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  1. Good song, love Pvris. Wish VersaEmerge was still around. Does Blake still produce their music?
  2. Imagine having to wait for a 128 instead of a 320
  3. God this is so fucking tight, they definitely should have put this on wteb. One of my favorite bands, I love Slant Plant
  4. Never bumped these guys before, thought I would because of a rec by my homie. Only through the intro and I fucking love the symphonic elements.
  5. I really loved "Alone at Last" by these guys, hyped to listen.
  6. I dig it, calm, but not really much of an album hype song.
  7. Fucking tight, I like it a bit more then Redefined but not as much as My Own Grave.
  8. hell yeah man, gonna be a fantastic show
  9. Love it, can't wait to see them in NYC
  10. Sleepless is a fucking unreal track, might just be my favorite NL song ever.
  11. BIG OOF. Didn't know they even sold censored versions still
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