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  1. Not quite on the level of Living Infinite or Ride Majestic imo, but those are high bars. This is still really good.
  2. Not as good as I had hoped it would be, and I actually don't like the mix much at all. Shame considering they crowdfuned a shitload of money to get it produced well. I still really enjoyed some of this though.
  3. Mediocre as expected. These guys are long past their prime.
  4. Must wait for higher quality. I wanna listen so bad though >.>
  5. Yikes. They're sounding really weak on this album so far.
  6. God damn, instrumentally I love this. The cleans are awkward though. He needs to bring his wifey back into play or stick to harsh vocals imo. His vocals in general don't match the quality of the rest of the music, but his harsh vocals are definitely passable. The riffs on this track are fucking killer though.
  7. The fuuuck? I really dug a lot of the stuff on their last album. This is... Not good. Lyrically, musically, everything is just... No. That's a bummer.
  8. I'd put the stuff on Heroine well above this crap.
  9. It's funny that his lyrics were 10X better when he was pretty much a kid.
  10. Instrumentally this is dull as hell, GC will probably always be their best work. That said, whoever is doing those new cleans is doing a good job. I like Dana's harsh vocals but his cleans have never been good enough to carry a chorus on their own. This dude can sing, and I welcome the new dynamic. I just hope that their future songs are more interesting from a songwriting standpoint.
  11. Holy shit he actually got the whole band back. I'm really surprised. Vocally he sure hasn't lost a step. He sounds different, probably a combination of lack of recent use and time, but he still sounds like a monster. He's a scumbag for what he did and frankly he can't do anything about that, but I'm not gonna pass up on AILD because one of the members is a bad guy. The music slays. This song is a great way to make a return.
  12. Man those cleans are so disgustingly poppy. I'll take this band over that band annnny day.
  13. So far this is shaping up to be worse than Dark Matter. Didn't love that album but it did more right than the two albums before it. The two singles for this album have been so dull and repetitive.
  14. Dude what the fuck is wrong with the vocal mix Aside from the hideous production it's a standard Bury Tomorrow song. I'm pretty burnt on their sound at this point. It's well executed, but it sounds like we're about to be 3 albums deep with songs that could be interchangeable from album to album. Their first two albums are still their best imo.
  15. That main riff is so fucking catchy. I never listened to these guys but I'm now excited for this release.
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