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  1. Sooooo much better than Black Flame. Still not as good as albums 1-3 though.
  2. Glad everyone seems to agree that it's better than Black Flame, I spun that album twice and was done with it. I'm gonna wait for a HQ version but I'm now cautiously optimistic.
  3. Jeez you guys are so far up this band's ass that you have to resort to trying to shame people for not liking it lmao. Get over yourselves, this sound may not do anything for some people. Song is tolerable.
  4. One could argue that a comment made purely to call another comment useless is more useless than the original comment, which at least delivered an on-topic opinion.
  5. Weird I could have sworn this band wrote interesting music, and yet we're two mediocre singles deep.
  6. I like the atmosphere, but it's chorus heavy and the chorus is just okay. I still think these guys peaked hard on Ground Culture.
  7. Monster of an album, no wonder they took so long to release another full length. Almost two hours of music here. Gonna take a long ass time to digest but my first impressions are good, I love this band.
  8. Aliencore where? Between the huge step down in vocals and the large sound shift this is a huge letdown. It isn't outright bad on its own, but in comparison to Xenophage it's super weak.
  9. Lol. The shot at 27 was spitefully added after the downvotes poured in. But to really answer the question honestly, I'm just salty about the direction this band took and I can't help but be confused when people praise their most generic material. I'm not trying to shit on you guys for liking it, I just legit don't understand, and when I ask why people like it so much, the question is actually genuine. Like in my head I think, okay if you like THAT style there are countless bands that do something similar, but this band did something DIFFERENT, and they were really fucking good at it. In the past if I wanted songs like Requiem or Threads, I really didn't have a lot of choices, they filled that role. Now there's nothing in their sound unique enough for me to need to turn to them over other bands and that makes me genuinely sad. Hollowed Heart is like the poster child of what I don't want, and that's why I single it out. When everyone screams "yeah, give us a full album of that" I just think "oh god, please no." So, forgive my salt, this band held a special place in my library and the fact that they've left it bums me right the fuck out.
  10. Why do people suck Hollowed Heart's dick so hard? It's is a generic heavy metalcore song bringing absolutely none of the atmosphere that made this band stand out in the first place. That shit got boring after 2 spins. I'm glad it isn't on the album. 27 also sucks, while I'm at it.
  11. I caved and listened. This gets a big fat "eh" from me. Pretty much what I expected after hearing 4 singles and only liking one of them. It has some moments, Falling Ashes is fun, but overall I think their current sound is so much less interesting than what they were doing on Old Souls.
  12. I find this statement very surprising given that completely lackluster riffing that almost all of the singles contain.
  13. I'm in the same boat. I'll wait for a clean quality leak but yeah, I'm going into this one expecting mediocrity. Old Souls is one of my favorite albums of all time so I'm pretty sad to feel so let down about the direction they've taken.
  14. More varied that the singles made me think it would be. I don't think it beats out TPIFS or the EP but it's closer than I thought it would be. I prefer the melodic stuff, so tracks like Kill The Ache really hit the sweet spot for me. Second Skin held on to the best chorus, I think. That thing just soars. Overall my first impression is positive and it will almost certainly grow with repeat listens. I was ready to be disappointed so this is a relief.
  15. Chorus is a flop for me. I kinda dug Seans weird almost singing on the last song but I don't like it at all here. The rest is better but I don't like the style of riffing they've moved into, or their general sound shift, really. Old Souls was peak MTS and everything since has been a decline.
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