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  1. Leave it to this entirely screwed up segment of human history to be the time this finally sees the light of day. I wish I could feel more excited about this, nine years ago these dudes felt like THE future of the progressive metal. Now though, I feel like listening to this will be too bittersweet to be worth it, especially if the closest we get to a master will be from fans. I still feel for the ones who gave their money for this album. Years upon years of silence and all they get after all this waiting is "hey guys, we've been really depressed and one of the boys went AWOL, sorry about that. The albums coming, its just not gonna be finished. We'll try to give you refunds, sorry about that again." What a cluster. They handled things the wrong way for so long, this record could be the best prog metal release of the last 10 years and it wouldn't matter.
  2. Man this is depressing. HLH used to be appointment listening for me after Ground Dweller. Unimagine, Reimagine and Disonnants were all great, how the hell did they turn into this? Trenton sounds like he's been force fed sleeping pills before recording lately and all the instrumental punch is gone. I don't fault anyone for liking this, to each their own, but HLH could've put out ten great records using the sound they had, changing to this was nowhere near a necessary "growth."
  3. Crazy to me that once upon a time this album seemed completely impossible, and now I've finished two listens of it. It's an AILD album. It's top quality metalcore from a name every fan of the genre should know. By no means is it a masterpiece or AOTY, but I think it has a right to be considered the best album of the year in it's own genre. "Gatekeeper" is the best track that wasn't a single, but it's a bit of a downer that "My Own Grave" is the peak of the record in my opinion. I'm glad this is out. I love the band despite Tim, and with TDWP kinda trending downward (IMO) it's nice to have another pillar in metalcore back putting out jams.
  4. I got into Oh, Sleeper right in time for CoF and this album feels like it's been 20 years in the making. "Two Ships" is an immediate standout while I'm going through my second listen at this moment, but "Mutinous" deserves a mention too. I'm just glad to hear another full length from these guys, they really are one of the last few bands from the peak of metalcore that are still going strong.
  5. Lune, Masamune, and Erised are the first few that come to my mind
  6. So I'm finally getting a chance to listen to this and dear shit I had high expectations yet the band STILL manages to knock me on my ass. This might knock PII off the pedestal of being my favorite Periphery record. I won't say it has yet, but it's already damn close. I'm surprised "Crush" hasn't gotten more love in the comments. I replayed that one a couple times after my initial go-through Start to finish though, this album is soooooo damn solid. It deserves the love it's getting, and so far it deserves the early AOTY claims. If tomorrow was January 1 2020, this gets AOTY in my book.
  7. All the respect and love in the world for Keith Flint. I was never a gigantic fan of The Prodigy but I can't question the fact that they were trailblazers, and the music world lost a true artist when he left us❤
  8. Wow.. I expected a better result for Silent Planet. Kinda glad DGD didn't win though, AS was Tillians weakest album. I don't mind Architects winning, Holy Hell was a banger.
  9. Ahhh the former Oceana, honestly I didn't think they were active anymore. This is a pleasant surprise.
  10. Man it's sad that I can't find anything to like about this album. Usually I can at least fall back on Mattys vocals but all the comments about him sounding flat are dead on. The whole thing sounds like they were on autopilot, and honestly I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last album they release.
  11. So glad to hear from this band again. They're so underrated it's not even funny. The Baralax is still a tick above this, but considering the bar this album had to reach they did a fantastic job.
  12. This album is everything I love about the metalcore genre done ridiculously well. SP isn't just a great band, they're a complete band. Lyrics and vocals, instrumentals, flow of the album, there are no weak spots. Before I heard this I really liked them, now I love them. If we voted on AOTY right now, this would get my vote, and it probably will in the end.
  13. Man when they said Brokencyde would never die, they meant it. Of all the scene day bands that have died off, how are these dudes still around?
  14. 10- The Lulls in Traffic - Rabbit in the Snare 9 - Kendrick Lamar - DAMN 8 - Falling in Reverse - Coming Home 7 - Northlane - Mesmer 6 - I The Mighty - Where The Mind Wants To Go/Where You Let It Go 5 - Eminem - Revival 4 - August Burns Red - Phantom Anthem 3 - The Contortionist - Clairvoyant 2 - Counterparts - You're Not You Anymore 1 - Linkin Park - One More Light OML made a giant leap on my rankings after the death of Chester, not purely from emotion, but because the context of the album took a drastic change when I realized it was basically his suicide note, and he managed to turn his pain into something beautiful one last time.
  15. Love the San Andreas inspired opening for the video. I dig this, the raspy vocals sound a bit like Chester Bennington. This is what Dangerkids could've/should've been
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