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  1. @Can'tComplain Thank you for blessing me with this knowledge, this dude is talented af.
  2. Is it just me or does the singer sound like the singer who left I am King?
  3. I'm so happy this is on here. This guy is so dope.
  4. I really dig his little EPs tbh. I never got into his Help album. Other than that, his other material I can really get into. Best material on the real tho is Sex. This is pretty legit imo
  5. I'm gonna give the rest of the album a listen to once it gets a quality update but I absolutely had to listen to Evaporate. Just because I'm such a HUGEE fan of Andrew. I've actually never listened to those guys. What song are you referencing?
  6. There's a shit ton of callbacks on Evaporate, I fucking love it
  7. Holy shit, that Eidola feature is fucking amazing and I'm overly hyped for that song specifically now.
  8. These guys are so great. Holy fuck. Glad to finally have a full album from them.
  9. I'm honestly so excited for this album. These singles are phenomenal in my opinion.
  10. Issues all the way. My other top picks are: Polyphia - Renaissance Plini - Handmade Cities Touche Amore - Stage Four (This album hit me like a train in the feels) Emarosa - 131 Erra - Drift Dance Gavin Dance - Mothership The Devil Wears Prada - Transit Blues Too Close to Touch - Haven't Been Myself Sylar - Help! If These Trees Could Talk - The Bones of a Dying World
  11. Retrograde, The Black, and Cold World all sucked hardcore. Was into Beartooth's album for a bit but got waayyyy boring super quick. Green Day sucked too.
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