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  1. All of these comments make me excited for my vinyl to come! I would download but I know I'll be getting my pre-order download tonight or early tomorrow
  2. The only other 2 I'm excited for is Amity and INK
  3. So are they going to be doing a deluxe of ETITB or is this just a one-off?
  4. I love Oceana
  5. DGD is one of the best bands out there, I haven't heard a band that could top them instrumentally
  6. There's no way anyone is going to pre-order thru iTunes, $16 for a 10 song album? That's crazy while it's $10 on Amazon for digital.
  7. single

    Reminds me of Cover Your Tracks
  8. So is this also a song off the 3rd CTC album The Lake was suppose to be off? And he's releasing it under Capture? Or new name and all new songs?
  9. Chugging verses and pop clean choruses all you need
  10. I like them as background noise at work and just wanted some new ones to put on my playlist.
  11. Anyone have any recommendations of generic metalcore/risecore esc bands. Preferably unsigned or non mainstream stuff. stuff in the vein of: Attack Attack! Self-Titled Of Machines Vesta Collide My Ticket Home (early years) Abandon All Ships Scarlett O'Hara
  12. Secrets - Fragile Figures Woe, Is Me - Number(S) Attack Attack! - Attack Attack! Panic! At the Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out Hands Like Houses - Unimagine The Devil Wears Prada - Zombies - EP I See Stars - 3D My Ticket Home - Strangers Only
  13. Band: Breaking Benjamin Album: Infinity On High by Fall Out Boy