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  1. Whats up with these shit takes from these core folk. Truly sad
  2. Ohm

    [✗] amo5

    I could leak them, but I won't. I'll give you 1 track name. X Æ A-12
  3. Oli just sent me Amo4, sound great, but I don't think their fans will like the change of style.
  4. Huge agree, Out of It is a fucking banger, and Unconditional had some great tracks too. Now I might have to go back and listen to their entire discography tonight hahaha
  5. I hope they learned their lesson from Broken and come back with some The Hollow or Challenger sounding shit. But thats just wishful thinking
  6. Architects The Devil Wears Prada Bring Me The Horizon Underoath As I Lay Dying Every Time I Die Norma Jean Darkest Hour Atreyu Killswitch Engage at first I started with my favorite bands and then I realized that isn’t right for “best of all time.”
  7. Tiger Eyes is cool as fuck, love seeing a Lovelyz member doing something in a different style/vibe then what we normally hear/see.
  8. This shit is so fucking good. Chorus is massive, verses are heavy. Love that OWAAGGH. If the rest of the album is as consistently good as these 4 singles, it will be my front runner for AOTY.
  9. I like it a lot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, totally understand why its not liked though.
  10. The kingdom leaks kings left us on read
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