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  1. well would ya look at that, right on the money, intro and 2 interludes hahahaha
  2. Im assuming that Look Outside and Look Inside will be interludes, so we are probably getting at least 12 solid songs, unless thus spoke is an intro.
  3. Fucking fantastic, they never cease to amaze me. Lyrically, one of the best bands around right now.
  4. Love it, the punk influences are great, the riff at around 2:05 is so dope, catchy chorus. I think its a good one, still better than most of Aggressive for me.
  5. Very unexpected, not typical HLH, and will take some time to digest, but that chorus melody is really fucking tight, that's the only thing bringing me back right now.
  6. The Circle grew on me a lot, what a banger
  7. Hopefully this album is as consistent as these tracks they've released, if so, could be my AOTY. Banger after banger (Shadows and Echoes is still my favorite song by them, that chorus melody is too good) slonk doinks and gang weed
  8. Deserves a bump, fucking amazing job!!!!
  9. Great stuff! They have a really good sound, if they have the right representation they could make it pretty far
  10. ahh another big band I could never get into. But that quick little electronic break to start the chorus is actually really cool, and different.