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  1. You guys need to be listening to this but youre not
  2. Dear @ErkvtCvlt, you are a cunt. That is all.
  3. As someone who was once a fan waiting for his sound to mature, I love the production work on this, but it's hard to take him seriously when he still does that whiny boy band squeal thing. Like, does he think his audience won't recognize him or listen to him anymore without it?
  4. All 3 releases so far have been fire. I fuxx wit this horrd. No idea how yall blow up other weak ass shite by pop females but sleep on this. Yall wack af.
  5. This is a great album. Anyone complaining about it can go listen to the new Hollywood Undead album
  6. It's almost as if too much booze, drugs, and partying was ruining their talent. But then they realized they wouldn't be able to pay their bills doing anything else, so they doubled down and tried the hardest they've ever tried to make their absolute best music. But their regressed so much as musicians that they're music sounds like it was written by middle schoolers. I'm sure they've convinced themselves that they're still "killin' it" though. Like hey look at us we're so talented we could fuck around our entire careers and still shit gold. lmao what a joke.
  7. Man, this is gold... except for the chorus vocals, which completely ruins it. Is he tone deaf? Wtf
  8. Y'all really in here fighting because of an Evanescence song? jfc
  9. Noone: There's never been an electropop album with harmonicas and banjos Beck: Hold my Jolt
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