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  1. Been waiting for this one, but I'll wait for the HQ version.
  2. Children Of Fire stands head and shoulders above the rest of their discography. This is good but nothing on here is really blowing me away, it's just a really solid metalcore album.
  3. Yeesh, so much for being a promising band. Looks like they're throwing all the potential they had on the first album out the window.
  4. Yikes. Sad to hear from a band that if nothing else used to have some actual passion in their sound. This is uninspired music with cringe lyrics.
  5. Hawkeye no! His voice is actually solid, but the music style of choice is atrocious.
  6. The fact that this guy still has fans thoroughly disgusts me. Fucking waste of life.
  7. Yeah this is just as uninspired as I worried it would be. These guys have had some really great moments in their career but at this point it's just beating a horse that died like 2 albums ago.
  8. Waiting for 320, but I'm not really expecting much. These guys have been "solid" for 90% of their career. They seemingly have zero desire to push their sound in any new directions and I doubt this album will be any different.
  9. I want to like these guys, their first album had some good songs and they clearly have potential, but this is bland as hell.
  10. The itunes teasers on my player are 1 minute long.
  11. Almost certainly going to be an AOTY contender for me. Also, track nine is 10 and a half minutes long. Can't wait to hear what they do with a runtime like that.
  12. I said it's less muddy than the original. My main gripe is where the instruments sit in the mix. That and that it sounds sterile rather than fun like the original did. I'm also listening through a 500$ amp/dac with 200$ headphones. I take my music listening seriously. My setup isn't the issue. I just don't like what they did with this. To be clear, I'm not saying this mix is bad. I'm saying I don't like it.
  13. Patiently waited for the 320, finally listened, deleted from library one track in. Both this and the Messengers remix just sound weird, it sounds like they TRIED to clean it up but the result just sounds off. It's a little less muddy but the instrument and vocal placement in the new mix sounds completely wrong to me.
  14. Well you certainly can't accuse them of sounding the same on each album. The entire vibe that this song gives off is completely different than anything on Reclaimer. Not entirely sure how I feel about the direction of the shift though. I feel like it's less unique sounding. They still execute it perfectly, they're basically gods in the songwriting department as far as I'm concerned. Still hyped, I don't think they're capable of letting me down, I may just like this slightly less than their previous style. Also, Ben is the best harsh vocalist in the game, and I'm prepared to fight anyone that says otherwise.
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