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  1. Holy shit he actually got the whole band back. I'm really surprised. Vocally he sure hasn't lost a step. He sounds different, probably a combination of lack of recent use and time, but he still sounds like a monster. He's a scumbag for what he did and frankly he can't do anything about that, but I'm not gonna pass up on AILD because one of the members is a bad guy. The music slays. This song is a great way to make a return.
  2. Man those cleans are so disgustingly poppy. I'll take this band over that band annnny day.
  3. So far this is shaping up to be worse than Dark Matter. Didn't love that album but it did more right than the two albums before it. The two singles for this album have been so dull and repetitive.
  4. Dude what the fuck is wrong with the vocal mix Aside from the hideous production it's a standard Bury Tomorrow song. I'm pretty burnt on their sound at this point. It's well executed, but it sounds like we're about to be 3 albums deep with songs that could be interchangeable from album to album. Their first two albums are still their best imo.
  5. That main riff is so fucking catchy. I never listened to these guys but I'm now excited for this release.
  6. It would have been the worst song on the album, regardless of which album it was on.
  7. This may very well be the single most disappointing album I have ever listened to. Jesus christ.
  8. Jesus do these guys sleep? Reclaimer isn't even a year old yet. Song fucking slays, not as if it could do anything else, these guys are kings of their genre.
  9. Love me some heavy-ish music with good female cleans. And this girl can siiiiing.
  10. I strongly disagree with everything said in this comment.
  11. The singles from this album are really doing it for me. Nothing since the Phobia days has really clicked with me, but I think this album is going to be a winner.
  12. They don't sound like Underoath any more. At all. I was so hyped for new material but both songs have been so far from what made them great. And no, I don't hate it because it's different. I hate it because it's shallow repetitive music that doesn't do anything interesting. These guys used to have so much depth to their sound. All these people trying to tell off old fans that can't get into the new tracks, like fuck me for not wanting some radio rock. This crap is so far beneath them as songwriters.
  13. This suuuuuper obviously Shadow Of Intent influenced, like a lot. Several parts of the song in the youtube link sound like they came right out of Prelude to Bereavement. Compare the section where the vocals come in to the vocal entry point from prelude. It's practically the same thing. I wanna hesitate to say they're ripping off the sound way too directly, but man my mind IMMEDIATELY went there. This is almost identical to the sound from their first album, even down to how some of the instruments sound in the mix.
  14. I don't expect every band to do something new. I just want something to stand out. Howard has a good voice but he can't carry a song that has nothing else going for it. You can make a standard song with stand out elements. They just don't.
  15. This band has some talented members... So why is everything they do so painfully generic? You can't get much more "by the numbers" than the two tracks they've put out for this album.