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  1. Rip the preview then! Haha
  2. This songs opening is literally copy and paste of Issues Hero same everything! Listen to it and try to disagree its sooo similar! Band is still amazing though!
  3. Its catchier than anything in Skydancer and most of Earthwalker!? How can you noy like that!?? Idc if the heavy isnt fullu there always love the concepts with these guys albums!
  4. Way better than Skydancer!!
  5. This is honestly a very uplifting album soo far! Love Mattys voice
  6. SOOO damn good!! Way better than their last album! Can't wait to get my preorder!!!
  7. I ordered a physical copy this was sooo good!!
  8. Best release from Emarosa since their debut album SHIT ITS SOOO EMOTIONAL AND BEAUTIFUL AND CATCHY!!
  9. Surprised how poppy this sounds but it works soo well!! Can't wait till my preorder comes
  10. Extremely different! Better imo but most diverse in the scene imo like DAMN SOUNDS LIKE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BAND NOW PEOPLE ARE DEFINITELY EITHER GOING TO LOVE OR HATE THIS LOL
  11. Plus they said this is the first part of their release essentially another ep and then they're done as a band :3
  12. They're still going to be making music though