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  1. The funny thing is, she isn't even that attractive. She looks like a transvestite most of the times. But sex always sells. Pretty awful song also.
  2. 128 is never good, I can't understand how people can enjoy shit in 128.
  3. It's alright, sounds a bit too much like Hollywood Undead though.
  4. Why isn't this in the "Upcoming releases" tab? This is too good to be missed.
  5. Have you tried uBlock? I get no ads on any sites what so ever.
  6. Why the hell did they choose "Gives You Hell" out of every song from The All American Rejects? Pretty good cover album though.
  7. "One Ok Pop with boring beats". Yeah, this album was dull except one track. I was really looking forward to it.. what a shame.
  8. The wait for the album isn't going to be easier after listening to this.
  9. There's a chance they think so too since they choosed "Sing To Me". I got every album in 320.
  10. It's a shame these guys never got any bigger.
  11. This sounds like a bad blend of Dead By April and Sonic Syndicate.
  12. What a waste of talent, this was pretty boring.
  13. Danke. This will do until Gunship and The Midnight releases their albums soon.
  14. Hmm, it's alright I guess, but it sounds way too much like radio rock for my taste. You used to be cool Bring Me the Horizon, what happened to you?
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