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  1. Oh snap, can't wait to check this out after the doctor
  2. Finally a good thing that was probably birthed via quarantine
  3. Ah I see the band trapt has yet to take their pepto as they comtinue to spew diarrhea everywhere it isn't wanted and that would he everywhere
  4. Oh shit I think he was gonna announce this live album tomorrow Nice
  5. Gonna wait til Thursday when a better leak exists but thanks for it
  6. I was just saying the other day how either the band will put it out early or it will leak earlier because the boys kept putting out the songs
  7. If this is the first singles off another new album I'm gonna lose it, they do an album a year it seems Edit: I love this band btw I was being sarcastic
  8. Nice up, I'll hold out for higher quality either later today or tomorrow. Seeing them on Sunday
  9. All very fair and valid points. I was tempted to no download it for similar reasons and not being quite sure if this is a full leak based on the above notes. That being said I still plan on going to the tour(s) when it comes through regardless, they always do a phenomenal show
  10. Damn son its like it's the old days when leaks were more than a day in advance. Also to everyone saying this sucks for the band, it does, realize they don't get as much from album sales as they do on merch or tour tickets
  11. As someone who enjoys wrestling, Alexa Bliss and pop punk this is a major win
  12. Definitely gonna wait for a better rip, and split tracks but This is nice to see something leak earlier than the day before
  13. I keep thinking my hero academia every time a new single drops
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