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  1. Wow.. I expected a better result for Silent Planet. Kinda glad DGD didn't win though, AS was Tillians weakest album. I don't mind Architects winning, Holy Hell was a banger.
  2. So glad to hear from this band again. They're so underrated it's not even funny. The Baralax is still a tick above this, but considering the bar this album had to reach they did a fantastic job.
  3. Love the San Andreas inspired opening for the video. I dig this, the raspy vocals sound a bit like Chester Bennington. This is what Dangerkids could've/should've been
  4. Overall, this is an extremely solid effort. Feels like they really embraced the heavy aspect of their sound and diminished the frantic changes of pace that I've been used to from previous records. I am disappointed by the lack of a true ballad. I've always thought TBTB was at their best with piano/synth laden softer songs (Sadie, Your Reasons for example) and I was really hoping to hear one from the "new" vocalist. I Am Free is definitely my favorite. The dynamic between those two in that song is perfect, and the record as a whole does a brilliant job of bringing powerful drums that won't drown the rest of the music. This might be their best record to date. There are elements from previous albums that are missing but in their place is a strong, heavier attack that I think should be kept going forward. Maybe they exhausted the previous sound and wanted to move away from it, or maybe they just felt like changing. Either way, I'm glad one of my favorite bands could make a change in their sound and still bring it with such quality.
  5. 1. Dance Gavin Dance- Mothership 2. Periphery III 3. Erra- Drift 4. Hands Like Houses- Dissonants 5. Architects - All Our Gods Have Abandoned US
  6. Man this album was so damn good. Did these guys ever officially break up or anything? Or did they just vanish without a word?
  7. Any Given Day for sure. TAA is a close second
  8. Probably a shot in the dark here cause I've never been able to hunt it down but.. the Of Kings and Crowns EP by Red Letter Bullet, and the t13c discography pls pls pls
  9. The little bit of the sixteen year old me that still exists inside is crying with joy right now.
  10. I figured you would haha. I just wanted to get the info out there as soon as I found it
  11. Sorry it took a few tries to get this right. Literally my first time posting my own topic here
  12. Shiiiiit I wish I knew this was here earlier. I already took one loss on my bracket today, fucking Purdue
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