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  1. Really happy with this on my first run through. It's a really bouncy album. It's almost upbeat a lot of the time and the music just makes you want to bob your head, that's always fun stuff to listen to. And yeah, it's' very different, which is awesome. These guys have the talent to succeed with a lot of different sounds, and that's great. Every one of their albums so far offers a totally different listening experience. Good for them. I'll be buying this when it comes out. Can't believe it leaked this early, feel kinda bad.
  2. I wouldn't say that's accurate. I like GC because it's a good album. I dislike this because it's boring as can fucking be. A metalcore album with minimal riffage and average at best vocals... No thank you. I don't dislike this because it's not Ground Culture, I dislike it because it's bad. I think most people can separate the two.
  3. This is significantly worse than Ground Culture. I'm a big fan of GC, great high energy album. This? This is bad. The cleans are far too prevalent and frankly they aren't very good. Music is just whatever, generic poorly executed choruses. Listened once, there won't be a second run-through. This has no momentum. Very few riffs that stand out, not much stands out about the drumming either. All the things that GC nailed are totally absent from this release. Talk about disappointing.
  4. single

    Different, but that's what these guys do, and they do it well. I hope there's some heavy stuff on the album but I can absolutely dig stuff like this as long as it's well done, which this is.
  5. Man this is such a huge step down from their last album. The vocals are fine, but that hectic energy and absolutely killer guitar-work that made Life//Lost so damn amazing is nowhere to be found here. This is so chuggy most of the time. They're so much better than that. If this is an indication of what the whole album will sound like, it's gonna be super generic and super underwhelming. Everything Life//Lost wasn't.
  6. Kind of expecting shit after the past 2 singles. Hope i'm wrong.
  7. Dreamshade's new songs have been so terrible though.
  8. Nah, that's definitely a near exact copy of IFAF's logo. Others may be somewhat similar but that is dead on.
  9. Oh god the temptation. MUST. WAIT. FOR. 320.