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  1. Ayo what the shit is that opener. What a way to grab you by the fucking balls. EDIT: wtf i love black metal now
  2. Much agreed, Andy's style is an awesome middle ground between Matt and Chris. Can't wait to hear more.
  3. Bruh lack of sleep is getting to me, I forgot I pre-ordered the vinyl and almost bought it twice.
  4. I'd recommend listening to Swimming first tbh, then this one.
  5. Fuck, this is gonna be a rainy day.
  6. This is the energy needed. Fucking excellent.
  7. I love this man's work so much. Also Ziltoid The Omnicient is the best musical ever made. Change my mind.
  8. Bruh don't say this to me, you're soooo right. If this had Morgan on vocals i'd be on the fucking moon rn.
  9. Fuck man, this hurts. I grew up with these guys thanks to my father, when my older brother was tall enough to reach the stereo he'd put on the cd for Test For Echo every chance he got. Not every album of theirs is a favorite of mine but I thank them for kickstarting my musical culture. If I had to choose one album I think i'd go with Hemispheres (with Vapor Trails in close second).
  10. Ah shit man...this album is gonna break me isn't it.
  11. Holeee fucking shiet, now that's a proper upgrade. I feel like the sound went from 2D to 3D, so much more atmosphere, Garrett's lows sound monstrous now. I kinda feel dumb now for buying the vinyl edition a few months ago, but then again these guys deserve every penny I can give them. From the merch quality to the music.
  12. Fucking incredible, can't wait for the full release.
  13. Glad to say you were right, It's a really great album. It's just a shame that the mix is super muddy, I really wanna blast the last track or Lily and The Moon but there isn't that much depth to the sound, even with lossless.
  14. Jeebus, what in the fuck is that tuning. That shit is so low i got vertigo.
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