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  1. Between X and Peep these two have come out with more music after their death then before, and have probably made so much more money after death. Such a shame tbh. Dead horses still spitting out money apparently. F
  2. Honestly, one of my least favorites they've made. Hate that flow on the "chorus?" it's just waaaaayyyyy too repetitive and not energetic, at least compared to what I'm used to from them.
  3. NF is such an underrated rapper still. Blows most rappers away in my opinion.
  4. The Vengeance is sick, I really like the instrumentals a lot, but god damn I hate the gang vocal C&R, and woaaah ohhhsss....
  5. Very good song, I dig it, not sure if I like it anymore then their last LP. Is it just me or do the vocals sound a bit low in the mix? They kind of get overpowered by the instrumentals for me, and makes the vocals sound a bit less clear. Maybe its my monitors, who knows.
  6. This may be my favorite song they have ever made, what a fucking track.
  7. Never heard of these guys, but this is great. The flow is really really tight.
  8. RIP so fucked up what happened to her.
  9. Been bumping your music for a while, I love it. Keep it up!
  10. Got that bass tone is fucking amazing, but the vocals are too quiet in the mix
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