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  1. But their band also isnt heavy. They incorporate screams/harsh vocals but very sparingly. Their full length coming out will be diverse for sure!
  2. Cd preorders just went up today! 100 copies only soo act fast! 🤘
  3. Should be available online soon within the next month for sure!
  4. Full length still coming in a few weeks??
  5. I dont get all the hate on this at all.. i feel like people are starting a hate bandwagon for this and its super confusing. Its a good album not perfect but super catchy and its more dayshell! Its got heavy and more melodic moments but dayshell has never even been a heavy band. Go back to their first album and last album and listen. Barely anything like some of these songs on there. Dude spent 3 years crafting this album and all you can say it that it sucks haha i get having an opinion but this is toxic. Enjoy the music and respect the fact that this guy is still going and exploring his musical interests.
  6. The physical copy link doesn't go to that it goes to Dream Theater
  7. Jamming their whole discography right now getting ready for ECLIPSE TONIGHT!
  8. Way better than Retrograde! Actually feels like they tried but still not The Fallout. Dont think they can ever top that! Still dig this album though
  9. This guy just got dropped because he spoke the honest truth! Invogue Records just lost talent right here
  10. Yes! Bro they just released physical copies if you are into that! Only 100 made!
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