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  1. I would like to offer my most sincerest apologies, thank you.
  2. I literally can’t believe that people are actually here for this. I’m just truly nervous for the future of music with trash like this getting hyped. But to each their own I guess.
  3. Been impatiently waiting for this. Made my day. Thank you!!
  4. Wow. That really is very similar to the Dark Divine Reimagined cover.
  5. Same. Copeland has been my favorite artist for years. I’ve found something to like in pretty much every song they’ve put out, even the ones that weren’t as good. But the last couple songs have not really done much for me. Aside from Night Figures I’ve been slightly disappointed so far. I hope this album doesn’t push me away from them.
  6. Stoked for this. I’d prefer Hayley stay away from my American Football though...
  7. As a fan of both DGD and the original song, this is horrendous. It just sounds so corny, I couldn’t even finish the damn thing. To each their own though.
  8. This is a band I’ve always enjoyed due to their aggression and well placed break-downs. I am really disappointed in all the songs they’ve released since Doomsday. They just don’t have that punch that I’ve come to love in their music. Don’t get me wrong they are still doing it better than most. But I feel that the unfortunate loss of Tom has affected their sound for the worse. Does anyone know how much of an input Tom had on their songwriting?
  9. I don’t care for this or the other single he released. This may be his album that loses me. I loved Something Corporate and Jack’s and have liked most of his solo stuff, but I just can’t get into this.
  10. Just can’t get into this. Listened to it twice front to back and nothing really stood out. Dustin sounds fantastic but the music is just plain and boring as are most of the lyrics. I’ll always love Thrice and wish them all the success in the world. Happy for the people that are liking it, just not for me.
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