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  1. Eskimo Callboy - The Scene (2017)

    I'm in love with Back In The Bizz. The best of the album.
  2. Dance Gavin Dance - That's What I Like [Single] (2017)

    I'm saying that since Pop Vol. 3 hahah
  3. Linkin Park - One More Light (2017)

    btw, LP needs to do an reggae rock album, it would be amazing.
  4. Linkin Park - One More Light (2017)

    lol, I was watching the video right now hahaha. I was trying to say what Mike says, but in English is very difficult for me to explain :(. I mean, if you stay in your sound, they will call you sellout because "you want to keep your fans", and if you change your style, they will call you sellout because "you want to get more people into your music". So, if you want to be happy, you need to don't give a fuck about the opinion of the people who calls you sellout.
  5. Linkin Park - One More Light (2017)

    It's funny because that is contradictory (but true). If they released an album like HT/Meteora, they would sell more than ever... And despite this, they release a pop album, a market where they are not very known...
  6. Linkin Park - One More Light (2017)

    Sharp Edges would fit perfect in the BSO of Life Is Strange.
  7. Linkin Park - One More Light (2017)

    That's what I think. It's okay if they want to try new genres, but... They are a band , so they are not only Chester, Mike and Hahn. There are also a drummer, a guitarist, and a bassist. What's the point of doing an album where they don't have to do anything? Because come on, the guitars that sound in the background are easier than a Metalcore song played by a 15yo kid. And same with the drumms (yes, there are drumms, but they are too easy for a drummer like Rob). Ignoring this, the album is strange... Not bad, but not very good... Chester uses the same tone in almost aaaaaall the album, and for me, it's very boring. I enjoyed more the songs with Mike in the front.
  8. Linkin Park - Invisible (Single) [2017]

    I love when Mike sings in the song, like No Roads Left, Keys To The Kingdom or A Line In The Sand. He gives to the song a completly different style.
  9. Linkin Park - Invisible (Single) [2017]

    In fact, the main vocals in this song are by Mike But yes, I know what u are saying, I said the same in the Battle Symphony post.
  10. Favorite Audio Format/Quality?

    This. Also, it's the most compatible with all devices (in PS3, the music in-game only works with MP3). What's the difference between V0 and V2? When I have a demo song or something like that, when the best quality is shitty 128kbps, I also transcode it to 320, just to see in Windows that all the songs are in 320 Maybe I have an OCD too
  11. Linkin Park - Underground Sixteen (2016)

    Every Undergrounf album sounds like the style of their album in progress. This has a hip-hop vibes (the album cover also looks like a hip-hop cover). The new albuk with thia style would be amazing.
  12. Upon a Burning Body - Straight from the Barrio (2016)

    Walk Alone Again is awesome. i didn't expect a song like that on this album. D.T.A. have some parts where it sound's like a post-hardcore band, very impressed about that. My Distorted Reflection is simply very beautiful.
  13. Upon a Burning Body - Straight from the Barrio (2016)

    It would be better with more Spanish lyrics. They released the two singles with some Spanish lyrics, but the rest of the songs don't have any... (At least the five I've listened to yet).
  14. Upon a Burning Body - Already Broken [Single] (2016)

    Btw, in this song the lyrics in Spanish are the same that the lyrics in English (you can't break me cuz I'm already broken / no me puedes quebrar porque ya estoy quebrado)
  15. Does anyone know what song is?

    I think that I saw in the same day that song and the song that I'm searching for xDDD No, it's not that song