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  1. I mean if you want to keep telling yourself that that's what I said, knock yourself out buddy. I don't mind if a band keeps using the same formula, hell I still spin the last Architects even though they're one of the worst offenders when it comes to song structure. In the end it's not about repetition, it's about taste. I don't like the structure that they're using, I think it doesn't flow well. But you and others like it so more power to you.
  2. How deep in your cave do you have to be to think that no such music exists.
  3. No the I mean the same boring ass metalcore song structure that's Heavy start -> Jarring clean chorus -> Heavy again -> Same exact chorus -> End. The one that has become the norm since mediocre bands couldn't think of a fucking original song progression. Smartass.
  4. Bruh why are they insisting on making the same song structure over and over again. This shit gets old real fast.
  5. Don't snooze on this lads. These guys are great
  6. Bro why you gotta say shit like this, now I gotta listen to it and form my own opinion smh
  7. Oh hell yeah, thanks a lot @rheia !
  8. What is this and why do i love it so much.
  9. yoooooooo these guys keep evolving flawlessly, the main riff sounds sooo fucking good. Vibe reminded me of a pic I took at one of their shows. Can't wait for the EP. EDIT: The little chord bend at the start makes me moist.
  10. My AOTY for 2018. I think this tells us what Sigur Ros would sound like if they went heavy.
  11. MRW I didn't know there was a new Anup project coming out and it's absolute fire.
  12. Jeebus I was not ready for that opening scream, these riffs are so fucking dense I can taste them.
  13. Not as in-depth as TA13OO but gaddamn this production is insane, this album is one fucking ticket to bangerland.
  14. Yoooo, I had low expectations after hearing Sanity but this shit is so dope.
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