this year has been insane for hip-hop,can't wait to watch the documentary.
  6. Gotta agree with @DisturbedOne, it's a fine album but not as good as Deathgrip. For me all the clean choruses turned me off. A couple months ago when I heard the teaser for the album, which was the intro part of Engraved i was really pumped to hear the rest, the melody sounded super interesting, when i heard the rest of the track, the riffs are bangin' and the energy is great but then it goes to this generic chorus and it's kinda jarring (which is weird cause i love Hooked and it does the same thing). Shattered Glass and Tower of Pain are great songs and a good continuation from Deathgrip but the rest of the album is undercooked for me, glad everyone else is enjoying the fuck out of it tho.
  7. Yo Marcus, I love you and i love this but you gotta put somethin else than Century Gothic on that cover. Cmon
  8. Goddamn, Javier is disgusting with these tones. Insane quality as always.
  9. Album starts out pretty strong with the first couple of tracks, then it got kinda eh and samey in the middle, then The Reckoning came and that was me till the album ended >>> So, that's a nice surprise/10 for me.
  10. Huge Dead Letter Circus vibes (especially from Eric), I think this album is going to be the pleasant surprise from 2018
  11. Holy shit Noah's vocals have improved, pretty fucking good/10
  12. Album has been pre-ordered, my free will is nothing but a vague memory. See you in November lads.
  13. Thanks for this! This guy is something else.
  14. I agree, the melodies get lost in the mix a lot. And even though I kinda linked the last album, I still find Chris' vocals to be underwhelming. Solid guitar work by John as always.
  15. You should listen to their previous record, Young and Courageous. it's also instrumental but it's damn good post-rock.