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  1. Demons was the only album from these guys that I liked at all. I was hoping they would keep that darker tone, but this one sounds more focused on clean vocals and is overall much more poppy sounding. Not my thing. Oh well.
  2. They're probably done now. Yes the vocalist has a heroine problem, among other things. They recorded this awhile back and the way they're just dropping it makes me think it's a parting gift for the fans.
  3. I was wondering if anyone else heard it. Song is solid, but the mix lets it down some. My Own Grave had a much cleaner mix.
  5. Muse rules. Everything after... Not so much. This song is just silly.
  6. Holy shit this is actually their best album. Juggernaut is right behind it but this is really ticking all the right boxes for me.
  7. So much better than the first track. New vocalist is still super underwhelming though. They should have grabbed someone with range.
  8. The vocals are passable, but I never listened to these guys for vocals. The previous vocalist was far too monotonous most of the time. Instrumentally, which is where these guys truly shine, this is a let down. They have some CRAZY material and this song feels like them kind of stepping away from that and into more straightforward territory. The riffs here were just meh.
  9. Not quite on the level of Living Infinite or Ride Majestic imo, but those are high bars. This is still really good.
  10. Not as good as I had hoped it would be, and I actually don't like the mix much at all. Shame considering they crowdfuned a shitload of money to get it produced well. I still really enjoyed some of this though.
  11. Mediocre as expected. These guys are long past their prime.
  12. Must wait for higher quality. I wanna listen so bad though >.>
  13. Yikes. They're sounding really weak on this album so far.
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