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  1. Disppointed, the production has no right to be this good.
  2. Fuck me I can't wait for this. Tip's production is so feel good.
  3. Aw man, i just want to thank you deeply for introducing me to so much new music. I mean, you're the reason why I started to listen to some Sludge and Hardcore bands. I wish you all the best my dude.
  4. Shit didn't even realize i didn't see his posts anymore. Though nothing of value was lost.
  5. Ayyyy, now i can listen to it. Big thanks dude
  6. Not to shit on people who enjoy this but
  7. Well this is a dope discovery, thanks again Anton!
  8. Who does that on his spare time, when he doesn't flies commercial aircrafts. What a fucking beast.
  9. Excuse me? Slant plant for breakfast? That's some gourmet shit. EDIT: Fuck me these guys are so consistent, the chorus sounded a little too conventional by Silent Planet standards but then both vocals go into harmony. This shit would stand easily on its own as a single.
  10. Peggy coming in with the insane prod as always.
  11. I feel you, i've been slowly flirting with black metal for a few years now, wanting to like it but only finding some aspects enjoyable, like Alcest who gravitate more towards post-metal. I'll defo have a look at the rest of the bands you recommended, much thanks.
  12. It's rare that I find black metal appealing but this shit grabbed me for a one way trip to Mordor.
  13. Which is a shame, cause even if i'm a huge fan of their newer stuff, Lessard is an absolute monster of screams live (figuratively and literally cause he looks insane when he does it). When I saw them after Language came out they played 50/50 old and new.
  14. Agreed with Tomo, it all over the place production wise and even if there are some super bops like All Day Long, Roo and Let's Go on the Run, there's a shitton of uninteresting filler. His mixtapes were so much more focused.
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