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  1. I’ve always enjoyed their stuff, this will probably be my AOTY (unless Secrets comes out and blows Fragile Figures outta the water)
  2. Half of you saying fuck Jarrod probably still watch his videos or listen to his music since you feel so inclined to post on this. I just don't get the ignorance on this site for people complaining about music they'll never buy.
  3. 1. AM/PM - The White Noise (love the diversity on this they were honest when they said they wrote an album were all the songs sound different yet still feels TWN) 2. Last Young Renegade - All Time Low (if it had 1 or 2 more upbeat songs it would probably be #1 but still they did that soft alt rock nice) 3. Selective Hearing - Our Last Night (didn't really get into Younger Dreams but this blew me away, especially Ivory Tower old OLN sound is nice) 4. Frame - Bilmuri (the other Bilmuri albums are nice, I just shuffle all of Johnny's stuff at work) 5. Different Animals - Volumes (never really gave them any attention before but Myke's voice feel soooooooo good on here) (Currents is probably good, I bought the CD to listen in the car for my commute have yet to listen so I'm mentioning it because the single are sweet)
  4. I thought the same exact thing or Starboy at least. Way too many I Can't Feel My Face covers already
  5. I've always supported his IndieGoGo's and even pre-ordered the ATGD EP. I like that BADH was a "compilation" of his different bands so when he does the solo albums you already know what you're getting. All I hope is that on the CD he includes the other 2 CaSo songs. Hyped for the Hawthorne Heights parody. (He should do Chewed Up next)
  6. Hands Like Houses (some of the stuff on Dissonant is a more aggressive vocal style than their previous albums)
  7. All of these comments make me excited for my vinyl to come! I would download but I know I'll be getting my pre-order download tonight or early tomorrow
  8. The only other 2 I'm excited for is Amity and INK
  9. So are they going to be doing a deluxe of ETITB or is this just a one-off?
  10. I love Oceana
  11. DGD is one of the best bands out there, I haven't heard a band that could top them instrumentally
  12. There's no way anyone is going to pre-order thru iTunes, $16 for a 10 song album? That's crazy while it's $10 on Amazon for digital.
  13. single

    Reminds me of Cover Your Tracks