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  1. There's only one way to find out and that's to wait. But seriously no Walla does scare me
  2. As someone who is a huge DCFC i find this underwhelming. The distortion on the vocals just ruins it. They really miss Chris Walla
  3. Get home from seeing TWY and I see this. Wow what a great day
  4. This is a really good record. Am I in the minority who likes Tillians vocals the best? I listened to DGD when they first came out back in 07 then kind of forgot about them but I feel Tillian fits best with their sound.
  5. I think I'll hold off for a higher rip but stoked on it
  6. Is that the real album art? Good lord
  7. I saw the love version on YouTube this morning. Got the goosebumps. Die hard fan of this band since the early days. Love all their records, I can't wait for July 18th and more new music
  8. Never stop coming up with crazy nonsensical song titles that fall out boy or panic can't top
  9. Wait so this comes out the same day as they play Philly?
  10. So is this like their pop punk revival sound coming back?
  11. Woah this is out this week? I had no clue
  12. Picked up a copy last night on tour with NFG he played the whole album. Gave me goosebumps. Got to chill with him after for a bit. Cool dude