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  1. All very fair and valid points. I was tempted to no download it for similar reasons and not being quite sure if this is a full leak based on the above notes. That being said I still plan on going to the tour(s) when it comes through regardless, they always do a phenomenal show
  2. Damn son its like it's the old days when leaks were more than a day in advance. Also to everyone saying this sucks for the band, it does, realize they don't get as much from album sales as they do on merch or tour tickets
  3. As someone who enjoys wrestling, Alexa Bliss and pop punk this is a major win
  4. Definitely gonna wait for a better rip, and split tracks but This is nice to see something leak earlier than the day before
  5. I keep thinking my hero academia every time a new single drops
  6. This song has been in repeat all morning in my home. My fiance is a die hard Joe Bro fan. Its not going to be a fun time if and when they tour and do an album. But hey may be state champs will be there cause they are apparently begging to tour with them lol
  7. Woah I haven't heard from these guys since the college days. Its also hilarious that real friends were just talking about these guys on social media
  8. 1. The Wonder Years - Sister Cities 2. Coheed and Cambria - Vaxis Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures 3. Real Friends - Composure 4. The Story So Far - Proper Dose 5. Twenty One Pilots - Trench 6. Justin Courtney Pierre - In the Drink 7. Boston Manor - Welcome to the Neighborhood 8. Trash Boat - Crown Shyness 9. State Champs - Living Proof 10. Like Pacific - In Spite of Me
  9. I'm not a Christmas music person, despise it TBH, but are there more like this. My fiance loves Christmas music and I love pop punk
  10. Wow I just binge listened to their discography the other day, I'll have to bump this asap
  11. Omfg yes! I'm going to hold off for higher quality, should be either tonight or tomorrow
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