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  1. Visiting Japan for the World Cup next month and I can't wait to vibe this album when I'm over there
  2. Can people shut the fuck up about Dealer. Sure their EP was good but both bands are completely separate and don't need to be compared as if they're competing against their each other
  3. People here expecting a Northlane song from an electronic artist should fuck right off. This goes hard nevertheless.
  4. this is AOTY by an absolutely HUGE margin
  5. @xcblackdiamond I don't think this was sent for the general public though???
  6. @Lukyfan I think their stage aesthetic is what defines this band. IMO it's unrivalled
  7. I am so keen for this, wish other people on this site would dial down a bit and listen to her. She's such a gem
  8. 1. Northlane - Mesmer 2. Polaris - The Mortal Coil 3. Enter Shikari - The Spark 4. Alpha Wolf - Mono 5. Sworn In - All Smiles 6. Volumes - Different Animals 7. Justice for the Damned - Dragged Through The Dirt 8. Emmure - Look at Yourself 9. Hundredth - Rare 10. Stray From The Path - Only Death is Real
  9. @Summers This and VIA are crazily different. Musically , VIA is much much better however Different Animals is pretty good as well and I would recommend it.
  10. Guys, how does downloading work now? I get to the Omertà page and click download but it just refreshes the page
  11. Hellions won this whole year for me, Periphery was good and Chelsea Grin was alright
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