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  1. Such a great artist, this is great. Could have easily put this on the new Plot record, or at least could have been considered due to the route they are headed in.
  2. The Oral Cigarettes implies of a possibility of an anal cigarette, and I am intrigued.
  3. LOVE this, definitely better then a majority of the last album for me.
  4. Pretty good stuff, one of my favorites from them
  5. This is my favorite so far with their new singer, great track.
  6. So cool, really love "Run Away from the Sun"
  7. After a lot of listens this song is fucking GREAT. So fucking dynamic, and the vocals on this are amazing.
  8. So hyped for this new album, this is fucking great.
  9. I like As Above So Below, the rest is a big nope.
  10. talk shit on this album, I fuckin dare ya. After a bunch of listens, my AOTY front runner.
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