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  1. The physical copy link doesn't go to that it goes to Dream Theater
  2. Jamming their whole discography right now getting ready for ECLIPSE TONIGHT!
  3. Way better than Retrograde! Actually feels like they tried but still not The Fallout. Dont think they can ever top that! Still dig this album though
  4. This guy just got dropped because he spoke the honest truth! Invogue Records just lost talent right here
  5. Yes! Bro they just released physical copies if you are into that! Only 100 made!
  6. The drummer is the clean vocalist from the looks of it and is also female!
  7. Is this I Prevail Trauma? Lol jk but that guy with the hand up i guess is a stock photo
  8. Ksi diss was great this is even better in alot of aspects! Super talented kid!
  9. Pretty catchy but not even close to melodic hardcore haha I definitely dig this though
  10. Check it out guys! Had it since November! He sent out copies early to a few people definitely a unique album!
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