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  1. Went into this thinking I would hate it, oh how I was wrong, hyped on this album though the release being four months away is ass.
  2. Holy shit this grew on me a lot, I really like it. Good hooks, nice groove, a pretty good EP that’s well rounded for a broader audience.
  3. I agree with you on the second chance bit, but if you want to reason someone and have a solid opinion, don't end off your argument by insulting someone because their opinions are different than yours. Even if they insult you, you'll look more mature when you back up your arguments with just the facts instead of insults.
  4. THis song is an actual 10/10 from me, so fucking HYPPPPEEEDDDDDDDD
  5. Holy fucking shit, that is one fucking solid song. 10/10
  6. Great first single, heavy for them, hyped on the rest of the album.
  7. always pumping out gold songs
  8. BTM and Greyhaven made me check this, and its a cool lil piece EDIT: Greyhaven's cover is a no from me dawwwwgg.
  9. VersaEmerge did it in Lost Tree in 2010 on Fixed At Zero album
  10. DGD is one of those bands I could never get into, and I've tried SOO many times. Just not my thing, respect tho to them and everyone who likes them, they are unique af.
  11. I like my memes how I like my chicken, deep fried, and SPICY.