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  1. This energy fucks. Haaard.
  2. HNNNG the way the guitar tone came in. that's meaaaty.
  3. This is my least favorite output of theirs, I was disappointed hearing Dark Skies even though it had some highlights but damn this is rough to listen to. Overall this one is pretty much same ol' same ol' FFAK but cheesier and borderline boring at some points. Also i get that the bells on the beat are probably a motif but it sounds overused quick. They're probably not the band for me in the end but I felt that they really found their mark with Deathgrip, shame.
  4. Heavy is back on the menu lads. EDIT: ok dis hard
  5. That intro reminded me of Silent Planet's Trilogy for some reason. They're really nailing the ethereal feel to their intrumental and that breakdown is pretty t h i c c . Neon took a while to grow on me but now when I hear Ultimata i have to put it on repeat at least 12 times. Can't wait for a new record
  6. Wtf, excuse me? New album? After the last one and Chapter 319 i'm fuckin hyped.
  7. Holeeee shiet, Marcus sounds fucking monstrous. Can't wait till all this shit blows over so I can see them again live and grab more snapshots.
  8. Man even with only an acoustic remix they blow it out of the park.
  9. Ok what the shit, I've seen this guys go by multiple times on this site and /r/metalcore and for some reason I wasn't paying attention. F U C K M E that riff is the nastiest and grooviest shit i've ever heard and Courtney is an absolute monster.
  10. When Chain Wallet, Nike Shoes came out, Erak confirmed it was a rerecording and reimagining of their Thirty Years War material. Not sure if this applies to the whole album tho.
  11. Seeing all the tracks drop one by one made me itching to listen to this. Let's fucking gooo. EDIT: As far as albums go, that's 3 for 3 in my book, the consistency from these guys is insane.
  12. Not that i'm agreeing with that dumbass but there actually are! Not full songs per se but "On the B.O.T.A" from Terra Incognita and "Low Lands" from Magma have some french lines. As a french boi lemme tell ya, Low Lands hits different.
  13. Ahh man some fresh Gojira in the mornin'. A bit standard on the riffs but the atmosphere is there for sure, and Joseph sounds a bit more drowned in the instrumental than usual, or is it just me? Other than that I fucking love the bridge going into the outro, soliiiid track from the lads.
  14. A 7 and a half min song from METZ? That's the first time I hear these guys take their time on a song, fucking love the vibe. Reminds me a bit of Viet Cong/Preoccupations.
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