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  1. Well deserved imo. So much raw emotion poured into Holy Hell, not a lot of bands can execute it the way they did. I like INK's album, but at the end of the day the songs I didn't like on the album brought it down the ladder for me. But fuck Stabbing in the Dark, and IT is the end brought it up to my #4 aoty, those songs are bangers
  2. Liked the singles, hyped to listen, but y'all hyping this up heavy.
  3. Fulton street is MILES better than this, but I still like this
  4. I kinda like it, nothing like Versus or 131 but still cool
  5. I dont like any of the three singles released, but I'm still gonna give the album a try when it drops. I liked most of the non-singles (I forget the word for it) on TTS lol
  6. 1. Architects - Holy Hell - Favorite Songs: A Wasted Hymn, Damnation, Dying to Heal, Death is Not Defeat 2. Silent Planet - When the End Began - Favorite Songs: Depths 3, The Anatomy of Time, The New Eternity, Firstborn 3. Blessthefall - Hard Feelings - Favorite Songs: Sakura Blues, Keep Me Close, Wishful Sinking, Cutthroat 4. Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream - Favorite Songs: Stabbing in the Dark, IT is the End, Rocking the Boat 5. The New Age - Placebo - Favorite Songs: Wicked Friends, Back and Forth, Placebo 6. Sylar - Seasons - Favorite Songs: Open Wounds, Wait for You, Same Dance 7. Erra - Neon - Favorite Songs: Ghost of Nothing, Expiate, Breach 8. The Plot in You - Dispose - Favorite Songs: The Sound, The One You Loved, Feel Nothing 9. Fit For a King - Dark Skies - Favorite Songs: Engraved, Youth | Division, Oblivion 10. Underoath - Erase Me - Favorite Songs: Wake Me, Rapture, ihateit Heres a little collage of music I loved in 2018
  7. I remember listening to them back in the day and they were like really electronic (unless I have them mixed up with someone else?) and I couldn't get into it at all. But I heard Fade and that kind of sold me on the album. Now I fucking love it, great album.
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