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  1. can anyone re up this?
  2. links dead
  3. these guys fucking killed it at the Observatory last weekend! and people saying this sounds like you broke like glass over and over, makes me wonder what distinguished music you listen to
  4. every song is cut off at some point right before the end. makes for a jarring listen. other then that, this album goes hard
  5. cuz its inauguration day! rage against the man! but for real, was hoping for something that sounds like the suburbs or neon bible..not a huge fan of this or the sound of reflektor
  6. these song titles aren't as encouraging as the first two singles but holding out hope. not a big fan but the new stuff, mainly Coming Home is incredible
  7. so curious. how do you know singles are coming?
  8. More than could be said for you, loser. I don't go on REDACTED and I sure as fuck don't use uploaded so I appreciate these guys for using zippy and giving me one site that has 99 percent of what I'm looking for. Good work guys!
  9. just rerecording the whole album? lame but prob better than anything new these guys would create
  10. they've been teasing on their FB at October 28th date for a while now. some speculated they may drop a whole album like AX7 but i'm thinking they release the single/album details/tour etc
  11. The Mexican Attila. Attilitos?
  12. hell yeah, did you get this from a preorder?