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  1. Thanks for this! This guy is something else.
  2. I agree, the melodies get lost in the mix a lot. And even though I kinda linked the last album, I still find Chris' vocals to be underwhelming. Solid guitar work by John as always.
  3. You should listen to their previous record, Young and Courageous. it's also instrumental but it's damn good post-rock.
  4. Did not expect this type of sound. This is really tight.
  5. Very Lorn vibe, pretty fucking good. I mean it's only 4 tracks but it sounds much more focused than Age Of.
  6. Now that's what i call summer bangers.
  7. Been a while since i heard Beartooth this heavy, pretty good. Also there are no woohoos on this one so that's a plus.
  8. No one talking about the cover art? I'm surprised to see this after all the intense/epic imagery of that their albums usually bear. This is clean and tight, as is the song.
  9. If Karnivool ever wake up from their slumber before the end of year, these guys are sure to take AOTY again.
  10. Alright, holy balls the intrumentals on this are on cocaine. Nolly nailed the fucking mixing.
  11. Not a Death Metal enthusiast, but that cover art is gorgeous, gaddamn.
  12. Man, i did not expect to like the Linkin Park cover as much as i did. Props to these guys.
  13. By pure curiosity, which songs/albums have you listened to ?
  14. My brain says no but my body says yes.