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  1. This is fantastic. I hope they have plans for a full length in the near future because I could go for a lot more of this stuff.
  2. Subject matter is gross and unnecessary whether it's a joke or not, agreed. I'll give this a listen but their style is usually way more wank than actual songwriting and that doesn't do much for me.
  3. Agree hard that they were much better with their old lineup. That video is a little misleading though, Kassim did the lower range screams but they used to have a primary harsh vocalist that did those higher screams you hear, but he left the band before that video got made. Kassim has some very badass growls but his range isn't as extensive as the video implies.
  4. I totally agree. They toned themselves way down and a lot of the fun of their previous work is completely lacking here. Still a good album and I hope it grows on me but Reclaimer is FAR superior imo.
  5. Well this is certainly different. Usually just skim the youtube track to see if I want to download but I ended up sitting through the whole video for this one. I don't love it but I'm very intrigued by it.
  6. This grew on me, I like it. It's not amazing or anything but there's solid variety here and they tried some interesting things. The opening track is different, I dig it.
  7. Do people never get tired of making this argument? When a person says "this band sucks" it shouldn't have to be followed by "in my opinion." Opinion is implied. Obviously it's not a fact of life. The poster knows it, and everyone that reads the comment knows it. So when I say that a sound isn't as interesting as the band thinks it is, it should be obvious that what I'm actually saying is that I don't think that the sound is as interesting as the band does. Just because I didn't explicitly say in big bold letters that "THIS IS MY OPINION" or word it in that exact way doesn't mean that anyone should think that it's being stated as fact. Music discussion is nothing but a bunch of opinions and we should all know that well enough by now to stop rehashing different forms of this stupid argument. Mate. I'm not confused, but you might be.
  8. Average album is average. Has a few standout moments, but overall it's pretty bland and a lot of the experimentation really doesn't pay off, and isn't nearly as interesting as the band seems to think it is. They get some credit for trying something new with their sound, but they didn't stick the landing at all, imo. Bring on the downvotes hype boys.
  9. Tons of releases next month. So far this album is lining up to claim the title of "most underwhelming."
  10. I know Ricky knows how to mix, so why does this sound so dirty? Not a fan of the direction at all but that's because I'm still hanging on to ToTA. The rapping doesn't work for me, never has in heavy music. Chorus is really good though. Guess I gotta accept that ToTA is indeed dead and these guys won't be putting out anything with that sound that I know and love.
  11. Mix isn't quite what I had hoped for and the vocals are weirdly one dimensional considering how varied he's capable of being. That said it's still a damn good song. Relics is a hell of a good album and I expect their next full release to be great.
  12. Been waiting for this one, but I'll wait for the HQ version.
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