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  1. Ahhhhh these fuckers, they knew what they were doing with that breakdown, why they gotta do me like that. Obligatory ''I just lost no nut november'' joke when I saw new Yoji Shinkawa artwork.
  2. Damn I was thinking sounds super tight then I looked at the credits and it all made sense. Dope release.
  3. SRS was one of the best projects last year and this one sounds like a continuation of the sound. It's similar yet super different mood wise. Fucking love this and the cover art is soo dope.
  4. My dumbass was so confused while listening to the single ''Wow that dude really wants to sound like the guy from Leprous''. This sounds really tight, seen this band a few times on KL without really digging it but I might just like this one.
  5. Some really good production as is to be expected from Kayne, some of the worst lyrics he's ever put is to be expected from Kanye (post-Yeezus).
  6. Ah shit, i'm sad to say this, but i'm a bit disappointed. It's good, but nothing really stands out for me so far except the tracks I heard beforehand (i.e. Where Do We Go When We Die and Coven which are fucking amazing). They absolutely have the talent to make superb soundscapes and neck-breaking riffage so I have no doubt that i'll be the first on their next albums hype train. Maybe this one is a grower as well, we'll see, solid effort from the aussie boys nonetheless.
  7. And now the day has peaked. I'm ready for my underwear to combust.
  8. Well I was already planning to listen to it but now that you said that I'm keeping Thornhill for dessert. EDIT: Bruh Anna made me shit my pants, and my visage has crumpled from too much stank face.
  9. Yup, same reason i'm not watching the new Star Wars or Death Stranding trailers.
  10. Fuuuuck I don't want to spoil myself any more than I already have, but I'm horny for some thorny.
  11. Excuse me, did I see Jon mothafukin Anderson in a Battles track?
  12. Shit, I thought the Garden EP was all we were gonna get this year. Glad to be wrong though.
  13. Out of fucking nowhere, that was a fun listen and JT sounds monstrous on here.
  14. Oh hell yeah, this gon' be a good day. Thanks again to @Anton Chigurh the goat for introducing me to them.
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