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  1. Bonus tracks are tight too, best hooks of 2018. No control's hook is my favorite.
  2. Came in with low expectations after hearing Shook. But I'm pleasantly surprised, its not an incredible album but a good one. Open Wounds and Wait for You are fucking fantastic though.
  3. I think this is the first time I've seen a thread on KL where everyone feels the same way about how bad a song is. Congrats KL, we made it. :')
  4. Wow Shallow is actually dope as fuck, I wonder if the movie will be good, might check it out.
  5. Yeah I saw that too, just took it more figuratively then literally. But either way, I'm hyped, these songs are fucking perfect.
  6. I don't think Tom had any part in writing this album, considering the circumstances... I thought I read somewhere that Doomsday was the last song Tom was working on before he passed away. Unless this was an older song they had on the back-burner.
  7. Even though its only been a day, Im curious to know where this album will land on KL's all time list in like a week
  8. Biased, but uhhh fucking fire. 10/10
  9. IT is the End is my favorite INK song of all time, how fucking perfectly executed that song is. and Stabbing in the Dark jesus fucking christ probably my second favorite ever, what absolute bangers. I went into this album with LOW expectations, and I am SOOOOOO pleasantly surprised. Definitely going to be in top 5 AOTY, probably in top 3 depending on how well Architects and Silent Planet do.
  10. Couple more spins deep, would say with confidence this is their best album.
  11. Love the album. And INK straight up referencing REALLY OLD INK with the ska style horns on IT is the end. Probably my favorite album from them, doubtful on it being AOTY but definitely top 5.
  12. The good ol' days, this album still holds up well after 4 years. Was bumping it a few weeks ago.