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  1. Best thing you could do for us is share the shit out of it, and listen to the EP when it comes out no u
  2. I obviously love kpop, and its shit like this that happens that makes me not want to listen. Some of their fan's mindsets are so fucking backwards its a shame. Not that any of us are perfect, but to drive someone to suicide is something else. RIP </3
  3. Love this band immensely, and I like this song, but there isn't really anything memorable about this one for me
  4. As someone who’s not a fan of them, I kinda like this one. One of their more tolerable songs for me
  5. Imagine being a professional musician/producer/composer etc... and getting paid to write "when we jumpin n poppin we joppin." Lol, either way song is an earworm and I like the beat
  6. About half of it I like, and the other half I don't like. The last 4 songs are probably my favorite, with Arkadia being my number 1 tbh
  7. I really want to like this, but their debut LP is so much better and it feels so much more genuine to me. This just isn't scratching the itch for me maybe it will grow on me over time, but first listen is nothing spectacular
  8. Its cool, but far from my favorite they've made
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