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  1. Stuck with that mediocre mix I see. I will forever be salty that they mixed My Own Grave with Nolly then got someone inferior to do the rest.
  2. Man this band got really awful over the years. They showed a lot of promise back in the day.
  3. Fuck yeah, this is good. I was worried after the last few single releases. Shit was bland. This is the MTS I love.
  4. This guy just gets worse with every new thing he does. Fake History is top tier and he has been on a steady decline since. Everything he does now is just... poo.
  5. Ahhhh this stings. I loved this band's previous album and it was such a long ass wait to get new material. This is.... Not very good overall, and the spoken word section is straight up cringe material. FEELSBADMAN.
  6. Vagabond is my least favorite track purely because of that chorus. Jamie sings a lot on here. Martyr is mostly him, maybe even all him. I'm not going to go through and find all his moments for you but if you listen for him his cleans play a way bigger role here than they have in the past.
  7. Jamie can sing better than Jake at this point, and his style fits the band's sound way better. I know it won't happen but they would be better off if they gave him like 90% of vocal duties and left Jake to harmonize or something. Jamie brings way more grit and emotion with his cleans than Jake does.
  8. All My Friends Are Dead gave me the impression that they may finally put out a good album. Whoops. It's the only good song on here.
  9. Now THIS is what I wanted. The other two tracks are good but not great imo. This though, god damn.
  10. The Night God Slept is far and away my favorite release from this band. I'm thrilled that they're re-recording it. The mix sounds massive. I listened to both versions of Wasteland side by side a minute ago and it's actually absurd how much better the new mix is. Can't wait to hear the entire album all shiny and new. Gonna be one of my favorites all over again.
  11. I'm pretty unimpressed with this. The lows are cool and all but the songwriting took a hit just so the song could be heavy. I'd take almost anything they have done in the past over this.
  12. I have been saying this, almost word for word, for awhile now. This song is so uninspired. It's not bad but it's such a typical song for them that I can't find anything in it to be excited about or moved by.
  13. Era was superb, I'm really excited to give this a listen. Edit: Yup, goes hard. These guys are really fucking good at what they do.
  14. Are they seriously using this as a single lmao
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