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  1. This should be the header for the website lol
  2. CUNTCORE. FUCKING TIGHT. Bois putting in some serious work. Gonna punch myself in the face repeatedly.
  3. This song grew on me heavy, definitely giving Worldwide Suicide a huge run for its money. I love the fake-outs with the heavy riffs into the soft moments.
  4. Love it, I've really enjoyed every single put out so far. I am so stoked to hear the rest of this album!!!
  5. I love all the electronic style production in this
  6. I'm usually one to despise songs with gang vocals, but the 'woah ohs" in Watch Me Burn are super well placed and they don't overshadow the vocal melody in any way. Watch Me Burn was tight. Disobey is super different, good SHEEEIT.
  7. Love John Carpenter, but this just sounds like Halloween OST lol
  8. this is fucking HEAT. Love it. These last 3 singles they have released have been unreal. Can't wait for them to make an LP.
  9. Much much better then Black Flame, glad they bounced back. Cold Sleep is probably my favorite song they've ever made.
  10. I just started playing this game a few days ago (got it with the Summer Sale). And man the game is fucking great, really fun. But the soundtrack takes the cake on the coolest part. Seeing the comments on this thread and it sucks Mick got fucked over. I haven't listened to the entire soundtrack as a whole yet. But someone went and remastered and rearranged the entire OST. Maybe its better, maybe its worse, thats up to you to decide.
  11. Ban anyone who hasn't listened or downloaded this
  12. I like parts of it, definitely growing on me after a couple of listens. Lisa's verse after that first chorus is awesome. And I really like that last minute, kind of reminiscent of Me & You by EXID (in terms of the drop in the last minute).
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