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  1. Nice. Now I just need coheed, twenty one pilots and Justin Pierre to leak and ill be satisfied for a while
  2. I can wait a day for HQ. Saw these guys on warped in 17 and was like wow okay these guys are going places. Can't wait for their tour with real friends
  3. Doesn't the album drop on Friday? And they drop a single on that Tuesday? They are teasing us
  4. I feel like by October 5th the band will have dropped every song as a single at this rate
  5. I'm loving these songs so far, my only complaint is they are too short
  6. This song, and the other singles too, are total bangers. Can't wait to see this one live next tour
  7. I'm kind of afraid to listen to this. Walla was a huge part of the band and without his guidance I can see them crashing and burning
  8. Amazing song from an amazing musician. God I've missed motion city soundtrack so much
  9. I'm really getting a concept type album from these singles, never had that before but the crazy people in their fan base have some story made up on every album
  10. You would think after 25 years they would have quite a few more albums. The Tom Drama really hurt them. I keep seeing people say they aren't blink anymore without Tom but I don't really care, at least Skiba puts in effort
  11. Traffic jam and crazy line prevented me from seeing them. TBS was better than I had heard and Coheed slew as always, 6th time seeing them
  12. Where does Skiba find this time between all the blink stuff he's been doing to do this
  13. Seeing them tonight...hopefully time pending as they open for coheed
  14. Perfect timing, getting ready to go to warped!