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  1. Yoooo, I had low expectations after hearing Sanity but this shit is so dope.
  2. MFW i'm one of the few that unironically love Behold The Crown.
  3. Oooh damn, sounds very Frost* like instumentally. Pretty cool.
  4. This. Must. Not. Be. Slept. On.
  5. Fucking @Lord Rorschach, you did it again you mad man. Thanks for this.
  6. Retarded comparisons aside, this is a really dope progression from these guys, the horns section is such a nice surprise. Can't wait for this.
  7. Reminds me of a lighter Pitchshifter, a good improvement on their last album.
  8. JESUS BALLS. That opening riff is disgusting, what a fucking way to come back.
  9. Signing to Solid State was the best thing that could happen to these guys. Great progression from Moonbearer and that cover art is gorgeous bah gawd. Also what a fucking way to end an album.
  10. Holy f- this is pretty intense.
  11. Keep a close eye on these guys, they're really unique.
  12. Well this is pretty fucking dope. Got me pumped up.
  13. I see your point, and I agree that the songs stops at the best moment. However, it's the first part of a two part song so I'm pretty confident that the second part is gonna be even more dope. It's a strange choice of a single but for me it hypes me even more for the rest of the project. On the spoken word part, i feel it's the direction they've decided to take since The Rooms of The House.
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