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  1. Fuck yeah, I've been waiting for this one. Much better than their past 2 singles imo. Mix is better, writing is way more melodic which I'm all about. The guitar could be louder but otherwise this slaaaays.
  2. Just listened to the single, these vocals are hilarious (in a good, fun way), gonna check out the rest.
  3. Hyped for this album, both tracks released are beautiful.
  4. If that single is a good indication of what their lyrics are generally like then that's a big yikes. Instrumentals seem solid but WOW those lyrics are just atrocious on a level that can't be ignored, completely derails everything else for me.
  5. Oh man this is bad. But it's also clearly what he wants to be doing. I wish he had made a solo project earlier rather than dragging his once solid band into the shitter with his preferences.
  6. Solid return, though they're leaning pretty hard on that chorus. It's a strong chorus so it works, but I'd like to hear some tracks with less predictable structuring from them.
  7. Sooooo much better than Black Flame. Still not as good as albums 1-3 though.
  8. Glad everyone seems to agree that it's better than Black Flame, I spun that album twice and was done with it. I'm gonna wait for a HQ version but I'm now cautiously optimistic.
  9. Jeez you guys are so far up this band's ass that you have to resort to trying to shame people for not liking it lmao. Get over yourselves, this sound may not do anything for some people. Song is tolerable.
  10. One could argue that a comment made purely to call another comment useless is more useless than the original comment, which at least delivered an on-topic opinion.
  11. Weird I could have sworn this band wrote interesting music, and yet we're two mediocre singles deep.
  12. I like the atmosphere, but it's chorus heavy and the chorus is just okay. I still think these guys peaked hard on Ground Culture.
  13. Monster of an album, no wonder they took so long to release another full length. Almost two hours of music here. Gonna take a long ass time to digest but my first impressions are good, I love this band.
  14. Aliencore where? Between the huge step down in vocals and the large sound shift this is a huge letdown. It isn't outright bad on its own, but in comparison to Xenophage it's super weak.
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