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  1. Just finished the whole album... he gets more r&b style at the end and GOD HES SOO GOOD AT EVERYTHING! He can do no wrong buying this at the store tomorrow!
  2. Hia vocals are soo good! In You're Special he has a straight r&b track SOOO GOOD!!!!
  3. His best album yet imo! Nate is easily one of the best rappers that actually tells a story and real life problems. Dont sleep on this album!!! Thank you soo much guys if you loved Therapy Session or Mansion this will blow you away!
  4. Both sound great! This sounds a bit louder but what do i know haha
  5. This is the album version though? Its re recorded
  6. New album came out in 2016 so definitely could be a new album coming! I think in this cade its a deluxe but wouldnt be surprised at the end of this year they announce another album. They've been releasing albums yearly so hopefully sooner than later!
  7. Wait when did they release news about another ep!!? Love their self titled also if you guys dont know this is a band made up of some of the former members of Tear Out The Heart
  8. Why is there love for this!!? Amazing debut! Very talented guys EVERYONE CHECK THIS OUT IF YOU LIKE KILLER TUNES
  9. Too many people are sleeping on this!!! Amazing debut!!
  10. They changed Dissolve! I love it
  11. How does suck? Just because its not heavier than their debut or...? Would love you to justify your opinion
  12. Omg this is sooo great!!! Not as heavy as their debut but songwriting has improved immensely! Preordered!
  13. So are they re recorded? Speak Softly sounds re worked for sure but dont know.about the rest. Amazing album definitely!
  14. Rip the preview then! Haha
  15. This songs opening is literally copy and paste of Issues Hero same everything! Listen to it and try to disagree its sooo similar! Band is still amazing though!