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  1. Moose Blood - Have I Told You Enough (Single) (2018)

    Cannot wait for this album, love me some Moose Blood
  2. Senses Fail - If There is Light, It Will Find You (2018)

    Really love how they are kind of going back to their let it enfold you/still searching roots.
  3. The Wonder Years - Discography (2007-2017)

    Was listening to them earlier, this band came into my life at a very challenging time for me. Soupy's lyrics really resonate with me on so many levels. Every time I listen i fall in love with a new song. I really want to thank soupy and co for all they've done
  4. Dashboard Confessional - Crooked Shadows (2018)

    What a day for leaks
  5. MGMT - Little Dark Age (2018)

    Haven't really liked anything they put out since their debut...such potential
  6. CHVRCHES - Get Out (Single) (2018)

    When I saw this I thought it was a circa survive cover, don't know why
  7. The Shins - The Worms Heart (2018)

    What is this??
  8. Speak Low If You Speak Love - Nearsighted (2018)

    2018 is off to a solid start
  9. Fall Out Boy - M A N I A (2018)

    This is a guilty pleasure band for me. I really wish they'd go back to their take this to your grave style but hey they do what they want
  10. Waterparks - Not Warriors (Single) (2018)

    When does the album drop
  11. Moose Blood - It's Too Much (Single) (2018)

    I'm so woke on these guys. Had to make a tough choice bc same weekend they come to my city senses fail is the day before and a day to remember is the day after and I already had tickets to something else.
  12. Fall Out Boy - M A N I A (Preview) (2018)

    Why do I feel like this won't be good
  13. Tonight Alive - Underworld (2018)

    Man I was looking forward to this, seeing the comments kinda bums me out. I must be in the minority bc i didn't outright hate limitless but I am not saying I loved it.
  14. BØRNS - Blue Madonna (2018)

    Nice didn't realize there was new material