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  1. What program do you use to scan for this information? I am a quality nerd as well. I'm not sure if this was my upload of the files but if so, then this demo was bought off Google Play. I wonder if it's the same issue coming off bandcamp vs. there. Anyways, does suck if its not 320kbps nitpicking or not but regardless we can all agree this demo is great and so is their first release!
  2. Minus the first demo, which was four songs. Been around since 2016!
  3. Tried getting this a few weeks ago and had troubles. This is mint, thank you!
  4. These comments got my hopes up. Usually I am one to let bands change, but I can't get over it with them and nothing has been good after The Curse, although Death Grip isn't that bad.
  5. This is good! If any of you like this, check out Tourniquet - I Hate the Way This Makes Me Feel. Lot's of good bands out right now.
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