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  1. this album is fantastic, great ol scene style post hardcore, im about it on god
  2. i was NOT expecting those cleans lmao, such beefy screams, and high cleans. Not a bad thing, just so surprised. I fuck with it tho on the real, good shit
  3. LOVE Disguise, Brand New Numb sounds like its gonna be the Loud to this album. I pray the rest of the album is better
  4. my god the title track is so fucking catchy
  5. why do I always get hyped over B-sides lol, total meh from me. but then again, it is a B-side. Also, for a 192, it sounds worse then a lot of 128s ive heard
  6. So much better than Idol, idk if I like it more then fake love tho
  7. Lets fucking GOOOO. August 2nd tho is soo far away
  8. wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did, a bop indeed
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