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  1. Fuck man, what am i supposed to do in my endless procrastination loop now? Jokes aside, I discovered sooooo many bands thanks to you guys. Congrats on the baby and the wedding, hope you go out there and enjoy the fuck out of your life cause you made mine much more bearable, so thank you.
  2. ''Making a new Porcupine Tree record'' is not on the tracklist.
  3. Another OAA song to add to the ''I don't understand this band'' pile. Which is a fucking shame cause James' skill is insane, as well as every band members'. But the song structure does absolutely nothing for me, like Vultures and Sharks, I see there's clearly great technique on display but it never blends into something coherent, it sounds super disjointed imo.
  4. My favorite album from them, and if you fuck with this, you'll definitely fuck with this.
  5. I hate and love the cover art, it's something to behold. Thanks for the discovery @Summers, listening to ''Bernie Sanders'' so far, this bangs
  6. Man i know where they were trying to do with that breakdown but the way they cut the guitars made it hit like a wet noodle. Good effort, but not quite on the mark for me.
  7. Oh shit an EP, is this their first? It's been a loong time since i've been following them but I think i only listened to loosies
  8. Space

    Woodkid - S16 (2020)

    This dude sounds like he was born to do a James Bond theme. Jokes aside this shit is beautifully produced, hope he gets the recognition he deserves.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I love both bands, but imo if a cover does nothing more to add to the OG it's pointless and boring. It's cool and the cover art is a nice tribute but I don't see myself listening to that one again. Arcane Roots made a banging Smells Like Teen Spirit cover (which is a rough exercise since that shit has been overplayed for decades now), instead of just replaying the track they did their own take on it, and while it's a polarizing track, at least it's refreshing as hell.
  10. Pre-orders are up, support this boi he deserves every penny.
  11. I don't fuck with every single song but i'd be lying if I said this didn't catch me off guard. I haven't been keeping up with Joji since In Tongues, which I thought was promising, but damn, he really found his lane. The first half of this is suuuper strong, big James Blake vibes, MODUS in particular had me speechless. I agree with the majority that there's some stuff that could've been left on the cutting room floor but overall this is better than anything I had in mind going into this.
  12. Mamma mia this bangs real good.
  13. This energy fucks. Haaard.
  14. HNNNG the way the guitar tone came in. that's meaaaty.
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