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  1. Oh man, this sounds like the Gangs era is back and I fucking love it.
  2. Yeah I fully agree, but then it's weird to choose that song as a single for an eventual album when the singles they put out for their previous albums can stand on their own as is (e.g. Judith, The Hollow, The Outsider, Passive, etc..).
  3. It's alright, love hearing new Maynard, but the track never seems to go into second gear.
  4. Veil of Maya - False Idol (Preview) (2017)

    Are you shitting me?
  5. The Ongoing Concept - Places (2017)

    A guy on reddit met with Dawson after one of the shows and he said that the other guys decided that the touring life wasn't for them and they wanted to focus on other things. But yeah the fact that they never really talked about it is weird.
  6. Primus - The Desaturating Seven (2017)

    Jokes aside, this is a pretty solid concept album. Pleasantly surprised.
  7. I'm aware. Ad-libs don't always mean "improvised lines" though, it can also be an added line over a bar (like a "yeah boi") to put more emphasis on the verse.
  8. Not bad/10. Too bad they felt the need to keep the "who can relate" ad-lib.
  9. Shigeto - The New Monday (2017)

    Oh yes this is gonna be dope. Thank you based Rorschach.
  10. My curiosity got the better of me, I regret everything.
  11. Praise be Lord LKA.
  12. Oh yeeeess, this slaps.
  13. The Ongoing Concept - The Print [Single] (2017)

    Well it's because it is, you can hear him. Plus:
  14. These guys couldn't make a bad song if they tried.