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  1. Ahhh some good old post hardcore, kind of makes me want to bump SKSK again, been a minute
  2. Pretty cool stuff, love the instrumentals, artwork is really cool too.
  3. oldie but goodie, I like siren more then noir
  4. This is fucking tight, love how the scene is growing in East Asia very much nowadays.
  5. So cool, and very different from the norm here on kl. Very curious as to how you made this (in terms of strings and vocals, did you track them yourself or are they programmed). Sounds amazing though.
  6. somebody get Nik to cover these - @NieR:Automata™
  7. California is so pop punk for my taste, but I still really like it, and RX is fucking awesome, love it.
  8. Very excited to bump. Dancing With a Ghost is fucking fantastic.
  9. Also, these guys better be Metal Gear fans lol
  10. Love it, so hyped on this album, one of the very few I preordered this year. (Also that long sleeve in the pre order bundle be lookin tight af tho)
  11. This album still holds up SOOO well for me. Still bumping it regularly and it doesn’t get old. My favorite from them, and probably their most underrated album. Fucking love it
  12. Super generic, but I still kinda like it. Pretty catchy chorus
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