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  1. Wanyk was not my favorite slipknot album, nor did it make it into my top ten (Alien was my aoty, and amo was in my top 10 list). But I can't complain with it winning, I know a lot of people really love the album, and it is objectively good. For some reason, it just didn't grab me the way I had hoped. Anyway, looking forward to what 2020 brings us, and looking forward to an albums of the decade thread.
  2. Some good songs, some bad, pretty average pop album
  3. Giving this album a spin again, this is a solid metalcore album. Pretty easy on the ears, super accessible if you're into metalcore. Surprised this went under a lot of KL user's radar. The production has some minor flaws here and there, like some shit actually sounds compressed to hell. And sometimes it feels to robotic, but an overall enjoyable album.
  4. Maybe rating should be anonymous so we can hide our guilty pleasures without @desk shitting on us for them?
  5. Was just thinking about how some people rate the songs or the albums in their respective thread. What if there was a rating option on each thread? Instead of "Rate this topic" in the top left corner. Put the rating stars underneath the "Support!" links and people can rate the album anonymously? Might be a cool idea to track your favorite albums and releases and see what the general KL community thinks of it. Could be fun Thoughts?
  6. One more thing to add. I wouldn't doubt it if they had an agreement where he wouldn't have to pay recording advances if he forfeits rights to royalties. Wouldn't even make much off album royalties anyway....
  7. Here's an article on how artist's rights get trampled on by labels: Actually, you're wrong in some cases, happens more often then you'd think. When labels dish out loans to get a record made they usually own it more then you. And they 100% can withhold royalties if he breaches his contract with the label, or if the contract is terminated entirely, or they made a severance agreement. He can go ahead and sue the fuck out of a label sure, but in the end after all of the legal fees built up for the lawyer, he would wind up paying more money for lawyer fees then he would have ever made in royalties. Businesses, especially record labels, can put anyone suing them into a legal choke hold so to speak. All they need to do is make the process as long as possible, and then it just adds up on CJ's side until he literally cannot afford a lawyer anymore. And it's probably safe to say, he's not rich so he would lose, settle, and call it a day losing more money then he would have ever made. Not trying to be a dick or anything but this DOES happen, and many artists can get fucked over because of fine print in contracts. Sometimes theres payouts to terminate the association entirely, sometimes their can be a moral clause in the fine print. Maybe they made an agreement with CJ where he does not have to worry about payment on the loan to get the record made if he forfeits royalties? Neither of us can know for sure unless we read the contract. Could he be getting money, sure, but I honestly doubt it. People don't get paid for work completed all the time, and in more industries then just music and it is something that breaks bands, small businesses, etc... Also, one of the band member's GF said he's not seeing a penny from the album, I don't think she would just start spreading a rumor like that if it wasn't true. There's so much fine print (from what I know) in contracts with labels, so many little loopholes here and there. You'd be very very surprised.
  8. Yeah can't know for certain unless they disclose the fine print. Either way, hyped for the release, and hyped they are not giving up, they're too talented to give up on it
  9. Maybe, I'm optimistic that he's not though. I don't think I'd be comfortable releasing something that would be tainted like that, even more so if he's getting paid. I feel like if the contract is broken they won't have to pay him at all. According to the bandmates gf (I know thats not too credible to go off of lol) but she was saying he's not seeing a penny from it.
  10. What makes you think they do? The label owns the music more then he does, and unless either of us know what the exact contract looks like we BOTH don't know for sure. I would assume they don't have to pay him shit if he's not under contract anymore. Look at Taylor Swift for example, and if someone as massive as her can't even get the rights to her old music anymore, I highly doubt CJ Mcreery can do anything against Lorna's label. It's safe to assume the contract is null and void for CJ at this point though..... ALSO: I think the band would have re-recorded the entire album if he were making any money off this one...
  11. I was biting my fingernails going into this, Black Flame was not a great album. They could have really fucked themselves over on this new project, but so far, so good. I dig this a lot.
  12. I like it more then most of the last album for sure
  13. I love this. Elton's was really well arranged too. Very very good song
  14. Never gotten into Loathe, but this is pretty tight.
  15. Best single from this album so far, funny that CJ will see 0 cents from this hahahaha
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