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  1. I've been listening to Rory since Arms Like Yours days and I swear every album he puts out kills me personally. He is one underrated vocalist and this band (same with Arms Like Yours) was sadly underrated as hell. I really hope this album puts them out there more and that tour they're on with The Color Morale and Plot In You gives them more fans. I would love for them to be at Warped one year so even more people can find this beautiful band. This album is heavier for sure and a bit different from their last two but still a true masterpiece to their collection. Easily a top 3 album of the year maybe even one depending on what else comes out this year.
  2. please and thank you!
  3. It's not like The Hollow or Challenger so this is a no for me. Go back to that kinda of style please. Sorry but those are their best work in my opinion
  4. Finally! Been waiting forever for something by them. Underrated as hell and their cover of Becoming Closer and Closure by Of Machines was unreal my god. These guys will be huge.
  5. The tracklist to this album is a weird one.
  7. Paragon was a wonderful way to end this album. RIP Tom!
  8. single

    I want to listen to it but I haven't enjoyed anything since their ep or Deceiver.
  9. They really were! It's funny how that album came out almost 12 years ago and the lyrics were unreal.
  10. Honestly that's a huge toss up. Band: Most likely Dayseeker or Dance Gavin Dance Album: What to Do When You Are Dead by Armor For Sleep (Classic but still a unreal album), Origin by Dayseeker, With Roots Above Or Branches Below by TDWP, Instant Gratification by DGD, Because The Internet by Gambino, or Haven't Been Myself by Too Close To Touch This shit is hard to think about when you have a huge taste of everything in music.
  11. PANICFALL3N Most likely grindin Modern Warfare Remastered, Battlefield 1, or Black Ops 3.
  12. Indirections: Through Transition (2012) Norma Jean Discography Household: Time Spent (2015) Please and thank you!
  13. welp I get on and see this was uploaded but the links are down.
  14. single

    Been listening to these guys since Empire EP and sadly none of their new stuff is that great. It's not bad but I miss the dark vibe that they used to have and plus they write for the fans I want the personal shit. I'll just keep jamming Deceiver.
  15. Yoooo I wasn't expecting this to drop yet.