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  1. She is begging for it though.
  2. I thought this was something new, listened to it and thought "Wow, they got awful. What the hell happened? This has to be old shit". I'm glad it is old shit.
  3. Can't stand the vocals, it is way too whiney. Which is a shame since the rest is good.
  4. Ouch, the track is all over the place. Nothing feels right in the melody.
  5. The girl ruined everything, what a shame. It felt like she didn't care about anything when singing.
  6. Meh. They should just quit if they are going to release shit like this.
  7. Oh dear, tdwp is dead to me at this point.
  9. My only complaint is that there are no heaviness in the instruments, it feels so flat. It's alright though.
  10. Wow, are you serious? Motionless in White? 9 out of 10 times it's always the worst album that wins album of the month, I will never understand humans.
  11. This reminds me a bit of No Rain, No Rainbow by Greeley Estates, love it. And that is why you don't listen to singles. The same with movie trailers. Great album though.
  12. Oh, new Blindside. Their Silence album is great.
  13. The funny thing is, she isn't even that attractive. She looks like a transvestite most of the times. But sex always sells. Pretty awful song also.
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