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  1. I 100% get that criticism about Em but Cudi? Kids See Ghosts is at the very least notable, even if that's not a full on Cudi project.
  2. It's sort of like Medusa (Yeah) That's how you stay ahead of snakes (Woo) I'm mouthwash, 'cause if I was on the floor, I'd swish (Fluoride, fluoride, swish) You're a hard one to please, I couldn't even try to come up with this shit.
  3. Wow, I kept expecting for the song to burst but it never did, and I'm kinda glad it didn't. That's the most serene La Dispute song I've even heard, reminded me of Aqueous Transmission by Incubus.
  4. Nothing groundbreaking per se, but definitely the side of FFAK that I enjoy the most, good to hear that they're evolving their sound a bit. 100% on point.
  5. This is already miles ahead of anything that was on JiK
  6. The atchoo in the intro sounds so random it made me snort the water I was drinking out of my nose, fuck u oli. This is the best track they put out in a whiiiile, and from the vlogs this shit is gonna sound insane. I'd take some ey ey's over some boring-overused-coldplay-ass Woah Ooohs any day.
  7. Man my relation with PTH is weird, always spat it out after a few listens, the vocals were a bit too much for me. But I saw the Violition vinyl with the fucked up cover and something in me told me to cop it so I did, even though I could only listen to half of the album before giving up. Then they came by my city for the Fortress anniversary tour, went with a friend, mostly to see Good Tiger as opening. But man PTH was hands down the most fun I had at a gig ever, the moshpit had a great vibe and these dudes killed it. Definitely go see then if you get the chance. That being said, this is the first album i've listened all the way through on release, and goddamn, the opener on its own is s l a y i n g. EDIT: Friendship ended with Clarity. Gardenias is now my favorite PTH song.
  8. Did I spend too much time on this? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Bruh i'd hang that in my living room.
  9. These guys don't miss, and I highly recommend you catch them live if you can. Their drummer is something else.
  10. I might not be big on black metal but I always fuck with their aesthetic, that cover art is gorgeous.
  11. Always wanted to get into these guys, the instrumentals are always top notch but the vocals sound like a watered down Ian Kenny to me. Shame.
  12. With a bod like that I would too ngl
  13. This album is gorgeous, this dude deserves to be known.
  14. Saw them opening for Leprous and Earthside, a bit more on the aggressive side but don't miss out on this one. They're solid.
  15. Yooo this is tight, made me realize that I don't listen to that much foreign language music, but damn, the flow of the spanish vocals with the intrumentals is clean as hell. Reminds of La Dispute, don't miss out on this.
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