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  1. Harbored Dreams - Singles (2017-2018)

    This suuuuuper obviously Shadow Of Intent influenced, like a lot. Several parts of the song in the youtube link sound like they came right out of Prelude to Bereavement. Compare the section where the vocals come in to the vocal entry point from prelude. It's practically the same thing. I wanna hesitate to say they're ripping off the sound way too directly, but man my mind IMMEDIATELY went there. This is almost identical to the sound from their first album, even down to how some of the instruments sound in the mix.
  2. Light The Torch - Calm Before the Storm (Single) (2018)

    I don't expect every band to do something new. I just want something to stand out. Howard has a good voice but he can't carry a song that has nothing else going for it. You can make a standard song with stand out elements. They just don't.
  3. Light The Torch - Calm Before the Storm (Single) (2018)

    This band has some talented members... So why is everything they do so painfully generic? You can't get much more "by the numbers" than the two tracks they've put out for this album.
  4. Underoath - On My Teeth [Single] (2018)

    How DARE you sir. Define The Great Line is considered a genre classic, and for good reason. If you can listen to the songs on that album and call them mediocre then idk what to say. Got some wonky tastes mang.
  5. The New Age - Placebo (2018)

    Really not sure how I feel about this album. I know I don't love it like I wanted to. I'm trying to figure out how much I like it. So much of what made their EP what it was isn't here any more. Idk if Justin hurt his voice or what but his screams are basically gone and they sound worn out when they do appear. The momentum is gone too, pretty much all of the songs are slowed down and a lot more chill. It's not an inherently bad thing, but I would have liked to hear a couple of bangers, because they have some amazing ones on the EP. It's unique for sure, they're still obviously talented songwriters, but very little here is yanking me in like the EP did. Maybe it'll grow on me.
  6. Breaking Benjamin - Blood [Single] (2018)

    Oh damn, this one is great. The others are fine, BB always makes "good" songs, but they rarely make great ones these days. High-ish hopes for this album.
  7. Underoath - On My Teeth [Single] (2018)

    This sound isn't what I expected, or frankly, what I wanted from them. They almost always make really moody music with tons of atmosphere, and this aint that. Too straightforward, not much to dig into, not many layers. Stoked as absolute fuck to hear Spencer screaming again though. His style and voice have always been so gut-punching. Love that shit. Hope the rest of the album is less shallow though.
  8. Inferi - Behold the Bearer of Light (Single) (2018)

    Damn, this shreds. Will definitely be picking this album up whenever it drops.
  9. Tyga - Kyoto (2018)

    Lol what the fuck is that art
  10. Despite Exile - Relics (2017)

    Been waiting for this one. So far so good. Wish there were more great leads like the stuff on Deviant though.
  11. Weirdly vague but I think it's probably just Ben. Not sure where the other members would fit into the song. Definitely no mistaking Ben's section.
  12. Electric Wizard - Wizard Bloody Wizard (2017)

    That is one of the worst album covers I have ever laid eyes on.
  13. Polaris - The Mortal Coil (2017)

    I couldn't wait till tonight to hear it. Definitely don't regret pre-ordering it. These boys deserve every penny. This is some quality shit right here. They will be huge in a couple of years.
  14. Asking Alexandria - Where Did It Go? (Single) (2017)

    Good lord that was horrendous. And those lyrics? This is truly shit in every way. Oh well, never expect much from these guys anyway.
  15. Like Moths to Flames - Empty The Same [Single] (2017)

    This is okay but it definitely needed something more, it's as plain as you can get really, it just happens to do plain well enough to not be totally boring.